Diabolical US/Western Aims in Bosnia and Herzogovina

Addressing the Security Council last week, Russia’s UN envoy Vassily Nebenzia said the disturbing situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina “has seen no precedent during the entire post-(WW II) war period.” 

“Irresponsible acts of external forces exacerbate(d) the situation and jeopardize all accomplishments,” following years of the reconciliation process.

After the 1995 General Framework Agreement for Peace in Bosnia and Herzegovina (the Dayton Accords), the Balkan country was ruled by a US-installed High Representative subservient to its interests.

As a guarantor of the Dayton Accords, Nebenzia said Russia “will not tolerate how” the US-dominated West abuses the nation and its people.

Near the end of his tenure as High Representative of the country, V. Inzko ruled like a repressive “self-declared monarch,” said Nebenzia, adding:

His “blatant arbitrariness poured fuel on the fire, provoking another spiral of contradiction and toxic narrative between the peoples of the country that have not yet fully recovered from” US-NATO’s rape of the former Yugoslavia in 1999.

The US “tried to appoint Christian Schmidt (as) new High Representative for Bosnia and Herzegovina in circumvention of the Security Council.”

The Biden regime acted “unapologetically in violation of  international law and the existing practice of making such appointments by consensus.” 

To counter its unacceptable actions, Russia called for leaving the office vacant. 

At this time, there’s no High Representative or any eligible candidate, Nebenzia explained.

In response to an unacceptable Biden regime so-called “report of the High Representative, Nebenzia slammed what he called the most “prejudiced and Serb-phobic document for quite some time.”

It calls for “the eradicat(ion) of mutual understanding, peace and cooperation” among the nation’s people.

It “builds upon the most destructive and irresponsible statements and initiatives of V.Inzko.” 

Nebenzia stressed that the Office of  High Representative (OHR) does not serve the nation and its people.

It’s “a source of colossal problems that jeopardizes the entire Dayton structure of Bosnia and Herzegovina” by pushing for dictatorial rule, Nebenzia explained.

Elements subservient to US interests proposed so-called unitarization of the country.

The notion contradicts Dayton principles of equality “of the three constituent peoples and two entities with broad constitutional authorities.”

Biden regime demonization of Bosnian Serbs aims to revise Dayton principles at their expense.

In pursuing its diabolical aims, it threatened to impose unilateral/illegal sanctions for illegitimate reasons.

Nebenzia stressed that Russia’s position calls for “equitable internal Bosnian dialogue, free from external interference.”

It’s a prerequisite for “successful interethnic reconciliation.” 

“(R)esponsibility for developments in Bosnia and Herzegovina and its future must rest upon the legally elected bodies of authority, in accordance with their respective powers.”

The sovereign rights of the nation’s people are fundamental.

Free from US/Western pressure, bullying and threats, they’re entitled “to ensure adequate and legitimate representation in power authorities at all levels.” 

“Attempts to impose external solutions and appoint Special Representatives on those matters are counter-productive and fraught with making things more complicated.”

What the US-dominated West is pursuing risks irreparable damage to the county’s sovereignty and rights of its people.

Russia called for initiatives with the interests of the nation and its people prioritized.

Moscow stressed that there’s “no alternative to the General Framework Agreement for Peace in Bosnia and Herzegovina,” said Nebenzia, adding: 

Attempts to ruin a “proposed balance of interests” that serves the nation’s people equitably risks “serious consequences for the Balkans and Europe at large.” 

Russia fully supports “the fundamental principles of sovereignty and territorial integrity of Bosnia and Herzegovina, equality of the three constituent peoples and two entities with broad authorities” — free from US/Western interference.

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