Interventionist Blinken Threatens War on Nonbelligerent Iran

Both right wings of the US war party never met a nation free from their control that they didn’t want to smash.

Nonbelligerent, nonthreatening China, Russia and Iran top their list for regime change by whatever diabolical ways it takes to achieve their diabolical aims.

Diplomatic outreach by these nations and other independent ones to the US is a profound waste of time.

Like earlier hegemons, US regimes don’t negotiate. They demand.

Their word is never their bond. Washington’s so-called “rules-based order” reflects its “rules” that flagrantly breach international law — what the US and imperial partners long ago abandoned.

On Tuesday, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov highlighted what threatens world peace, saying:

“Let me tell you in all frankness…that according to our judgements, what we see now in our bilateral relations between Russia and the US can be described as a very tough and challenging crisis,” adding: 

“(I)t exceeds in some ways the worst situation that both of our nations experienced (during the pre-1990) the Cold War.”

“(I)t may be even more dangerous because…at that time, there were clear frameworks and clear rules.”

“Now there is a great deal of uncertainty surrounding all this and this is quite risky.”

Waging war on Iran by other means, the Biden regime has no intention of retuning to JCPOA compliance.

In cahoots with NATO and apartheid Israel, do its dominant hardliners intend attacking Iran preemptively on the phony pretext of protecting their security from an Iranian threat that doesn’t exist?

Is interventionist Blinken itching for greater US aggression than already?

Last weekend, he virtually threatened war on the Islamic Republic unless the JCPOA is restored based on unacceptable terms no responsible Iranian officials would accept.

“(E)very option is on the table,” he roared, hegemon USA’s customary threat made ahead of planned aggression.

Is that what the Biden regime intends against a nation able to strike back hard in self-defense if attacked — the legal UN Charter right of all countries?

Iran, China and Russia alone remain in JCPOA since the landmark agreement became effective in January 2016.

Hegemon USA and partnered E3 countries have remained in flagrant breach of what’s mandated under international law since May 2018.

Their actions over the past three-and-a-half years show where they stand.

In breach of JCPOA compliance, they willfully, maliciously and extrajudicially blame Iran for their own breach of the landmark agreement.

With no intention of returning to what’s binding under Security Council Res. 2231, they falsely blame Iran for their contempt for the rule of law.

Is what’s going on a pretext for the Biden regime and imperial partners to turn the Middle East more ablaze than already?

Like countless times before, Blinken falsely claimed that “diplomacy is the best past forward” with Iran.

His bald-faced Big Lie is shown by escalated Biden regime war on the country by other means with no signs of softening its hardline agenda.

New illegally imposed sanctions — unjustifiably justified by Big Lies — and saber-rattling threats show continued Biden regime maximum pressure that’s pushing the envelope for possible direct confrontation.

On Tuesday, Iran’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Saeed Khatibzadeh tweeted the following in response to interventionist Blinken’s threat of “other options:”

“Threats have never worked against Iran.”

“The supposed US ‘options’ have already been tested in our region.” 

“Resulting catastrophic US defeats & the mess left for others to address are evident for all to see.”

With a little help from their complicit E3 partners, the Trump and Biden regimes bear full responsibility for killing the landmark JCPOA.

With no intention of going another way, what took years of talks to achieve unravelled with a stroke of Trump’s pen.

Following suit from day-one in office, hostile Biden regime actions made sure that the nuclear deal rendered null and void by its predecessor stays this way.

No end of Biden regime extrajudicial maximum pressure on Iran exposes its phony claim about wanting the agreement restored.

If otherwise, a stroke of the pen by the imposter in the White House could have taken this step on day-one in office.

Failure to act responsibly shows its true intention.

Hostile US actions against Iran since 1979 continue with no prospect of softening ahead.

Most likely, things will harden more than already.

Though unlikely, if preemptive US aggression is launched on Iran by Biden regime crazies, all bets are off.

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