Congressional Anti-Mass Jabbing Legislation Introduced

A previous article discussed legislation introduced by GOP Senator Ted Cruz.

The Parental Rights Protection Act “prohibit(s) certain (flu/covid jabbing) mandates for minors, and…require(s) parental consent for” them to be administered.

According to international and constitutional law, along with medical ethics, parents alone may decide all things related healthcare for children too young to decide it on their own.

Federal, state or local governments may not legally circumvent this right.

Going the other way — as the Biden regime and undemocratic Dems are pushing — is a flagrant breach of international and constitutional law that no one should tolerate.

On November 5, HR 5864 was introduced by GOP Rep. Lance Gooden and co-sponsors.

The measure “prohibit(s) the withholding of federal education funds on the basis of (jabbing) requirements, and for other purposes.”

Gooden believes it’s just a matter of time before the Biden regime unlawfully mandates jabs for children and adolescents to attend primary and secondary education schools.

Legislation he and co-sponsors introduced permits parents alone to decide what health-related procedures are administered to their children.

HR 5864 co-sponsor Rep. Chip Roy stressed the following:

“There’s no power in the Constitution for the (White House to dictate) by edict that employers (must jab) their employees across this country.”

“It’s a terrible policy and the Biden (regime) should be (challenged and) shut down (for) trying to do it” for anyone, for any reasons.

It’s “incumbent upon the American people to defend (and protect) their own families,” employment and other rights from draconian mandates.

“We need Republicans to stand up and say that we’re not going to fund the government on December 3rd with (a) continuing resolution if these mandates stay in place.”  

“So I’m calling on my colleagues to stand strong and not fund a government that’s going to go do propaganda on (the American people) and put these unconstitutional mandates in place.”

“The American people are waking up to what bureaucrats are doing every single day, undermining our freedoms, using” MSM to push their diabolical agenda.

Roy also slammed the hidden from public view Biden — the real one, not the imposter representing him — saying:

The real JB “barely knows where he is in the morning” — and throughout the day.

HR 5864 co-sponsor Rep. Jeff Duncan and 44 other congressional members — some with MD degrees — earlier said the following by letter to Biden regime anti-public health officials:

“The American people need to know whether the Biden (regime) considered the potential ramifications” of its mass-jabbing mandate. 

Hospitals, nursing homes, and other medical care providers “are struggling to hire and retain enough (staff) to comply with state and federal staffing requirements.” 

Mandating jabs “will inevitably push a significant portion of healthcare workers out of the industry, putting further strain on providers.” 

“No employee should have to choose between a (jab) and their job.”

Mandating assures that many healthcare providers will be short-staffed and unable to care properly for patients.

The letter called on the Biden regime to retract its unacceptable mandate.

The same goes for the draconian jabbing policy forced on employers and other segments of society.

Opposition to what’s happening is growing, hopefully toward reaching critical mass.

With undemocratic Dems controlling both houses of Congress and an imposter masquerading as cognitively detached from reality Biden, GOP legislation won’t work.

Sustained public activism against what no one should tolerate is crucial to beat the Biden regime’s MSM-supported dirty game.

Preventing the destruction of public health and full-blown tyranny from becoming the law of them land depends on it.

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