Upcoming Sino/US Summit: Hold the Cheers

On a date yet to be announced, China’s Xi Jinping reportedly will hold a virtual summit with the imposter in the White House.

According to Bloomberg News, summit arrangement are “still being negotiated.”

On Monday, Biden regime spokeswoman Karine Jean-Pierre said a bilateral “agreement in principle” was reached for a virtual meeting “before the end of the year.”

On Wednesday, China’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin said he had no new information about a meeting, adding: 

Both “sides are maintaining close communication regarding the specific arrangements about the heads of states meeting.”

Following Vladimir Putin’s meeting with the fake Biden last June in Geneva, bilateral relations sank to a new low.

More dismal today than any previous time throughout the post-WW II period, they’re more highly likely to deteriorate further than improve.

The same goes for Sino/US relations.

A permanent state of US war by hot and/or other means exists against all nations free from its control — notably China, Russia and Iran, despite no threats posed by their ruling authorities against any other countries.

On Tuesday, Wang slammed US “double standards (and) hypocrisy” on all things related to “human rights (and) democracy,” adding:

Washington unjustifiably “interfer(es) in other countries’ internal affairs, and its moves undermin(e) regional and international security in the name of ‘human rights (and) democracy’ ” — notions it abhors and tolerates nowhere. 

“(B)e it Iraq, Syria or Afghanistan, (and elsewhere), facts have proven time and again that the US brings to the world turmoil and chaos instead of stability and prosperity by forcibly (imposing its will on) others.” 

“The US has overdrawn its credit of human rights and democracy, (so-called) ‘American democracy’ has long been bankrupt.”

A summit between Xi and the fake Biden will be a colossal waste of time for China.

Clearly, it’ll achieve nothing positive.

Last year during the US presidential campaign, the fake Biden called Xi a “thug (who) doesn’t have a democratic bone in his body.”

The hostile remark is typical of how the US denigrates nations free from its control, including their leaders.

Separately on Tuesday, four US senators (including John Cornyn and Mike Lee), along with two congressmen and two Pentagon officers arrived in Taipei, Taiwan from the Philippines.

Commenting on their arrival, China’s Global Times called their visit “sneaky” with no advance announcement at a time of heightened “tensions across the Taiwan straits.”

The “business (of Washington) is stirring up trouble.”

On Tuesday evening, China’s Defense Ministry condemned the latest visit of US political and military officials to what Beijing considers a breakaway province to be reunited with the mainland.

According to China’s Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council on Wednesday:

Beijing “oppose(s) any form of official and military contacts between the US and China’s Taiwan region.” 

“We urge US congressmen to abide by the one-China principle and relevant provisions of the three China-US joint communiques, and refrain from sending wrong signals to Taiwan secessionists, which will only further damage peace and stability across the Taiwan Straits.”

On Tuesday, China’s PLA said it conducted a readiness patrol near Taiwan after the Defense Ministry condemned the arrival of US political and military officials to the island.

A PLA statement said the patrol responded to “seriously wrong (words and actions of) relevant countries” on Taiwan.

Pentagon spokesman John Kirby disclosed no details about the second congressional visit to Taiwan this year — saying only that “(i)t’s not unusual.”

In response to three US senators visiting Taiwan last June (Tammy Duckworth, Dan Sullivan and Chris Coons), China’s Defense Ministry called it a “vile political provocation,” adding:

“The US senators visited Taiwan by military plane, using the Taiwan issue to engage in a ‘political show…’ ” 

They “challeng(ed) the one-China principle and tr(ied) to achieve the so-called goal of ‘using Taiwan to control China.’ ”

“If anyone dares to separate Taiwan from China, the Chinese People’s Liberation Army will resolutely fight head-on at all costs and resolutely defend the country’s unity and territorial integrity.”

While military confrontation between the US and China is highly unlikely, Washington’s rage to dominate the world community of nations makes the unthinkable possible.


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