US/NATO and Israel Threaten Nonbelligerent Iran’s Security

The US/West and apartheid Israel have been hostile toward Iran since regaining its sovereign independence from foreign control in 1979.

A state of war on nonbelligerent/nonthreatening Iran by their ruling regimes exists that’s waged by illegal sanctions, cyberattacks and other dirty tricks.

Last week, the Biden regime showed that it has no intention of improving relations with Iran, no intention of lifting illegally imposed sanctions, no intention of returning to JCPOA compliance as mandated by binding SC Res. 2231.

Illegally imposing new sanctions — based on bald-faced Big Lies — provided more evidence of US forever-war on the Islamic Republic by other means.

On Sunday, head of Iran’s Civil Defense Organization General Gholam Reza Jalali said the Biden and Israeli Bennett regimes were responsible for cyberattacking the nation’s fuel distribution system days earlier.

Denouncing what he called “serious (US/Israeli) infrastructural cyber warfare,” Jalali said what happened was sophisticated and hard to defend against.

Later on the day of the attack, around 60% of gas stations affected by the disruption were operating normally again.

Slamming US/Israeli war by other means, Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi said the day’s earlier incident aimed to disrupt the lives of ordinary people in the country.

Calling for “serious preparedness (to combat) cyberwarfare” attacks, Raisi added:

“Not only were (Iranian) officials not confused after the cyberattack, but they handled the situation immediately and demonstrated their alertness in confrontation with this problem and vigilantly prevented anybody from misuse and opportunism.”

Separately on October 30, a joint statement by Germany’s Merkel, France’s Macron, Britain’s Johnson and US imposter in the White House lied about Iran’s legitimate nuclear program.

Falsely claiming it poses risks that don’t exist, they added:

They’re “determin(ed) to ensure that Iran can never develop or acquire a nuclear weapon” it doesn’t seek, never did, and wants eliminated everywhere before these WMDs eliminate us.

They lied claiming that Iran’s legitimate nuclear program poses “grave and growing” risks (sic).

They lied saying that the nation “accelerated the pace of provocative nuclear steps (sic).” 

They lied accusing Iran of “decreased cooperation and transparency with the IAEA (sic).”

They lied claiming that Iranian nuclear activities “jeopardize the possibility of a return to the JCPOA.”

Virtually everything they say about Iran are willful, malicious bald-faced Big Lies to maintain a state of war by other means against the nation and its people with no prospect for for softening their unacceptable actions against a nation threatening no others. 

Their ruling regimes have no intention of normalizing relations with Iran as long as it’s free from their hegemonic control — notably as long as they’re unable to plunder the country’s vast oil and gas resources.

In imposing new illegal sanctions on Iran last week, interventionist Blinken vowed continued Biden regime war on the country by other means — for invented reasons because no legitimate ones exist.

“The US will use every appropriate tool to counter (invented Iranian) malign influence and activities,” he roared.

He lied claiming that Iran “threaten(s) US interests (sic).”

He lied saying that the IRGC facilitates “attacks on US forces and on international shipping (sic).”

War on humanity by all foul means imaginable is a US/NATO/Israeli specialty against invented enemies.

Complying fully with its international law obligations, Iran operates by higher standards.

Resumption of JCPOA talks in the coming weeks if take place as announced will achieve nothing toward softening US/E3 policies toward Iran.

Nor will their ruling regimes return to JCPOA compliance as mandated by binding SC Res. 2231.

No matter how many more rounds of talks are held, a state of war on Iran by other means will remain official US/E3 policy.

Their hostile agenda shows that diplomatic outreach to their rogue regimes is a profound waste of time.

With no prospect for improved relations with Iran, their ruthlessless highly likely to worsen ahead — for invented reasons because no legitimate ones exist. 

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