Biden Regime Behind Attempt to Kill Iraqi PM?

On Sunday, three attack drones were launched to attack Iraqi Prime Minster Mustafa al-Kadhimi’s residence inside Baghdad’s heavily fortified Green Zone.

According to Iraqi security authorities, two were downed before reaching their target.

A third one fired missiles at Kadhimi’s residence.

Damaging it and wounding several of his guards, he was unscathed.

According to some Iraqi media reports, he was at an alternative residence outside the Green Zone when the attack occurred.

An unnamed Shia leader with ties to Iran denounced the incident, stressing:

“Kadhimi has won great local and international sympathy, while the armed factions (against him) are now on the verge of losing their entire political future,” adding:

“The operation was stupid and uncalculated, and it did not benefit anyone. Neither Iraq, nor the factions, nor Iran.” 

It was “an absurd operation that complicated the scene more than it was.”

Iran’s Supreme National Security Council (SNSC) secretary Ali Shamkhani left no doubt who he and other Iranian officials hold responsible for what happened, saying:

“The attempt to assassinate Kadhimi is a new plot that must be traced back to foreign think tanks, which have brought nothing but insecurity, discord and instability to the oppressed Iraqi people through creation and support of terrorist groups and occupation of that country for years.”

Calling for calm and restraint, Kadhimi tweeted:

I’m doing fine.” On Iraqi television he said “(c)owardly rocket and drone attacks don’t build homelands and don’t build a future.”

Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian called the plot “a step against stability and security in the friendly country of Iraq, which has been taken by Iraq’s ill-wishers.”

Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Saeed Khatibzadeh said the following:

“Such incidents are in line with the interests of parties that have violated the stability, security, independence and territorial integrity of Iraq over the past 18 years, and through creation of terrorist and seditionist groups, seek to achieve their sinister objectives in the region.”

Kadhimi said his government knows the identities of elements behind Sunday’s assassination attempt, explaining:

“There are some, who are seeking to damage Iraq’s security.”

“We will bring prosecution against those who perpetrated (Sunday’s) crime.” 

“We know them well and will expose them.”

Pro-Western, pro-war, anti-peace and stability, anti- compliance with rule of law principles UN secretary general Guterres repeated an unacceptable weak-kneed statement recited countless times before after incidents like Sunday’s. 

Instead of denouncing diabolical elements behind it with intent to further destabilize Iraq and the region, he once again showed support for US/NATO/Israeli dark forces.

Through his spokesman, he called on Iraqis “to exercise utmost restraint and reject all violence and any attempts to destabilize Iraq” at a time when accountability is essential.

On Sunday, Iraqi Joint Operations Command spokesman General Tahsin al-Khafaji said ahead of and during Sunday’s attack, Pentagon C-RAM system — able to detect and counter hostile missiles and rockets in the country — was not operating.

According to Iraq’s Afaq satellite network news producer and presenter Mohammad al-Hamad:

“The US Embassy (is supposed to activate) its C-Ram missile defense system and sound sirens any time there is an attack in the Green Zone of Baghdad.” 

“This time the siren was heard, and it was sounded only after the explosion.”

The Biden regime’s so-called offer to help investigate Sunday’s incident can’t be taken seriously.

At war by hot and/or other means against nations free from US control, its ruling regimes, the Pentagon and CIA go all-out to destabilize and otherwise harm nations on their target list for regime change.

Since Bush/Cheney preemptively attacked Iraq in March 2003 — based on exposed Big Lies — millions of Iraqis were killed.

Vast destruction wrecked the country.

Occupied by US forces, a perpetual state of war by other means — at times turning hot — threatens millions of long-suffering Iraqis.

They and countless millions more like them are victims of hegemon USA’s rage to own planet earth with intent to plunder its resources and immiserate its people in perpetuity. 

There’s no ambiguity that demonic evil is spelled USA.

Note: If ISIS jihadists were behind Sunday’s incident, then Biden regime dirty hands were all over it.

ISIS, al-Qaeda and likeminded terrorists are US creations — recruited, funded, armed and directed for use as proxy Pentagon/CIA foot soldiers in nations where deployed.

They infest Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan and other countries.

Their presence is all about maintaining a state of perpetual war and instability.

Both right wings of the US war party long ago abandoned peace, stability and compliance with the rule of law at home and abroad — principles they consider anathema notions to be ignored in pursuit of their diabolical aims.

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