Upcoming Biden Regime Summit for Hardened Tyranny Over Democracy

Americans get the best democracy money can buy, the real thing banned from inception.

The imposter in the White House fooled no one, saying:

“Democracy doesn’t happen by accident (sic).”

“We have to defend it, fight for it, strengthen it, renew it (sic).”

A fantasy version of the real thing alone exists.

US regimes go all-out to eliminate real democracy where it exists — wanting subservience to US rule replacing it.

On December 9 and 10, the fake Biden will “host…leaders from government, civil society, and the private sector to” reaffirm who’s boss.

What the State Department calls “threats around the world (to) democracy and human rights” were made in the USA and capitals of its belligerent partners.

What it called “defending against authoritarianism, addressing and fighting corruption, and advancing respect for human rights” is polar opposite how hegemon USA operates at home and abroad.

Sergey Lavrov mocked the upcoming summit, saying:

“To be sure, (Russia) will not be invited.”

“Neither are the Chinese on the list of invitees.” 

“The list itself is missing.” Who’s included and left off remains to be seen. 

For two days in December, the “sovereign” will demand subservience from its “vassals.”

The so-called summit “seeks to divide people and countries into fantasy “democracies” like the US and all others.

“My colleagues from a respected country (said) they could infer from the invitation they received that” fantasy democracies invited like Britain, France, Germany, apartheid Israel and others abhorrent of the real thing as it should be will include nations fully and partially subservient to US interests.

Biden regime hardliners want “the biggest possible crowd to” intimidate nations free from their control.

“Watching who gets invited and in what capacity will be quite amusing,” said Lavrov, adding:

“I am certain that there will be attempts to reach out to some of our strategic partners and allies, but I do hope that they will remain faithful to the obligations they have in other frameworks instead of taking part in artificially concocted, one-off unofficial summit.”

US hegemonic aims are polar opposite multi-world polarity that respects the sovereign rights of all nations and their people.

The right to principles mandated by international law and the Universal Declaration of Human rights is “trampled on in the most blatant manner” by hegemon USA and its belligerent partners.

On Ukraine, Lavrov slammed Western countries involved in supporting forever war on Donbass along Russia’s border.

On Crimea, he once again debunked the fabricated claim of Russian annexation. No such thing occurred. 

“Take any hot item on the international agenda and you will see that the West is either helpless or is cheating,” said Lavrov.

“Take, for example, the alleged poisoning of…Navalny.” Despite no evidence suggesting what’s claimed, the Big Lie persists.

Anything is a useful pretext for the US, UK and EU to bash Russia for not bowing to a higher power in their capitals.

Falsely accusing Russia of threatening Ukraine and “destroying (its) territorial integrity” is debunked by indisputable facts otherwise.

On Afghanistan, Moscow urged the 

Taliban to fulfill its promises.

Key is for the world community of nations, especially the US, UK and EU countries, to supply vitally needed humanitarian aid so millions of Afghans with virtually nothing won’t starve to death.

Lavrov stressed that Russia is doing its fair share.

The Biden regime is doing worse than nothing by freezing billions of dollars of Afghan funds — what’s vitally needed for reconstruction and addressing vital needs of its people.

“Knowing the pushy nature of the Americans,” Lavrov knows that the worst of Biden regime policies are far more likely than anything positive.

Russia called for the UN to “convene a conference to address the Afghan people’s pressing humanitarian needs.” 

It won’t surprise if Biden regime hardliners undermine Moscow’s best intentions.

Russia aims to restore durable peace and stability to the country, along with aiding its long-suffering people after 20 years of US aggression and occupation.

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