Stay of Execution for Chicago Police Refuseniks

On all things flu/covid — especially about health-destroying kill shots — and most all other issues mattering most, international and constitutional law are effectively null and void.

That’s how low the self-styled land of the free, home of the brave, indispensable state has sunk.

Draconian rule is in place nationwide — in suburban and rural areas from sea to shinning sea.

It’s the dismal state of things in Chicago where I’ve lived for over half a century.

Run by Richard J. and Richard M. Daley for 34 years — both figures called “Hizzhonor” or “Hizzhonor Da Mare,” things greatly worsened when former Obama/Biden regime chief of staff Rahm Emanuel ran things for 8 dismal years through May 2019.

Instead of improving things, his successor Lori Lightfoot instituted medical tyranny — notably by mandating that city workers across the board be fully-jabbed with health-destroying toxins.

Defying science and the rule of law, she falsely claimed that “getting (jabbed is) the best way to…to keep everyone in our city safe and healthy (sic).” 

What’s indisputable is the other way around.

Toxic kill shots destroy health. Shunning them is crucial to assure otherwise.

Many Chicago police, firefighters, healthcare workers and others refuse to be jabbed with jabs designed to irreversibly harm what’s too precious to lose.

In the city, Illinois and nationwide, equal justice under law is a hollow figure of speech.

Notably on all things flu/covid — especially about toxic kill shots — injustice is the law of the land at the federal state and local levels.

Instead of ruling against state-sponsored war on public health — the aim of kill shots — courts, including the nation’s highest, support what demands striking down.

Previous articles discussed pro-mass-jabbing, anti-public health judicial rulings — including four by the US Supreme Court, others by lower courts at the federal, state and local levels.

On Monday, Cook County, Illinois Judge Raymond Mitchell ordered a stay of execution for Chicago police refuseniks who oppose sacrificing their health from toxic jabs as a condition of remaining on the force.

Instead of letting them remain jab-free — as mandated by international and constitutional law that requires voluntary consent on all things health related — his ruling merely granted unjabbed police a temporary stay of execution.

He ruled that Lightfoot’s requirement for city police to be fully-jabbed, or have what she considers a valid exemption, by December 31 be temporarily lifted.

At the same time, he left in place Lightfoot’s intention to put refusenik police on no-pay status.

His order prevents her from further disciplining police who remain unjabbed by yearend.

His order also applies to city police unions.

The December 31 deadline remains unchanged for Chicago firefighters and other workers.

Mitchell’s ruling remains in force until November 10 when another hearing is scheduled.

At his discretion, it can be renewed for another designated period.

In court last week, Chicago’s Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) and city attorneys agreed to resolve differences by arbitration, Mitchell saying:

“There is no serious dispute as to the arbitrability of the police unions’ grievances.” 

“They squarely present disputes as to the interpretation and application of the collective bargaining agreements, and under those agreements, if such disputes cannot be resolved between the parties, they shall be arbitrated.”

In court, lead attorney for four Chicago police unions — represented by the FOP — Joel D’Alba stressed what’s indisputable, saying:

“Once you get a jab in your arm, you can’t get it out.”

He also argued that mandated jabs breach the right of police to medical privacy — noting that Lightfoot’s mandate requires them to report their jabbing status to an online city database.

Mitchell disagreed with the latter argument, saying:

“The reporting obligation itself is a minimal intrusion, particularly considering that police officers already are obligated to provide medical information to their employer.”

His ruling last week aside, it’s clear what Michell supports, telling D’Alba:

“It’s fair to say, if you’re looking in other jurisdictions, the trend isn’t going in your direction.”

He also said that the case “presents two competing public interests, but one interest need not be scuttled in favor of another.” 

“The city’s public health objective and the police union’s desire to pursue their grievances are not wholly irreconcilable.”

D’Alba apparently failed to argue that international law requires voluntary consent on all things health related.

City attorneys falsely argued that refusenik police threaten public health.

According to science — not given due process and judicial fairness in US courts at all levels — jabs harm health.

They greatly increase the risk of contracting flu/covid and any one or more potentially life-threatening diseases.

Jabbed individuals also shed and spread toxins gotten through inoculations to others with whom they come in close contact.

Separately on Friday, US District Judge John Lee denied a request by Chicago firefighters and other city workers for a temporary restraining order against toxic jabs as unconstitutionally mandated by Lightfoot and Governor Pritzker.

Saying he “disfavor(s) judicial intervention in labor disputes,” Mitchell ruled:

“My intention is to enter to narrowest possible order to preserve the unions’ right to a meaningful arbitration.” 

“The balance of the city’s (jabbing) policy remains fully in effect, including the reporting and testing obligations.”

In response to his ruling, Lightfoot said the following:

“The mandate continues.”

“Our lawyers are looking at (Mitchell’s) ruling.” 

“They’re looking at what our legal options are.”

That said, she defied indisputable science — falsely claiming that her toxic mass-jabbing mandate “is about saving peoples’ lives (sic).”

Clearly it’s the other way around.

Yet US courts at all levels nationwide support toxic jabs that when taken as directed cause irreversible harm and shortened lifespans.

The books are cooked in the US/West and elsewhere for mass-extermination of unwanted people and establishment of social control tyranny.

Numerous lawsuits aim to halt what’s intolerable, others likely ahead. 

None stopped the most diabolical scheme ever conceived by the darkest of dark forces in the US/West — headquartered in the Biden regime White House.

Wittingly or otherwise, judicial rulings support the above in flagrant breach of binding international law.

Defeating the diabolical scheme won’t happen in court.

It requires organizing, taking to the streets, labor strikes and boycotts, civil disobedience, doing whatever it takes to halt what no one should tolerate.

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