Biden Regime Sleepwalking Toward Confrontation with China

Responding to the US war department’s report, titled Military and Security Developments Involving the People’s Republic of China, its Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin said the following:

The biased Chinaphobic report omits facts.

The Biden regime “is using this report to hype up (a fake) ‘China nuclear threat.’ ” 

“The international community has long seen through this trick of manipulating rhetoric in an attempt to confuse public opinion.”

There’s no ambiguity about the world most menacing nuclear threat — the only nation ever to use them.

Hegemon USA nuked imperial Japan twice in August 1945 — months after its ruling authorities agreed to all its terms of surrender with one exception, wanting to retain its emperor.

What Truman refused to accept was agreed on after the Pentagon destroyed two Japanese cities and their residents as a message to Soviet Russia.

Well along toward developing its own nuclear capabilities, Stalin was well aware of US bomb development.

Under both right wings of its war party, hegemon USA is an unprecedented nuclear threat to everyone at home and worldwide.

Its rage to control planet earth, its resources and populations may doom us all.

Wang explained that the US nuclear arsenal includes around 5,550 warheads. 

“Despite possessing the world’s largest and most advanced nuclear arsenal, the US is still investing trillions of dollars to upgrade its ‘nuclear triad.’ ” 

It’s “developing low-yield nuclear weapons, and lowering the threshold for using nuclear weapons.” 

“In addition, the US has withdrawn from legal instruments in arms control such as the Treaty on the Limitation of Anti-Ballistic Missile Systems and the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty.”

It’s “advancing the deployment of anti-missile systems around the world, resumed research and development and tests of intermediate-range land-based missiles and sought to deploy them in Europe and the Asia-Pacific, and formed a small clique with strong Cold War undertones through the AUKUS nuclear submarine cooperation.” 

“These US moves gravely undermine global strategic stability and international peace and security.” 

“China urges the US to earnestly assume its special and primary responsibilities towards nuclear disarmament, and drastically and substantively reduce its nuclear stockpile in a verifiable, irreversible and legally-binding manner to uphold global strategic equilibrium and stability.”

“China remains firmly committed to a nuclear strategy of self-defense, actively advocates the ultimate complete prohibition and thorough destruction of nuclear weapons, and keeps its nuclear force at the minimum level required for national security.” 

“China abides by the policy of no-first-use of nuclear weapons at any time and under any circumstances and undertakes unequivocally not to use or threaten to use nuclear weapons against non-nuclear-weapon states or nuclear-weapon-free zones unconditionally.” 

“No country will be threatened by China’s nuclear weapons so long as it does not use nuclear weapons against China.”

On Wednesday, 13 members of the European Parliament’s Special Committee on Foreign Interference in all Democratic Processes provocatively visited Taiwan.

In late October, China’s EU mission warned against sending its officials to the breakaway province.

This action will contribute to undermining Sino/EU relations, its statement said, adding:

“We will make further reactions in accordance with the development of the situation.”

In response to Wednesday’s visit Wang Wenbin said the following:

“China strongly deplores and firmly opposes the visit to Taiwan by certain members of the European Parliament and has lodged solemn representation to the European side.” 

“As a universally recognized norm governing international relations and the consensus of the international community, the one-China principle is the political foundation for the establishment of China-EU diplomatic relations and development of ties.” 

“No official interaction with the Taiwan authorities in any form is an inherent requirement of the one-China principle.” 

“The European Parliament is an important official organ of the EU.” 

“It follows naturally that its members should fully recognize the complex and sensitive nature of the Taiwan question, stay true to the commitment made by the EU, prudently and properly handle Taiwan-related issues and keep the political foundation for China-EU relations intact.” 

“China urges the European side to redress its mistake and avoid sending wrong signals to ‘Taiwan independence’ separatist forces, lest it should cause a serious impact on China-Europe relations.”

“DPP authorities in Taiwan tend to whitewash their ‘Taiwan independence’ separatist acts under the disguise of democracy and human rights.” 

No matter what they say or do, “their true agenda of seeking independence is laid bare.” 

“Nor will they make a dent in the indisputable fact that Taiwan is part of China.” 

“The clumsy show of certain people won’t shake in the slightest the international community’s universal and firm commitment to the one-China principle or the inevitable trend of reunification in China.” 

Their (unacceptable) plot is doomed to fail.”

Biden regime joint chief’s chairman Mark Milley way-overstepped by saying that the Pentagon is able to defend Taiwan.

Calling his remark a “treacher(ous)” betrayal of the Sino/US agreed on one-China principle, Wang stressed that the US should “pursue a real one-China policy, instead of a fake one” by the Trump and now Biden regimes.

Hegemon USA is militantly hostile toward nations not subserviently bending to its will — China, Russia and Iran most of all because of their prominence on the world stage.

On all things related to Taiwan, China’s official People’s Daily minced no words saying the following:

“There is only one China in the world and Taiwan is an inalienable part of” it. 

“A total of 180 countries, including the US, established diplomatic ties with China on the basis of adhering to the one-China principle.”

It “formed into a global consensus and is one of the universally recognized basic norms governing international relations, brooking no provocation and distortion.”

“If the US continues to play the ‘Taiwan card,” it will inevitably pose enormous risks to China-US relations, seriously undermining peace and stability across the Taiwan Strait, and seriously harming the interests of the US itself.”

For China’s ruling authorities now, earlier and ahead, the Taiwan issue is nonnegotiable.

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