Triumph of the Biggest of Big Lies?

Mind-manipulated by MSM, over-entertained Americans are easy marks to deceive no matter how often they were fooled before.

It’s why the late Gore Vidal and fellow Chicagoan Studs Terkel called the nation “the United States of amnesia.”

American exceptionalism and moral superiority don’t exist.

Hypocrisy, not democracy, defines how the nation is governed at the federal state and local levels. 

Post-9/11, especially after seasonal flu was renamed covid with mass-extermination and tyrannical rule in mind, US plutocracy, oligarchy, kleptocracy and despotic rule hardened.

The state of the nation was never more dismal than since war been the states.

Now it’s against ordinary people at home and abroad with unparalleled genocide in mind, along with elimination of what remains of deeply eroded freedoms.

The rage to jab and also else flu/covid related is all about irreversibly harming maximum numbers of people worldwide on the phony pretext of protecting them.

Founded in 1823, The Lancet calls itself “an independent, international weekly general medical journal (that) strive(s) (for) medicine (to) transform society, and positively impact the lives of people (sic).”

Instead of fulfilling its pledge on all things flu/covid, it’s gone the other way by promoting toxic mass-jabbing to be shunned, never used as directed.

Like MSM across the board, the publication sold its soul to US/Western dark forces and can no longer be trusted.

Shilling for them and Pharma, The Lancet is pushing toxic jabs designed to irreversibly harm health over warning about deadly toxins they contain.

Taking them as directed is especially harmful to young children and the elderly with weakened immune systems.

Shunning them is crucial for everyone.

When publications like The Lancet, New England Journal of Medicine, Nature and others push what harms health over what protects it, their legitimacy no longer exists.

There’s no ambiguity about health-destroying harm from toxic flu/covid jabs.

Yet The Lancet knowingly lied, claiming that boosters “prevent severe outcomes” in defiance of indisputable science proving otherwise.

It lied saying that double-jabbed individuals were protected from flu/covid infection.

It lied claiming that a “third (mRNA) dose is effective in protecting individuals against severe (flu/covid) related outcomes, compared with receiving only two doses at least 5 months ago (sic).”

At the same time, it noted that “many countries (with) nationwide (mass-jabbing) campaigns are currently experiencing a resurgence of” flu/covid.

The reason left unexplained is clear.

Lancet fake news falsely claimed it’s because of “waning immunity (sic)” and more scariant than variant “delta.”

Ignoring science, The Lancet failed to explain that jabs are toxic/

The more gotten, the greater the harm to health.

One jab is bad enough, another doubles the harm and a third compounds it further.

Planned forever-jabbing once or twice annually is all about destroying health entirely for individuals who survived toxic jabs so far.

Yet Lancet fake news defied science by claiming that booster-jabs are “93% effective in preventing (flu/covid) hospital(izations) (sic), 92% in preventing severe disease (sic),  and 81% in preventing (flu/covid) related death (sic).”

Reality is worlds apart from the above rubbish.

The Lancet is guilty of allying with the diabolical mass-extermination aims of US/Western dark forces — instead of promoting medicine that protects and restores health over destroying it.

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