Russian Troops Mobilized Along Ukraine’s Border?

No Russian military or other threats exist against any nations.

No evidence suggests it.

Accusations otherwise when made by the US and its imperial partners are fake news.

When Russian military exercises are held, they’re conducted in their own territory — solely with self-defense in mind, never with intent to attack another country.

Prioritizing peace and stability, Moscow complies with the rule of law domestically and on the world stage — polar opposite how hegemon USA and partnered belligerents operate worldwide.

Last week, CIA director William Burns visited Moscow with hostile intentions in mind.

Reportedly, he came to tell Russian officials he met with that the spy agency is closely monitoring a (nonexistent) buildup of Russian forces near Ukraine’s border.

He warned Moscow against any plans for cross-border hostilities that don’t exist.

Reportedly, he also falsely accused Russia of intending to use gas exports as leverage against Ukraine and other European nations at a time of high prices and rising demand as cold weather months approach.

A statement by the Biden regime’s embassy in Moscow said Burns came with “a delegation of high-ranking US officials to discuss a number of issues in bilateral relations.”

Since undemocratic Dems usurped power, bilateral relations with Moscow have been worse than any time since WW II ended.

Ahead of Burns’ unwelcome visit, Vladimir Putin stressed the need for greater Russian defense capabilities because of repeated provocations by US-dominated NATO near its territorial waters and airspace, adding:

“This need has been prompted by the leading countries’ developing innovative strike weapons with advanced speed parameters.”

“The general military-political situation also requires further effort, prompted partly by the increasing numbers of NATO flights close to Russia, and NATO ships with guided missiles appearing in the Baltic and Black Seas.”

“Just recently…a US warship entered the Black Sea.”

“It could be seen through binoculars or through the sight of our defense systems.”

“The demonstration of the US Navy flag in the Black Sea is not an isolated incident.” 

“There were several times when the US explicitly explained the need for its warships to enter this waterway to ‘contain’ Russia.”

Its hostile policy “push(es) coastal Black Sea countries (as) members of NATO to pursue a confrontational policy.”

Sergey Lavrov slammed what he called provocative US actions that risk unthinkable confrontation.

US-dominated NATO’s anti-Russia master plan risks global war by pushing the envelope too far.

In response to Burns’ provocative visit, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova slammed fake accusations of Russian forces amassed along Ukraine’s border, saying:

WaPo, Politico, Foreign Policy and other MSM published similar Russophobic reports right “on cue” as they’ve done time and again before, adding:

“This wasn’t one fake news item. This is an (orchestrated) fresh fake news campaign in American media outlets.”

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov called MSM news of Russian troops and equipment near Ukraine’s border “cheap fake news” — fooling no one.

Responding as well to US fake news, Russia’s US embassy tweeted the following:

“We are perplexed by concern of the press offices of @StateDept and @Deptof(War) with the activity of our military forces on the national territory within (our) borders.” 

“Look in the mirror. It is the (US) military (that) roam(s) recklessly around the world and leaving behind chaos.”

Pentagon troops menace and smash other nations on the phony pretext of countering threats to US security that don’t exist.

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