Zero Chance for JCPOA Talks to Succeed

Begun last April, JCPOA talks in Vienna between Iran and P4+1 countries directly — along with the US indirectly — were DOA.

It’s why six rounds achieved nothing — with no prospect for turning failure into success ahead.

Before usurping power by the most brazen election fraud in US history, the illegitimate Biden regime cooked the books for failure by plotting outrageous demands to be rejected by Iran, not accepted.

On Wednesday, Iran’s chief negotiator/Deputy Foreign Minister Ali Baqeri-Kani tweeted the following:

“In a phone call with Enrique Mora (EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell’s chief of staff), we agreed to (re)start the negotiations aiming at removal of unlawful & inhumane sanctions on 29 November in Vienna.”

No matter how long they continue, failure is certain. 

The US and E3 have been in noncompliance since May 2018 — with no intention of changing policy.

According to in October, the Biden regime “refused to commit to keeping sanctions lifted on Iran for the rest of (its) term, even if Iran rejoins and complies with the nuclear deal.”

Nor would it guarantee that a successor US regime would stick to whatever is agreed on in Vienna, if anything.

On all things related to nations free from their control, both right wings of the US war party demand everything in return for hollow promises to be broken at their discretion.

Wherever hegemon USA goes, its European and other imperial partners are sure to follow.

While highly unlikely, sanctions relief if gotten by Iran through Vienna talks are virtually certain to reflect smoke and mirrors deception.

At hegemon USA’s discretion, they’d be reimposed, along with new ones — at any time for any invented reasons.

The pattern repeats with disturbing regularity against nations Washington targets for regime change.

Chances for softening longstanding policy with improved relations in mind are virtually zero.

Nothing US regimes pledge or say can be taken at face value.

Time and again, public pronouncements reflect mumbo jumbo mass deception.

On Wednesday, interventionist Blinken’s spokesman Price said the following about an announced 7th round of JCPOA talks to begin on November 29:

“(W)e believe it remains possible to quickly reach and implement an understanding on a mutual return to compliance with the JCPOA (sic).”

Indisputable evidence revealed otherwise.

Like countless times before, Price willfully and maliciously lied.

More Big Lies followed.

Falsely accusing Iran of “provocative nuclear steps” defied reality.

The same goes for falsely saying that “there was tremendous progress achieved in rounds one through six (sic).”

Accomplishing nothing positive, they were a colossal waste of time.

They proved beyond a reasonable doubt that further talks won’t fare better — no matter how many more rounds are held.

It’s because the Biden regime and E3 partners have no intention of returning to JCPOA compliance as mandated by Security Council Res. 2231 — making its provisions binding international and US constitutional law under its Supremacy Clause.

Price saying that the Biden regime “will make a determination based on what is in our national interests and what’s in the national security interests of our allies and partners” is code language. 

It’s all about their intention to making outrageous demands that no responsible Iranian government would accept.

US/E3 intentions were hard-wired before talks began.

The landmark JCPOA killed by a stoke of Trump’s pen in May 2018 would stay that way.

Biden regime hardliners and E3 co-conspirators have no intention of breathing new life into its corpse.

Their modus operandi is no end to falsely accusing Iran of all sorts of things that defy reality.

The most recent example came on Wednesday in response to reclaiming a cargo of oil by the IRGC that was stolen by Pentagon forces in the Sea of Oman.

According to Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting, IRGC naval forces thwarted attempted US high-seas piracy.

After Pentagon forces seized a tanker with Iranian oil, transferred the cargo to another vessel and headed for an unannounced location, an IRGC heliborne operation took control of the pirated vessel, headed it to Iranian waters and succeeded in recapturing stolen Islamic Republic oil.

Biden regime fake news turned reality on its head.

According to AP News, it falsely claimed that “Iran seized a Vietnamese-flagged oil tanker in the Gulf of Oman last month and still holds the vessel,” two unnamed Biden regime officials cited, AP adding:

The IRGC “took control of the (vessel) that analysts suspect of trying to transfer sanctioned Iranian crude oil to Asia, at gunpoint.”

Pentagon “forces monitored the seizure, but ultimately didn’t take action as the vessel sailed into Iranian waters.”

Commenting on what happened, US war department spokesman John Kirby lied claiming:

“The only seizing (in the Sea of Oman) was done by Iran (sic).”

He lied adding that what happened “constituted a blatant violation of international law that undermines freedom of navigation and the free flow of commerce (sic).”

US officials repeatedly and consistently invent their own falsified reality.

Virtually nothing they say passes the smell test.

Iran’s oil minister Javad Owji set the record straight about the Sea of Oman incident, saying:

The IRGC “rescu(ed) the…tanker (with stolen Iranian oil) from American pirates.”

Sticking to Biden regime fake news, AP reported nothing about stolen Iranian oil, nothing about illegal US sanctions for politicized reasons, nothing about Iran’s legal right to retake control of its oil cargo for sale to foreign buyers.

A Final Comment

Tehran University Professor Mohammad Sadeq Koushki said that Biden regime/E3 attempts to “add missile and regional issues…as complementary parts of the JCPOA” failed, adding:

“They sought to reduce all areas of our authority to a minimum and even to the point of destruction.”

Saying “the condition for advancing” JCPOA talks should be based on “goodwill” was deceptive as revealed by their “threatening statements” that are “(in)compatible with goodwill.”

Koushki noted that because of their consistent failure to weaken Iran politically, economically and militarily, they raise the bogus threat of nuke development — knowing that Tehran abhors these WMDs and wants eliminated everywhere to avoid catastrophe if used, stressing as well:

“In the current situation, the first point that our negotiating team should take into account is to warn the (E3) that if they want to divert the negotiation path with propaganda and political moves…negotiations cannot go ahead.” 

“If they do not have the goodwill to negotiate and are trying to proceed with psychological warfare and diplomatic pressure, there will be no need to negotiate.”

Since goodwill is absent in virtually all US/EU talks with nations free from their control, engaging in them virtually never achieves positive results that last.

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