Israel Planning to Attack Iran?

Time and again, Israeli officials threatened to attack nonbelligerent Iran.

Months earlier, IDF chief general Aviv Kohavi said plans are being prepared to strike Iran’s (legitimate, nonthreatening) nuclear sites.

None are involved in developing and producing nukes. No evidence suggests otherwise.

What’s clear to Israel, the US-dominated West and at least most other countries, Iran abhors these WMDs, wanting them eliminated everywhere (including in Israel) before they eliminate us.

There’s no ambiguity about nuclear armed and dangerous Israel.

The same goes for its illegal stockpiles of chemical, biological, radiological and other terror-weapons — used against Palestinians and other invented enemies.

In September at the UN General Assembly, Israeli prime minister Naftali Bennett falsely claimed that (nonthreatening) Iran’s (legitimate) nuclear program “hit a watershed moment, and so has our tolerance (sic),” adding:

“Words do not stop centrifuges from spinning (sic). 

“We will not allow Iran to acquire a nuclear weapon (sic)” — that the world community, including apartheid Israel, know it doesn’t seek.

The Big Lie otherwise persists because US/Western and Israeli MSM don’t debunk and silence it by setting the record straight.

Chances of preemptive Israeli war on Iran without US-dominated NATO support and involvement are virtually nil.

Even with Western support, this reckless step would be suicidal against a nation able to hit hard against aggressors, making them pay a much stiffer price than they’d accept.

Yet on Tuesday, the Times of Israel said the IDF is “accelerating” plans to attack Iran’s nuclear facilities.

Bennett regime war minister Gantz was quoted, saying that the IDF will conduct operations not “seen in the past” if preemptive war occurs.

IDF chief Kohavi told Knesset Foreign Affairs and (war-making) Committee members that he’s “accelerating operational planning and preparedness to deal with Iran and (its nonexistent) nuclear threat,” adding: 

“(T)he (approved) budget…makes it possible to contend with a variety of (invented) threats.”

No real ones exist, not from Iran or any other countries.

False claims otherwise reflect saber-rattling bluster to unjustifiably justify whatever Israel may do ahead.

Claiming Iran committed numerous JCPOA breaches are fabricated when made.

The same goes for falsely accusing its leadership of threatening Israel or other countries.

No such threat exists — except Iran’s ability to retaliate against aggression, the UN Charter right of all nations.

Yet Kohavi falsely claimed that diplomacy to curb Iran’s (legitimate, nonthreatening) nuclear activities is a waste of time.

Last December, Iran’s air force chief general Tomer Bar said the following:

“The IDF must function in several levels to deal a powerful multi-dimensional blow for eradicating pinpointed Iran’s capabilities.” 

“Spearheaded by air strikes, it must use powerful, high precision bombs, cyber, and electronic warfare for operations on land and sea.” 

“This operation we conceive as being preceded by actions to disable Iran’s communications system and crash its computers, so that the main force of the blow finds Iran’s fighting spirit at a low pitch.”

At the time, he said that the above is not a fictional scenario.

He claimed that the IDF prepare to carry it out.

For years, similar Israeli war plans gathered dust in IDF headquarters.

Plans and operations have been worlds apart.

Looking ahead, the above is likely to stay unchanged.

Iran surely has its own retaliatory plans to hit back hard against aggressors if things go this far.

In 2005, IDF general Herzl Budinger said now is the time to strike Iran’s nuclear facilities, calling for them to be “destroyed.”

At this time, Israel’s three top-ranked generals rhetorically favor strikes on Iran’s (legitimate) nuclear facilities.

Kohavi’s claim about “many security challenges” faced by Israel is similar to bluster used by top US generals in pushing Congress for more billions of dollars to counter invented threats that don’t exist.

The same goes for former IDF chief/Bennett regime war minister Gantz, saying:

“We won’t allow (nonthreatening) Hezbollah and other Iranian proxies (sic) in the area to be equipped with weaponry that will harm” Israel (sic), adding:

The Bennett regime and IDF are “working continuously to prevent war (sic).”

If occurs, “we will be prepared to carry out operations that we haven’t seen in the past, with means we didn’t have in the past, that will hit the heart of” invented Israeli enemies.

While IDF war on Iran is highly unlikely, if ever occurs ahead it’ll be made in apartheid Israel with US-dominated NATO’s approval and direct or indirect involvement.

At this time, remarks by Bennett, Gantz and IDF generals are saber-rattling bluster alone.

They and other senior Israeli officials have no intention of preemptively striking a nation with significant retaliatory capabilities against aggression if launched.

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