Biden Regime Wants Nicaragua Colonized and Plundered

Both right wings of the US war party tolerate no nations free from their control.

Independent ones like resource-rich Nicaragua are targeted for regime change by whatever it takes to achieve their diabolical aims.

The Biden regime wants US corporate predators able to plunder Nicaraguan gold, silver, copper, iron ore, lead, gypsum, zinc, timber, and agricultural products.

It wants no independent countries in what it unlawfully considers its backyard.

Its wants leaders of these countries toppled, replaced and eliminated.

It wants what the rule of law prohibits.

On Sunday, Nicaraguans overwhelmingly reelected Sandinista leader Daniel Ortega president for the fourth time — a process observers called open, free and fair.

Interventionist Blinken lied claiming otherwise.

Defying reality, he falsely claimed that Ortega “deprived Nicaraguans of any real choice by dissolving all genuine opposition parties and imprisoning all the principal presidential candidates (sic)” 

His phony claim is a bald-faced Big Lie, typical of how ruthless Biden regime outlaws operate.

Inventing his own fantasy reality, Blinken also falsely accused Ortega of “repression and electoral manipulation (sic).”

He lied claiming that Nicaraguans and the world community “decried” Sunday results (sic).   

He turned truth on its head, claiming that Ortega “denied Nicaraguans their right to vote in free and fair elections and wrongfully deprived nearly forty individuals of their freedom (sic).”

He lied calling Nicaragua’s process “undemocratic (sic).”

Threatening reelected Ortega and Sandinista governance, he said hegemon USA and partnered regimes “condemn(ed)” Nicaraguan democracy, falsely considering it illegitimately reelected — because attempted Biden regime rigging failed.

His phony claim about “stand(ing) with the Nicaraguan people and” democratic principles masked its aim to transform Nicaragua once again into a US-controlled vassal state. 

With diabolical aims in mind, he falsely claimed that ruthless Biden regime hardliners will “use diplomacy, coordinated actions with regional allies and partners, sanctions, and visa restrictions, as appropriate, to promote accountability for those complicit in supporting the Ortega-Murillo government’s undemocratic acts (sic). 

The above is code language for the worst of coming Biden regime dirty tricks to punish the country and its people for not bending to Washington’s will, Blinken adding: 

“We will work with (regional US vassal states), including at the (US-controlled) OAS…to press for a return to democracy (by abolishing it in Nicargua) through (rigged) elections to assure regained US control of the country.  

Make no mistake.

Gangsters running the Biden regime in cahoots with undemocratic congressional Dems

and imperial partners will use every dirty trick imaginable to try regaining control over Nicaragua — no matter how ruthlessly lawless, no matter the toll on the nation and its people.

University of Pittsburgh’s Adjunct Professor of Law Daniel Kovalik monitored Nicaraguan elections on the ground in the country.

Debunking Biden regime and complicit MSM Big Lies about what they falsely called a “sham” election, he explained that results turned out as independent pre-election polls predicted.

One poll conducted several days before Sunday’s vote showed that 77% of respondents expressed support for continued Ortega-led Sandinista governance.

Nearly 75% of those polled said the country is better off this way.

Over 90% agreed with “Ortega’s proposals on unity to be stronger and defeat poverty.”

An August poll showed that nearly 77% of Nicaraguans say Sandinistas “respect…fundamental rights and…promot(e) equal opportunities without discrimination.”

Sunday election results showed 75% support for continued Sandinista governance.

Most Nicaraguans want no one else leading them.

In stark contrast to repressive neoliberal rule — supported by both wings of the US war party at home and worldwide — Ortega-led Sandinistas established social democracy as it should be.

All Nicaraguans have free education, healthcare and other social benefits.

Ortega “invested hundreds of millions of dollars in (vital) infrastructure,” Kovalik explained, adding:

As an official election observer in northwest Nicaragua, he witnessed “whole families, almost all from modest backgrounds, come to the polls to vote in an election which certainly mattered to them.” 

“Many came dressed in their Sunday best.”

He “saw many elderly people who could barely walk show up to the polls, often with the help of a family member.” 

“One woman was carried up the stairs in a wheelchair by four other people so she could vote.” 

“In other words, a number of people took great pains to vote.” 

“Some voters proudly showed us their thumbs stamped with purple ink, indicating that they had already voted.” 

“At one of the four polling areas we visited, there was a festival-like atmosphere, with people selling food and drinks, and voters cheerfully mingling both inside and outside the polling area.”

From what Kovalik saw firsthand, Nicaraguan democracy is the real thing — in stark contrast to repressive/exploitive US/Western fantasy versions.

Nicaraguans know and deplore years of US-installed despotic rule.

Kovalik believes they’ll go all-out to prevent a return to the country’s ruthless past.

He noted that results of Sunday’s election “was as much about rejecting…foreign meddling as about anything else.” 

It’s why the Biden regime and its MSM press agents “are so apoplectic about” the results, he said.  

On Monday from Moscow, Sergey Lavrov slammed hostile Biden regime calls for non-recognition of Sunday’s vote, saying:

Russian observers witnessed the process firsthand. 

“(E)lections were well-organized and were held in strict compliance with Nicaraguan laws,” he stressed, adding: 

Yet when polls closed, the (hostile to democracy as it should be Biden regime) declared its refusal to recognize the election and called on other countries to do the same.” 

Russia “consider(s) (its diabolical action) inadmissible and strongly condemn(s) it.”

According to Nicaragua’s Constitution and international law, the country’s people alone may “decide the legitimacy of the electoral process” — free from foreign interference.

Yet, the US continues to try “toppling” its legitimate government.

The same goes for all nations free from its control.

Will Biden regime hardliners plot another color revolution or similar actions to try regaining control over Nicaragua, Bolivarian Venezuela and other nations free from hegemonic US control?

Does it have more preemptive hot wars in mind against invented enemies?

Does it intend more ruthless health and freedom-destroying tactics against the vast majority of Americans?

What’ll it take for mass-rebellion against the most ruthlessly reckless, lawless regime in US history?

As long at it remains in power, ordinary people at home and worldwide are more greatly threatened than any previous time before.

Resisting its ruthlessness is crucial to prevent the worst of what it plans from happening.

Nothing less is acceptable because the alternative is the worst of all possible worlds no one should tolerate.

A Final Comment

On Tuesday, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said there’s no date scheduled for a meeting between Vladimir Putin — and the imposter in the White House.

He left unexplained that diplomatic outreach to the US is a profound waste of time.

Notably since the 1990s, Russian attempts to improve relations with Washington were exercises in futility, nothing positive achieved.

As long as Russia is free from US hegemonic control, Cold War it wages will continue with no chance of softening.

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