Russian Foreign Ministry on Afghanistan, Ukraine and North Korea

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova (MZ below) condemned last week’s attack on a Kabul military hospital by ISIS terrorists — supported by US, NATO, and Israel.

“We note the measures taken by the transitional Afghan government to ensure security and a normal peaceful life,” she said, adding: 

“Over 60 ISIS (jihadists) laid down weapons and surrendered to the Taliban authorities in the eastern province of Nangarhar.” 

“Since the (Biden regime froze) Afghanistan’s national assets” — a diabolical act as part of continuing forever war on the nation and its people — “the Central Bank of Afghanistan announced a plan to introduce an Islamic banking system…” 

“(A)mong other things, (it includes) sharing of profits and losses between bank investors and borrowers and the absence of interest on loans and collateral.” 

“The transitional authorities appointed a new president to the Academy of Sciences of Afghanistan.”

According to likely accurate reports,  “the (so-called) National Resistance Front” — comprised of US, Western, Israeli supported cutthroat killer jihadists — intends continuing forever war in the country to prevent peace, stability and security for its long-suffering people.

What’s gone on in Afghanistan since preemptive Bush/Cheney aggression was launched in October 2001 based on Big Lies wrecked the country — killed millions of Afghans and immiserated survivors.

Continuing forever war on Afghanistan and other countries reflects what the scourge of US imperialism is all about.

Commenting on Ukraine, MZ slammed MSM fake news about Russian forces mobilized along its border, saying:

US MSM unleashed “a full-blown fresh fake campaign (right) on cue.”  

As part of longstanding Russia-bashing, they “published…panic attack-imbued materials to the effect that Russia was deploying troops on the Ukrainian border.”

Claiming their information came “from trustworthy sources” ignored that nothing from the Biden regime White House, State and war departments passes the smell test.

Likely because it wasn’t briefed by Biden regime hardliners, Ukraine’s war department dismissed MSM fake news as false.

No Russian forces were deployed to Ukraine’s border.

None threaten the country. Like always before, MSM claims otherwise are bald-faced Big Lies.

On all things Russia, other nations free from US control and other major issues, truth and full disclosure are banned from their reports, fake news exclusively featured — why they can never be trusted.

Last Wednesday, Pentagon joint chiefs of staff chairman Mark Milley admitted that “nothing overtly aggressive” was observed about Russian forces near Ukraine’s border — or anywhere else.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov stressed that “Russia has never threatened anyone, does not threaten, and does not pose a danger to anyone.”

No evidence disputes him.

Separately, “Russia and China circulated a joint ‘political and humanitarian’ draft resolution on North Korea among” Security Council member states, MZ explained, adding: 

It calls on the SC “to ease (illegally imposed US/UK/EU) sanctions” to help improve humanitarian conditions for the North Korean people.

It stressed that taking this step “is long overdue.”  

Since the Korean peninsular was divided along the 38th parallel post-WW II, the DPRK never — repeat never — attacked another country.

In stark contrast, since launching preemptive war on North Korea in June 1950, the US has been waging perpetual wars against invented enemies by hot and/or other means with no end of them in prospect.

There’s virtually no chance that the Biden regime will turn a page for peace and stability over forever wars anywhere.

There’s no chance that the Security Council will adopt the Sino/Russian draft resolution on North Korea.

A virtually certain Biden regime veto will block it, likely joined by Britain and France, along with other SC member states bullied and threatened to oppose it when voted on.

The US-dominated West’s war on North Korea by other means has been unrelenting for over 70 years with no softening in prospect.

It’s all about wanting the country isolated, its development undermined to make its economy scream and harm its people.

As long as North Korea remains free from US control, war on the country by by other means is highly likely to continue by both right wings of Washington’s war party.

Abhorring peace, stability, and compliance with the rule of law, dominant US hardliners are at war at home and abroad with no prospect of going another way.

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  1. I hadn’t yet found and addressed this posting from my inbox…glad I found it while scrolling through this site….

    I can’t but comport with Russia and its FM’s analyses and views. MZ is an on-point and articulate spokesperson for her erudite boss Sergey Lavrov and the nationalist-and-independent President Putin. Patriotic Americans would be well aghast and shaken by the portents of their entanglement by Zionism, the MIC, rampant/storied corruption, the complicit MSM, a tragically dysfunctional and ineffective Congress (sic), and attendant scofflaw tentacles….

    Viva Afghanistan! It needs a break and a boost after 20 years of US-applied knee-on-neck hell. Iran, Russia, China et al: step up!

    (Ironic that [just-concluded?] this week has been “Korea Peace Advocacy Week”….)


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