More Sergey Lavrov Straight Talk

Lavrov is a world-class diplomat, a model foreign minister, a peace champion.

He’s worlds apart from his duplicitous Western counterparts, notably US ones.

Remarks when delivered are candid, polar opposite Western double-talk — time and again saying one thing, intending and doing something entirely different.

After meeting with his Venezuelan counterpart Felix Plasencia on Monday, Lavrov highlighted the continued strategic partnership between both countries.

Based on the 1996 Treaty of Friendship and Cooperation, it “laid a firm foundation for equitable, truly amicable, mutually beneficial relations between our states,” said Lavrov.

Both nations respect the sovereign rights of all nations, according to the rule of law.

They oppose what breaches this fundamental foundation of international relations as mandated by the UN Charter and other international law.

Both foreign ministers expressed strong opposition to “illegal unilateral restrictions…sanctions, and other hostile actions by hegemon USA and its subservient partners.

Asked about Sunday’s Nicaraguan elections, Lavrov said the following:

Russia sent observers to witness the process firsthand.

“They reported that the elections were well organized and fully conformed to the legislation of Nicaragua.” 

“All public health rules were observed. The voter turnout was substantial.”

“These elections and preparations took place under unprecedented (Biden regime) pressure on the Nicaraguan authorities.” 

“A campaign (of intimidation and threats was followed), refus(ing) to recognize the (legitimate) results long in advance.”

“We consider this unacceptable and resolutely denounce” it, Lavrov stressed.

The people of all nations worldwide may decide who’ll lead them and whether their electoral policies are legitimate — free from foreign interference as required by the UN Charter and other international law.

Unacceptable US pressure, intimidation and threats against Nicaragua began in 2018 by Trump regime hardliners — continued by Biden regime gangsters after usurping power by brazen election theft.

Attempts to transform democratic Nicaragua into a US vassal state continue with no end of them in prospect.

Lavrov condemned use of US tactics against countless other countries to make them subservient to a higher power in Washington.

Whenever elections don’t turn out as hegemon USA demands, its ruling regimes target them for toppling.

Whenever democracy emerges anywhere, Washington goes all-out to replace it with puppet rule it controls.

Asked about hostile US-dominated NATO military exercises near Russia’s territorial Black Sea waters, Lavrov explained the following:

They’re all about trying to contain Russia, despite long ago pledges to go another way as “written into the Russia-NATO Council Founding Act” — breached by hegemon USA straightaway.

US-dominated NATO’s word wasn’t worth the paper it was written on then or since that time – further proof that their regimes can never be trusted.

The Biden regime’s intention to establish military bases in Romania and Bulgaria is more proof of its ill intentions.

Russia clearly knows what it’s up against. Prepared for any hostile provocation, Lavrov stressed that its “readiness is guaranteed.”

US-colonized Ukraine represents a threat to Russia, as well as to central European peace and stability.

Controlled by extremist US Russophobes, Kiev’s war on Donbass since April 2014 continues with no end of it in prospect.

It’s because hegemon USA wants perpetual conflict raging along Russia’s border — part of its own war on the country by other means directly and by using proxy forces.

Looking ahead, things are much more likely to worsen than improve.

Russian relations with hegemon USA are more dismal and dangerous than any time since WW II ended.

It risks the ominous possibility of direct military confrontation by accident or design.

If happens, it’ll be made in the USA, the same true if conflict erupts between its forces and any other countries on its target list for regime change.

Because of recklessly ruthless and dangerous Biden regime policies at home and worldwide, the worst of times in modern memory on the world stage is now.

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