Biden Regime Continues Endless US War on Afghanistan

Afghanistan is infested with large numbers of ISIS and likeminded jihadists.

Recruited, funded, armed, trained and directed by the Pentagon and CIA, they’re used as US proxy foot soldiers in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan and other countries where deployed  to advance Washington’s imperial aims.

A state of permanent US war continues in the Middle East, central Europe and elsewhere, ISIS and other jihadists a key part of it as US proxy ground troops.

Attacks they launch are orchestrated and directed by the US and its imperial partners — a diabolical plot for forever war and instability in targeted nations like Afghanistan.

Since the Taliban regained control of the country in mid-August by forcing withdrawal of Pentagon combat troops, numerous violent incidents occurred.

Made-in-the-USA, they’re all about continuing proxy war on the Taliban and long-suffering Afghans — a permanent state of conflict with no end of it in prospect.

On Tuesday, at least two blasts were detonated at the entrance of Kabul’s Sardar Mohammad Daud Khan military hospital — located next to Afghanistan’s public health ministry.

Followed by heavy gunfire, around two dozen victims in harm’s way died, dozens more wounded, many seriously.

Later the same day, US-supported ISIS in Khorasan Province (so-called ISIS-K) claimed responsibility for what happened, saying its “fighters carried out simultaneous coordinated attacks” on the hospital.

It claimed that one jihadist detonated an explosive belt at the hospital’s entrance — followed by other ISIS-K fighters storming the facility guns blazing indiscriminately at everyone in sight.

According to an unidentified ISIS source:

“The attack was initiated by a suicide bomber on a motorcycle who blew himself up at the entrance of the hospital.”

All assailants were killed, he added.

A hospital healthcare survivor of the incident said he heard a loud blast, followed by gunfire — then moments later a second explosion.

According to Taliban official Zabihullah Mujahid, government special forces killed five ISIS attackers.

Senior Taliban Badri Corp special forces commander, Hamdullah Mokhlis, perished during the incident.

According to a Taliban official, when he learned that the hospital was being attacked, he “rushed to the scene.”

“We tried to stop him but he laughed. Later we found out that he was martyred in the face-to-face fight at the hospital.”

A meaningless, weak-kneed UN statement condemned the incident, saying:

“Attacks targeting medical personnel and civilians seeking treatment are violations of human rights and international humanitarian law.” 

“Those responsible need to be held to account.”

Headquartered in Washington, London, Paris, Berlin, other NATO capitals and Tel Aviv, accountability never follows the worst of their high crimes of war, against humanity or other atrocities.

Incidents like Tuesday’s are all about waging forever war to undermine Taliban rule and inflict forever misery on long-suffering Afghans.

More incidents like the hospital blasts are sure to follow in Kabul and elsewhere nationwide.

According to the Wall Street Journal, former Afghan military personnel joined ISIS after the Taliban takeover. 

If so, they were recruited by the Pentagon and CIA to do their dirty work in the country.

The same thing is ongoing in Syria, Iraq and elsewhere.

It reflects how the scourge of US imperialism operates — at home and abroad worldwide. 

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