The Scourge of Fake News Over the Real Thing

The NYT, WaPo, CNN, NPR, the BBC and other MSM feature state-approved propaganda exclusively on all major issues.

Their aim is all about brainwashing the public to keep ordinary people uninformed and in the dark — over journalism as it should be they long ago abandoned.

Following them for news and views assures being ignorant about what’s important to know.

If fake news was criminalized like perjury, its proliferators would have been shut down and punished long ago.

Instead it dominates print and electronic media to mind-manipulate followers to believe state-approved rubbish over truth and full disclosure on what most affects their lives, health and well-being.

There’s no ambiguity about why CNN is the most reviled and distrusted name in television propaganda.

On Sunday, it falsely claimed that “10,000 patients were diagnosed with (flu)covid in a (Florida) hospital last year after they were admitted for something else (sic).”

Since last year, patients ill from health issues unrelated to flu/covid have been misclassified as having contracted the viral illness to artificially inflate numbers.

The diabolical fear-mongering scheme is all about fueling public hysteria to convince maximum numbers of people to unwittingly self-inflict harm from jabs designed for this purpose.

No credible evidence suggests that large numbers of hospitalized patients are contracting flu/covid.

Plenty of evidence shows that numbers are being artificially inflated — especially about deaths falsely attributed to the viral illness.

MSM like CNN are part of the problem by sticking exclusively to the fabricated official narrative, suppressing the real thing.

Separately, the cable channel falsely claimed that half a million flu-covid deaths could occur this winter.

The vast majority of people who contract the viral illness fully recover.

For children, adolescents and young adults, nearly 100% return to good health in a few days.

MSM claims otherwise are state-approved, mind-manipulating bald-faced Big Lies.

Unreported as well is that the vast majority of hospitalized patients with flu/covid, serious cases and deaths are among individuals jabbed one or more times. 

Fake news claims otherwise falsely attribute the above to the unjabbed.

A NYT fake news report on the same issue falsely claimed that “(h)ospitalization admission rates (are) high in countries where (mass-jabbing) rates (are) low.”

As usual, the Times has things backwards.

Countries with low mass-jabbing rates have far fewer outbreaks, hospitalizations and deaths than others with high rates of jabbing one or more times.

A fake news WaPo report falsely claimed that “anxious parents” are rushing to get their young kids jabbed.

A significant majority of US parents are concerned about inadequately tested, rushed to market experimental drugs.

They’re holding off getting their young children jabbed with what may seriously harm them.

The WSJ reported that researchers are concerned about large numbers of myocarditis (potentially fatal heart inflammation) cases occurring among the jabbed in all age groups.

Concerned and actively addressing the issue responsibly are worlds apart.

Vernon Coleman MD is special. A retired UK-based physician, he posts important to know straight talk information on his website —

Last Wednesday was no exception, saying the following in no minced colemanesque straight talk:

“Your government wants you dead.” 

“If you’re over 60 then the bean-counters think of you as a burden.” 

“They don’t want you alive because you’ll cost money.” 

“So stay alive as long as possible.” 

“And piss off the moody, miserable, selfish politicians by letting them see that you are enjoying life.”

“Retain your freedom, dignity, independence, self-development and sense of humor.”

“Stay young in spirit, start again at 65 and live another life for free.”

“Never let the bastards grind you down. (They will try. Believe me, they will try.)”

Long before I learned of Coleman and other like lim, at age-65 when retired from small business, I began another far more rewarding life than the previous one spanning decades.

After reading important books at a pace of nearly one a day for several years, I became an accidental pro bono writer and radio host.

That was over 16 years ago.

Aging slowed me. No longer host on air but keep writing because I love it. 

It’s therapeutic and vital to tell it like it is at a time of all-out US/Western war on public health with intent to eliminate what remains of greatly eroded civil liberties at home and abroad.

I follow my own advice to others — refusing to accept draconian mandates lying down, what’s crucial for everyone to rebel against.

The alternative is loss of virtually everything most people hold dear.

The choice between unacceptable passivity and resisting the bastards needs no further elaboration.

I made my choice and never looked back — knowing that doing the right thing is its own reward.

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