Forever War in Syria by the US, NATO and Israel

Over a decade of preemptive US war on nonbelligerent/nonthreatening Syria continues with no prospect for resolution in sight.

Addressing what’s going on last week at the Security Council, Russia’s First Deputy UN envoy Dmitry Polyanskiy said the following:

Moscow is “concerned (about) continuing illegitimate air strikes (by) Israeli (warplanes) against the Syrian territory.”

They’ve been ongoing for years, largely from Occupied Golan and Lebanese airspace on the phony pretext of threats by Iran and Hezbollah that don’t exist.

Over the weekend, the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) reported the following:

Syrian “army air defenses repelled on Saturday an Israeli missile aggression on areas in Damascus countryside.”

“A military source told SANA that nearly at 11.17 a.m., the Israeli enemy launched a number of missiles from the northern side of occupied Palestine, targeting some points in Damascus countryside.”

“The source said that the army air defenses repelled the missiles and shot down a number of them, adding that the aggression injured two soldiers and caused some material damages.”

A Syrian Foreign Ministry statement said the following:

“Israeli forces…showed another aggression in the southern region.” 

“This is taking place as part of a series of aggressions against Syria’s sovereignty.”

Israel wages perpetual war against invented cross-border enemies, as well as on long-suffering Occupied Palestinians.

Russian warplanes continue striking positions of ISIS and other US/NATO/Israeli-supported jihadists in Syria.

According to Southfront, these elements continue “receiving supplies, including weapons, from US-backed fighters based in the US-occupied area of al-Tanf in southeastern Syria.”

Polyanskiy explained that US-supported ISIS fighters continue launching attacks in areas they control.

He stressed “the importance of promoting internal Syrian dialogue aimed at restoring unity, territorial integrity, sovereignty and independence of the Syrian Arab Republic.”

In Idlib province controlled by US-supported jihadists, humanitarian conditions for its long-suffering people remain dire.

OSHA reported extreme poverty in terrorist-controlled Idlib.

According to Polyanskiy, many residents of the province “held hostage (by jihadists are) starving” — their plight fully supported by Biden regime hardliners.

Separately at his end of the month press briefing, Russia’s UN envoy Vassily Nebenzia addressed dire conditions in Afghanistan, saying:

The nation “faces tremendous problems.”

“Beside the humanitarian issue, which is an immediate one, its economy is on the verge of collapse.”

The ruling Taliban lack “resources that have been frozen” by the Biden regime, NATO, the IMF and World Bank.

At the same time, the UN established a Trust Fund for Afghanistan to provide humanitarian and other needed aid.

With hegemon USA’s control over the world body, what’s supposed to be made available to its ruling authorities may be partially or entirely withheld.

Nebenzia stressed the importance of addressing the country’s dire economic conditions.

Failure will surely mean greater crisis conditions than already internally and cross-border by “massive migration” of desperate people seeking help to stay alive.

“Frozen Afghan assets (must) be released to help (its) people,” Nebenzia stressed — what’s not forthcoming so far.

On soon to be resumed JCPOA talks in Vienna, Nebenzia’s optimism isn’t justified because of hostile US/E3 intentions toward Iran.

Saying “(w)e are glad that (their ruling authorities) demonstrate seriousness and willingness to return to the JCPOA” isn’t supported by reality.

On Syria, Nebenzia noted that terrorist attacks by (US/NATO/Israeli-supported) jihadists continue.

The Obama, Trump and Biden regimes flagrantly breached SC Res. 2254 that mandates ceasefire and political resolution of conflict that continues endlessly.

On Nazi-infested Ukraine, Nebenzia condemned endless war by its (US-installed) coup d’etat regime against Donbass and its people.

Using Turkish-supplied Bayraktar attack drones threatens to make a bad situation worse, Nebenzia adding:

Use of these “drones may lead to consequences which Ukrainian side may not even imagine.” 

“That’s a dangerous game, and I think that they should realize it, although I’m not optimistic they will.”

On dismal US relations with Russia, Nebenzia noted what’s clear, saying that bilateral ties cannot “be called normal” as they should be.

Far from it with virtually no prospect for improvement.

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