Just Say NO!

When governments wage war on their own people, the only option is rebellion against what no one should tolerate.

That’s the disturbing reality of what’s going on in the US, UK, EU, Canada, Israel, Australia and elsewhere.

The time to get mad as hell and not it anymore is now. 

Passivity at a time of hardening tyranny with the worst of diabolical aims in mind is not an option.

Mass rebellion is the only way forward.

US/Western and allied dark forces are coming for your health to destroy it.

They want your remaining freedoms eliminated altogether, ruler/serf societies replacing them.

They continue going all-out to mind-manipulate the public with rubbing claiming that what’s going on is for our own good.

When the scourge of Nazism was overrunning Europe in June 1940, Winston Churchill rose to the occasion.

He delivered his famous “We shall fight them on the beaches” address to Britain’s parliament and live on radio to the public at a time of Europe’s darkest hour.

The threat he knew must be challenged and beaten is present in more menacing form today worldwide because of US/Western mass-extermination aims combined with abolition of what remains of free and open societies everywhere.

Churchill aroused members of parliament and Brits tuned in, saying “(w)e shall go on to the end.”

“We shall fight in France. We shall fight on the seas and oceans.”

“We shall fight with growing confidence and growing strength in the air.”

“We shall defend our island, whatever the cost may be.”

“We shall fight on the beaches. We shall fight on the landing grounds.” 

“We shall fight in the fields and in the streets. We shall fight in the hills.”

“We shall never surrender…” 

Another Churchillian moment is now.

It calls for fighting the bastards and evil they represent until vanquishing them once and for all.

Public anger is growing. It’s crucial for it reach enough critical mass to matter.

Key is just saying NO to more kill shots.

Millions harmed and hundreds of thousands eliminated in the US/West alone is proof enough of their catastrophic harm.

We’ve been lied to and mass deceived by duplicitous politicians, bureaucrats, Pharma profiteers, hospitals and other medical providers who abandoned their do no harm pledge.

Ordinary people have power when use it — greater power when joined by government officials on the side of the angels instead of the other way around.

On October 30 in Brussels, European Parliament members spoke out against mandated jabbing and threats to eroding freedoms targeted for elimination.

German MEP Christine Anderson said the following:

“We were promised that (jabs) would restore our freedom.” 

“None of that was true. (They don’t make) you immune.” 

“You can still contract the virus, and you can still be infectious.”

“The only thing (jabs) did for sure was (hand) billions and billions of dollars (to) pharmaceutical companies.”

“Always ask ‘cui bono?’ ” 

“Whenever a political elite pushes an agenda this hard, and resorts to extortion and manipulation to get their way, you can almost always be sure – your benefit is definitely not what they had at heart.”

“I will not be reduced to a mere guinea pig” for Pharma and the state.

Italian MEP Francesca Donato stressed the following:

“The issue is whether we are to leave European citizens without the safeguard of their fundamental rights.” 

“We are here standing to call for the respect of European fundamental values, of freedom, non-discrimination and for human dignity.”

Croatian MEP Ivan Sincic said draconian mandates are “not about our health.”

“All around Europe, policies have been installed that have stolen people’s normal life.” 

“Governments are basically blackmailing citizens more and more.”

“I call upon all the free peoples of Europe to resist the Digital Green Certificate wherever they can. Fight for your rights.”

According to Romanian MEP Christian Terhes:

“You tell me if this is okay.” 

“European citizens cannot come to work. They cannot enter a store.” 

“They cannot go with their kids to schools.” 

“They cannot freely move from one country to another unless…jabbed…”

“The difference between tyranny and democracy is very simple.” 

“When the government knows everything about you, that’s tyranny.” 

“When you know everything about your government, that’s democracy.”

“We are here for you. We will fight for you.”

The above messages urge everyone wanting their health and freedoms protected to join them in combatting the scourge of dark forces wanting them eliminated for our own good, they claim.

Fighting them on the beaches and everywhere else is the only option.

There is NO other way.

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