Informed Consent on All Things Health Related Rendered Null and Void

According to international and US constitutional law, all things health related require voluntary consent.

Based on the legal, moral and ethical principle of informed consent, individuals alone have exclusive rights over what health related protocols to accept or reject.

Failure of medical providers to uphold this principle is considered battery.

Criminal law defines it as physical assault from harmful contact with another person without his or her consent.

Tort law calls it intentionally caused harmful or offensive contact without the affected person’s consent.

Treatments, tests, or prescribed drugs with significant risks require explicit informed consent in writing.

Its principles include the following:

Individuals must be physically and mentally able to decide on their own.

If not, family members, a legal representative with health power of attorney, or a court-appointed guardian may act as a surrogate decision-maker.

Medical providers must disclose information on prescribed treatments, tests or procedures — including benefits and risks.

Individuals — or others legally representing them — must be competent to understand what they’re told.

Voluntary consent without pressure or coercion is fundamental.

Exceptions to the above include emergency conditions that require immediate attention — or if an individual without surrogate representation is incompetent.

On all things flu/covid, especially about experimental/hazardous to health jabs, informed and voluntary consent are inviolable.

According to the rule of law, that’s how things are supposed to be.

Reality in the US/West, Australia, apartheid Israel and elsewhere shows otherwise.

Mass-jabbing mandates breach voluntary and informed consent, rendering them illegal.

Yet US/Western courts to the highest levels consistently fail to uphold the rule of law in favor of what’s flagrantly illegal — notably abandoning what voluntary and informed consent are all about on the issue of toxic jabs.

The books were cooked in the US/West and elsewhere to render the rule of law null and void.

On all things flu/covid, most doctors, hospitals, and other medical providers were co-opted by pressure, threats and coercion to follow the official health-destroying protocol in treating patients with the viral illness — with eliminating them in mind.

The Biden regime, vast majority of congressional members, their counterparts at state and local levels, along with US courts and MSM co-conspirators abolished the rule of law with mass-extermination of unwanted people and establishment of social control tyranny in mind.

That’s today’s disturbing reality. Rejecting it to protect and preserve health as the rule of law mandates risks being isolated from society as a heretic, terrorist, or otherwise mislabeled criminal.

Doctors who prioritize doing no harm risk being fired from hospitals and delicensed.

Noncompliant nurses and other medical staff who prioritize healthcare as it should be practiced risk banishment from their chosen profession.

In Congress, GOP Senator Ron Johnson is an exception to the health-destroying rule.

“A fundamental (principle) of medical ethics is that people have the right to choose or refuse treatment,” he said, adding: 

“No one should be pressured, coerced, or fear reprisal for refusing treatment, including (flu/covid jabs.” 

“Unfortunately, I’ve been hearing accounts repeatedly from around the country that companies are forcing employees to make difficult decisions.” 

The viral illness has been “politicized it to the breaking point.”

He cited testimonials from aggrieved individuals to “open people’s eyes…repair the damage and restore individual freedom before it’s too late.”

Johnson and others on the right side of history and the rule of law know what they’re up against.

Planned years in advance by US-dominated Western dark forces in cahoots with Pharma profiteers and MSM co-conspirators, their diabolical war on humanity is running wild with little — but hopefully increasing opposition.

Under a pseudonym for self-protection, one affected individual likely spoke for millions of others throughout the US/West, saying:

“On the brink of losing my job, can’t travel, can’t eat out, can’t stay in a hotel, can’t go to the gym, can’t go in any shops except supermarkets (for now).”

“His family tell(s) (him) they’re not willing to see (him) for fear of breaking the ‘rules.’ ”

“Is this ‘life’ from now on,” he asked?

America’s Frontline Doctors (AFLDS) for medicine as it should be practiced filed a preliminary injunction against Kaiser Permanente.

The largest US healthcare organization mandated toxic jabs for its 217,000 employees by September 30.

Refuseniks unwilling to self-inflict harm have until December 1 to comply or be sacked.

AFLDS said over 4,000 Kaiser staff asked for civil rights help.

A statement by AFLDS stressed the illegality of mandated jabs.

Instead of curbing flu/covid transmission, they spread it from jabbed individuals to the unjabbed.

They’re “super-spreaders with extremely high viral loads.”

Jabbing causes most outbreaks of the viral illness, most serious cases, hospitalizations and deaths.

Known safe and effective treatment protocols are falsely called ineffective, inappropriate and harmful.

India’s most populous state with 240 million people — Uttar Pradesh — obliterated flu/covid with ivermectin.

Head of AFLDS litigation Mike Hamilton said the following about  its preliminary injunction against Kaiser:

“It’s about time that health care workers, and all workers, be given choice over their bodies.”

“AFLDS associate medical director Richard Amerling MD reinforced the point by stating: 

“The shots do not stop viral transmission, and it has been shown throughout the world that (alternative therapies) are safe and effective…”

Kaiser’s claim that it’s following CDC guidelines ignored that the Pharma-controlled agency has no legal authority to mandate jabs for their staff or anyone else.

Lead AFLDS attorney in challenging Kaiser, George Wentz, said the following:

Its “mandate violates both the Constitution and California State law,” adding:

“The complaint cites violations of the 14th Amendment both the Due Process Clause and Equal Protection Clause, the California Constitution, Invasion of Privacy, Public Disclosure of Private Facts, Breach of Security for Computerized Personal Information, and Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress.” 

“The complaint alleges that the mandate violates multiple inherent constitutional rights, including many rights that have been recognized by the Supreme Court as fundamental rights to life, property, liberty, bodily-integrity, and privacy…”

AFLDS founder Simone Gold MD, JD called the case against Kaiser “our Alamo,” adding:

“Powerful interests will continue to encroach on people’s liberties if we permit them to trample human rights and force shots for a virus to which most of the population is already immune and for which working-age Americans have a 99.98%+ survivability.” 

“In addition, Kaiser has acted extraordinarily shamefully.” 

“They have done much more than threaten unemployment.” 

“They have coordinated with the federal and state governments to coerce workers through total and permanent industry unemployability.”

Throughout US history since 1776, nothing more greatly threatened the health, well-being, safety and fundamental rights of its citizenry than what’s gone on since seasonal flu was renamed covid early last year.

Looking ahead, there’s no ambiguity about what’s at stake.

Resist or perish.

At a time when the rule of law is out-the-window, it’s crucial to go all-out by whatever it takes to challenge and halt what US/Western dark forces unleashed on humanity with diabolical aims in mind.

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