The Biden Regime: An Unparalleled Global Menace

The Biden regime and undemocratic Dems threaten everyone everywhere by their unparalleled war on humanity.

Along with going all-out to exterminate maximum numbers of unwanted people at home and worldwide, they risk aggression against one or more invented enemies in pursuit of their diabolical aims.

On Wednesday, Russia’s envoy to Washington Anatoly Antonov said the following when asked to comment on the US/Ukraine Charter on Strategic Partnership — that’s all about waging perpetual war in Europe’s heartland:

“We are concerned that today’s meeting in Washington (between Blinken and his Kiev counterpart) has taken place against the background of a sharp escalation in the Black sea region.” 

“NATO’s naval and air forces are testing our army and fleet. This is a waste of time and effort.”

The bilateral strategic partnership risks confrontation with Russia by  escalating regional tensions.

Separately, Antonov slammed the Biden regime’s intention to supply Kiev with more heavy weapons that’ll make a bad situation worse —  what interventionist Blinken falsely called “lethal defensive weapons (sic)” — used solely for aggression he left unexplained.

Antonov stressed that Biden regime actions are all-about “oppos(ing) Russia,” risking confrontation instead of defusing tensions.

The US strategic partnership with Ukraine “expand(s) a strategic partnership by expanding bilateral cooperation in political, security, defense, development, economic, energy, scientific, educational, cultural, and humanitarian spheres.”

It falsely calls Russia’s Crimea province Ukrainian territory.

Despite no Russian or other foreign threat of aggression against Ukraine, it includes measures to prevent it.

It falsely blames Moscow for US-orchestrated and directed aggression by Kiev against Donbass.

It virtually rejects conflict resolution to continue forever war along Russia’s border with Ukraine.

The country is a US-supported, Nazi-infested fascist police state, a festering sore in Europe’s heartland.

It’s a coup d’etat established menace where fundamental rights were abolished, including speech, media and academic freedoms, along with everything related to Russia.

On Wednesday, interventionist Blinken falsely accused Moscow of “unusual military activity” near Ukraine’s border (sic),” adding:

“(A)ny escalatory or aggressive actions (that aren’t going on or are intended by Russia) will be of great concern to the” Biden regime.

Claiming it aims to defuse tensions is polar opposite of what it’s stoking along the Russian and Belarusian borders.

Blinken’s spokesman Price repeated his Big Lies, falsely accusing Russia of threatening Ukraine when the only threats come from hegemon USA and its subservient partners.

US war department spokesman Kirby made similar hostile remarks, falsely saying:

“(W)e continue to see is unusual military activity inside Russia (sic) but near Ukraine’s borders (sic) and we remain concerned about that (sic).”

“It’s not exactly clear what the Russian intentions are (sic).” 

“(W)e don’t want to see any action further destabilize what is already a very tense part of the world.”

The world community knows that Russia and other US invented enemies threaten no one.

There’s no ambiguity about the unparalleled threat posed by the Biden regime to humanity.

On Wednesday, Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Maria Zakharova said there’s virtually no chance that (US-controlled) Ukraine will to turn a page for peace with Donbass to end years of preemptive war along Russia’s border.

It continues with no end of it in prospect because Biden regime hardliners reject resolution.

On the same day, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said the following:

Escalating tensions along the Polish/Belarusian border risk direct confrontation, along with a “looming humanitarian catastrophe…against the background of the unwillingness of…European (regimes) to demonstrate the adherence to their (alleged) values,” adding:

“Another opportunity to make Kiev stop the war has been lost.”

The illegitimate Biden regime has been in power for less than a year.

Does it plan to launch WW III while in control of the White House and Congress on the phony pretext of protecting national security?


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