Draconian UK Digital Democracy Destroying Measure

Dominant UK hardliners want digital democracy that diverges from the fabricated official narrative abolished and criminalized.

Proposed Online Safety Bill (OSB) provisions have nothing to do with safeguarding the public from harmful online content.

They’re all about wanting to abolish the last frontier of media freedom by criminalizing unwanted content — notably truth and full disclosure about all things flu/covid, especially about health-destroying kill shots.

Britain’s parliament and the Boris Johnson regime will likely enact the proposed measure to make it the draconian law of the land.

Similar measures will likely follow throughout the West and elsewhere.

Britain’s measure calls for online platforms to remove what dominant UK hardliners consider harmful and illegal content — on the phony pretext of protecting public health, well-being and safety.

Rules they want established are all about wanting managed news misinformation and disinformation alone permitted on social media platforms and elsewhere online — on issues mattering most.

They want unobstructed online free expression abolished and criminalized on sensitive issues like toxic kill shots.

The measure covers “user-to-user services” — companies that let users generate, upload, and share content with others online.

It also applies to search engine providers.

Administered by Britain’s Office of Communications (OFCOM) if enacted into law, the agency is empowered to block access to targeted sites and levy stiff fines and other punishment for noncompliance with anti-free expression rules no one should tolerate.

Virtually anything diverging from the fabricated official narrative can be considered harmful content. 

Those posting it online risk being considered enemies of the state to be harshly punished for exercising the most important of all rights.

Without free and open speech, media and academic freedoms, all other rights are threatened with elimination.

That’s where things have been heading for some time in the US/West — notably post-9/11, especially after seasonal flu was renamed covid.

According to what proposed OSB provisions mandate, Britain’s ruling regime can suppress whatever it wants online by labeling it “harmful and illegal content.”

It can elaborate on this issue through future regulations.

It can require removal of whatever content it wants suppressed online.

It’ll have final say on what’s legal or illegal online content.

It can be declared illegal by any standard cited by UK ruling authorities.

OFCOM is empowered as Britain’s Big Brother, mass-surveillance its mandate to eliminate content UK authorities want suppressed.

It can criminalize whoever posts it, social media platforms enlisted to aid unbridled censorship.

The measure elevates police state rule to a higher level.

It aims to eliminate digital democracy by criminalizing journalism as it should be on issues UK ruling authorities want censored.

It creates a “knowingly false communication offense” that applies to truth-telling online content that exposes official Big Lies and mass deception.

So-called offenders may be criminalized, fined and/or imprisoned.

The draconian measure aims for online content across the board to resemble MSM fake news on major issues like all things flu/covid.

It wants digital democracy eliminated, its proponents silenced and criminalized.

The OSB reflects blatant censorship. 

Controlling the message is the hallmark of tyrannical rule.

It’s largely in place throughout the US/West.

Hardened by Britain’s proposed OSB that’s heading toward becoming the law of the land, similar draconian legislation is likely coming to the US and other Western societies.

What’s happening under the radar is what full-blown tyranny is all about — what no one should tolerate anywhere.

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