Biden Regime War on Children

The Biden Regime’s rap sheet overflows with the highest of high crimes against humanity at home and worldwide.

It includes a diabolical plot to exterminate young children by mind-manipulating parents to fully-jab them with toxins designed to destroy health near-or-longer-terms.

Monsters Fauci, Walensky, other regime anti-public health officials and MSM press agents support the diabolical scheme.

When taken as directed, Pfizer, Moderna and J & J jabs risk contraction of any number of potentially fatal diseases, including myocarditis and other heart related harm to people of all ages.

No responsible parent should let their children be jabbed with what’s virtually certain to harm their health while providing no protection.

The pro-mass-jabbing NYT turned science on its head, falsely claiming  that myocarditis and other heart related issues from jabs are “exceedingly small and the conditions appear to be temporary (sic).”

According to indisputable evidence, it’s the other way around.

The risk of heart and other serious issues are worrisome enough to demand a halt to mass-jabbing of all age groups.

The Times also brazenly lied as follows, saying:

Unnamed “experts (sic) say they are confident that (experimental, poorly tested, gene-altering) mRNA (drugs) are safe for growing bodies (sic).”

According to science, they destroy health when taken as directed. The Times willfully lied claiming otherwise.

On Tuesday, Joseph Mercola minced no words, saying that “(w)e are destroying young lives with experimental” flu/covid jabs.

The same goes for people of all ages, especially the elderly with weak immune systems.

It makes them extremely vulnerable to serious illnesses and death from jabs — designed to eliminate them.

For children of all ages, adolescents and young adults, the chance of dying from flu/covid is practically nil.

Nothing remotely justifies jabbing them even if what’s in syringes was safe — what’s clearly not so.

According to Early Treatment Funds director Steve Kirsch — based on indisputable evidence —  three neonatal ICUs at a children’s hospital “are full of infant patients with cardiac issues.”

Their mothers were fully-jabbed, what an unnamed nurse explained, based on hospital records.

What’s happening at one hospital is likely the case nationwide.

While most doctors are highly unlikely to go public on this and related issues for fear of being fired and delicensed, Kirsch urged parents of injured children to come forward and tell their stories of how jabs they took harmed their offspring.

If millions of young children aged-5 – 11 are fully-jabbed with toxins designed to irreversibly harm health, a generation of kids in this age group could be wiped out in the months and years ahead.

According to CDC-published VAERS data — that represent the tip of around a 100-fold greater toll — jabs caused 2,433 fetal deaths in the past 10 months.

Yet the agency and FDA — both controlled by Pharma — still urge pregnant women to be fully-jabbed, knowing the hazards to them and fetuses.

Last week, Public Health Professor Dr. Linda Wastila stressed the following:

When ordinary Americans “suffer serious adverse events (from toxic jabs), we’re left high and dry by” Pharma-controlled anti-public health agencies, hospitals and doctors that abandoned their Hippocratic Oath pledge to do no harm.

Scientists like Wastila are “alarmed” about what’s going on.

Dedicated doctors and other healthcare professionals are constrained by hospitals, medical associations and licensing boards.

“We are (among countless nameless, faceless) people you haven’t heard from,” said Wastila because MSM and official sources suppress information about us.

She stressed that despite enormous obstacles in the way of providing healthcare as needed and doing no harm, she and others like her on the right side of history aren’t “going away until we see…real (positive) change.”

Lots more like her are needed to counter monsters like Fauci, Walensky and Biden regime demons.

Ongoing destruction of public in the US/West is happening in apartheid Israel that includes state-approved coverup.

On Monday, Israeli computational neuroscientist Matan Holzer released data to show that information published by the country’s so-called health ministry is worthless because of massive “under-reporting” to conceal widespread harm to health from toxic jabs.

“Israeli authorities (falsely) claimed…that there are very few cases of myocarditis” from booster jabs. 

Data the ministry releases “can’t be verified.”

What the Bennett regime wants concealed never sees the light of day.

Israeli authorities don’t even pretend to be reporting accurately.

So state-approved coverup and denial substitutes for full and accurate reports.

Like US/Western countries, Israel is at war with its own people with mass-extermination of unwanted numbers in mind, notably the elderly, infirm and disabled.

Holzer stressed that Israeli data is unreliable rubbish.

Stuff is compiled to look science-based, but it’s worthless “garbage data” meant to deceive, not inform.

Physician, biowarfare expert with expertise in mass-jabbing-caused illnesses, Meryl Nass MD, called jabbing children age-5 -11 with hazardous, experimental drugs appalling.

She knows of no evidence of any child in this age group dying from flu/covid.

It’s crucial for parents to shun them with protecting the health of their children in mind.

Yet the Pharma-controlled FDA authorized them for young kids unanimously, one advisory committee member abstaining.

Along with allying with Pharma’s aim for maximum profits, they have a death wish for maximum numbers of young kids.

Long before seasonal flu was renamed covid, the books were cooked in the US/West and elsewhere to cause maximum harm to maximum numbers of people.

Mass-resistance alone can counter the diabolical scheme of monsters causing unprecedented harm to countless millions on the phony pretext of protection from jabs that destroy health.

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