UK-Based Sam White MD Prioritizes Rights and Needs of Patients

If most Western healthcare providers — including hospitals — practiced medicine according to standards followed by White, the mother of all state-sponsored health-destroying scams never could have been launched.I

As explained on his website — — he’s dedicated to “helping people suffering with chronic illness who are looking for a holistic way to treat the underlying cause and become truly well in mind and body.” 

His “purpose is to provide services to those seeking alternatives, who still want to rely on an experienced doctor for their health, for both prevention of future illness and cure of current conditions using scientifically based holistic Functional Medicine.”

He calls it “health oriented, personalized medicine, patient centered, holistic, disease prevention and health promotion, (along with discovering and treating) underlying cause(s) of disease.”

Conventional medicine is worlds apart from the above.

White explained that it’s “disease oriented, patients treated the same, doctor centered, bod(ies) separated into parts, wait(ing) for disease (instead of focusing on prevention), and diagnosis driven.”

He believes that the Hippocratic Oath principle of doing no harm is fundamental.

The made-in-the USA/UK-supported flu/covid scam — with destroying public health and fundamental freedoms in mind — forced White split his time between practicing “independent integrative (holistic) medicine,” and battling UK authorities to fulfill his Hippocratic Oath obligations to patients.

Letting him “help people overcome chronic illness(es) (who were) failed by the traditional medical system” is what medicine as it should be practiced and doing no harm are all about.

White appealed to Britain’s High Court for justice, according to the rule of law, against what he called “draconian orders imposed on me by the Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service (MPTS) in August.”

They’re all about harming patients — by health-destroying flu/covid jabs and related policies — instead of the other way around.

Despite long odds against him — because US, UK and other Western courts were corrupted to support diabolical toxic mass-jabbing — White explained that a High Court ruling in his favor would greatly shift the balance of power toward encouraging more doctors to prioritize patient needs over flu/covid mandates.

“Orwellian dystopia” reflects the state of Western medicine since last  year, said White, adding:

Western dark forces “want you asleep.”

“(N)o one may dare openly question authoritarianism.” 

“Lockdowns, masks, endless fear campaigns and willful denial of safe available therapeutics like Ivermectin” are unjustifiably justified. 

The health-protecting power of natural immunity is ignored — what White considers the mother of all elephants in the room because it applies to countless millions throughout the West and elsewhere.

According to some estimates, around one-third of Americans have at least some natural immunity that protects against flu/covid infection.

White explained that antibodies aren’t essential for immunity from viral infections.

“The vast majority of people who have natural T-Cell immunity will not have any antibodies present, but will have memorized T-Cell immunity” from viral infection and recovery.

It’s superior to protection from jabs if effective that’s clearly not so — given countless millions already harmed and likely hundreds of thousands eliminated by their deadly toxins.

Based on experience from dealing with his own health issues, White “turned to functional medicine, with amazing results” he explained, adding: 

“Holistically, identifying the root cause of health issues and finding natural, safe and highly effective treatments, opened up a whole new world of healing to me and I threw myself into learning all I possibly could.”

Earlier this year, Britain’s Pharma-connected National Health Service suspended White “for speaking out about informed consent, (and unsafe flu/covid jabs, stressing) safe and effective alternative treatments.”

Western dark forces largely transformed medicine from doing no harm to the other way around.

Physicians like White are demeaned and threatened with delicensing for prioritizing needs and rights of patients with restoring their health in mind.

What the world needs now is countless others like him.

What a world of difference that would make.

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