Proposed US Natural Immunity Is Real Act: DOA?

Natural immunity gained from having contracted and recovered from flu/covid provides the most effective protection against reinfection — a scientific fact.

Around a third of Americans have it.

With protection this effective, nothing further is needed — no jabs that don’t protect or anything else.

The above reality destroys the diabolical US/Western scheme for toxic mass-jabbing, rejabbing, and booster-jabbing everyone — to be followed by annual or semi-annual jabs ad infinitum with diabolical aims in mind.

The more jabs gotten, the greater the harm from their toxins designed to irreparably harm health and kill near-or-longer-term.

On October 15 with the above in mind, GOP Rep. Diana Harshbarger introduced the Natural Immunity Is Real Act (HR 5590) with 16 GOP co-sponsors.

A comparable Senate bill (S. 2846) was introduced on September 23 by GOP Senator Mike Lee with three co-sponsors.

The House and Senate measures “require federal agencies to acknowledge, accept, and agree to truthfully present, natural immunity pertaining to (flu/covid) pursuant to promulgating certain regulations.”

Lee earlier slammed the Biden regime for operating as a “medical police force,” adding:

Mandating that federal and other workers be jabbed “threaten(s) the employment of millions of Americans.”

“(M)aking employers become enforcers is not how our country will return to normal.”

Along with S. 2846, Lee introduced 8 other measures to counter unacceptable Biden regime mandates:

S.2840 – A bill to permit civil actions against the US for (flu/covid jabbing) mandates.

S.2841 – A bill to require the Secretary of Health and Human Services to publicly disclose information regarding adverse effects of” flu/covid jabs.

S.2842 – A bill to amend title 10, US Code, to prohibit the secretary of (war) from requiring that members of the armed forces receive” flu/covid jabs.

S.2843 – A bill to prohibit the imposition of a fine, fee, or taxation on any person for violation of a (flu/covid jabbing) mandate issued by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration or any other executive agency.

S.2847 – A bill to prohibit the federal government from mandating (jabs) against (flu/covid) for interstate travel.

S.2848 – A bill to exempt individuals with a personal health concern from complying with a federal (flu/covid) mandate.

S.2849 – A bill to stipulate that nothing in federal law provides a federal agency with authority to mandate that an individual be inoculated by” flu/covid jabs.

S.2850 – A bill to exempt individuals from complying with federal (flu/covid) mandate(s) on the basis of a personal belief, and for other purposes.

Separately, Lee tweeted:

The Biden regime “has shown a wanton disregard for the US Constitution” — and international law.

On October 18, Harshberger said the following:

She and co-sponsors introduced HR 5590 because the Biden regime “must ‘follow the science’ and be open, honest and transparent about the millions of Americans who have natural immunity against” flu/covid, adding:

“There’s ample scientific evidence from numerous peer-reviewed studies that natural immunity from previous (flu/covid) infection is effective, durable and long-lasting.” 

“(W)e need to use all the clinical tools as protection and treatment options to combat” flu/covid. 

“(M)y bill is a necessary and timely legislative action resulting from (the Biden regime’s) politicization of (flu/covid which continues to create deep divisions among Americans, such as when he chillingly said his (draconian mass-jabbing) mandate requirements are ‘not about freedom or personal choice.’ ” 

“Now more than ever, we need to pursue every scientific measure—such as natural immunity—that can help mitigate the (the viral illness) without threatening people’s jobs, our economy, or denying Americans access to everyday life activities…” 

In late September, 15 House and Senate Doctors Caucus members wrote fraudster Walensky.

Urging the Pharma-controlled CDC she heads to “acknowledge natural immunity and work with other federal agencies to ensure all future guidance, policies, and federally-funded research take this evidence into account and build off it” fell on deaf ears — in deference to the diabolical Biden regime plan for mass-extermination of unwanted people and so Pharma profiteers can continue to cash in big from what’s going on.

Despite their good intentions, measures introduced by Harshbarger and Lee have virtually no chance of being enacted into law as long as undemocratic Dems control Congress.

If anything resembling their measures landed on the desk of the imposter in the White House, a certain veto would follow.

Even if Republicans regain control of Congress in 2022 midterm elections, White House veto power will continue the regime’s diabolical mass-extermination/abolition of remaining civil liberties agenda  without mass-rebellion against what’s going on.

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