Biden Regime Cold War on China and Russia Risks Turning Hot

Escalated Biden regime Cold War on China and Russia risks turning hot because of its hegemonic rage to transform both countries into US vassal states. 

What’s unthinkable is possible by accident or design because hegemons aren’t deterred in pursuit of their diabolical aims.

On Sunday at the G20 summit in Rome, a frosty meeting was held between China’s Foreign Minister Wang Yi and interventionist Blinken.

According to a State Department readout, Blinken (invented) “concerns about a range of PRC actions (sic) that that undermine the international rules-based order (sic) and that run counter to our values and interests and those of our allies and partners (sic), including actions related to human rights, Xinjiang, Tibet, Hong Kong, the East and South China Seas, and Taiwan (sic).”

Washington’s so-called “rules-based order” is all about its hostile pursuit of unchallenged global dominance — based on its “rules” that flagrantly breach international law.

So-called “concerns about…PRC actions” are invented.

They ignore US rage to undermine China’s industrial, economic, financial, trade, technological, and military development. 

Ignored as well was that no nation in world history ever committed as much harm to unprecedented numbers of people over a longer duration than hegemon USA.

None ever plotted genocide on such an unparalleled scale to benefit privileged interests by exterminating countless millions or billions of others.

Since Biden regime hardliners usurped power by brazen election fraud, a state of undeclared war has existed between hegemon USA and nations free from its control — notably China, Russia and Iran.

Prospects for softening its hardline agenda at home or abroad are virtually nil, hardening what’s unacceptable highly likely.

According to China’s state broadcaster CCTV, Blinken and elements accompanying him arrived at the Chinese delegation’s residence through a side door.

The short meeting lasted less than an hour. CCTV reported that no handshakes or elbow bumps took place.

China’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin said the following about their frosty meeting:

Wang told Blinken “that bilateral relations between China and the US in the past few years have suffered” because of its hostile actions. 

“This is not in line with the interests of the peoples of the two countries, the expectations of the international community, or the development trend of the times.” 

“China has voiced its clear opposition.”

“The important experience accumulated over the past four decades since the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries is that both China and the US stand to gain from cooperation and lose from confrontation.” 

“The important consensus reached by the heads of state of China and the US during the two phone conversations this year is that the two sides should restart dialogue and avoid confrontation.” 

Things haven’t worked out this way because Biden regime hardliners shun cooperative relations in favor of confrontation with nations unwilling to bend to its will.

Among issues raised by Wang, US/Taiwanese relations are “most sensitive,” he stressed, adding:

If the Biden regime pushes things too far, it’ll significantly “damage” bilateral relations.

All things Taiwan are nonnegotiable. Beijing considers the territory a breakaway province to be reunited to the mainland.

China won’t tolerate attempts to go another way.

According to Chinese Academy of Social Sciences research fellow Lu Xiang, support for Taiwanese secessionists by the US will severely damage bilateral relations and risk war between both countries.

Wang reportedly told Blinken that the Biden regime is responsible for encouraging secession, a notion China won’t tolerate.

Wang demanded a US commitment to a genuine one-China policy, not one in name only.

According to Center for American Studies at Fudan University’s deputy director Xin Qiang:

“The main purpose of the (Rome) meeting for the Chinese delegation was to warn the US to be careful in its words and actions on Taiwan.”

“Otherwise the China-US relationship and cross-Straits relations would be seriously damaged.”

Like most US officials, Blinken can never be trusted — saying one thing, then going another way.

Telling Wang that the Biden regime intends to stick to “the one-China policy” is hollow.

Its hostile actions toward China speak louder than words.

He and other Biden regime hardliners most likely will keep pushing the envelope unacceptably in pursuit of its hegemonic aims — notably by its hostile actions against China, Russia and Iran that risk direct confrontation.

Separately in Rome at the G20 summit, Sergey Lavrov said that no longer will Russia engage in diplomacy with US-dominated NATO.

Past outreach by Moscow achieved nothing because hegemon USA and key partners “only wanted to teach us how to live.”

“Every time, they demanded to convene the council to discuss Ukraine.” 

“Their whole interest was whipping up propaganda and putting pressure on Russia.”

“We rely on facts, and the facts are that NATO does not want any co-operation with us.”

No formal ties between Russia and the warmaking alliance exist.

Last month, Moscow suspended ties to NATO after it expelled eight Russian diplomats — on the phony pretext of “suspected malign activities (that include) killings and (undisclosed) espionage” at the bloc’s Brussels headquarters.

It’s hard taking the above accusations seriously. Unacceptably hollow, they reflect forever US Russia bashing — how its ruling regimes act against all nations free from their control.

Following the unacceptable action, Lavrov stressed that Moscow does not have “the right conditions for elementary diplomatic activities” with the bloc.

“In response to NATO’s actions, we are suspending the work of our permanent mission, including the work of our chief military representative.”

“The NATO secretariat has been notified.”

“If NATO members have any urgent matters, they can contact our ambassador in Belgium, who ensures bilateral relations between Russia and” its authorities.


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