Former NBA Star Displays Arrogance and Ignorance – Again

Former NBA star Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is one of the most talented athletes ever to play professional basketball.

His off-court antics are another matter altogether.

Stumping for war goddess, racketeer, perjurer, recklessly dangerous Hillary during the 2016 presidential campaign, his remarks showed profound ignorance about her, undemocratic Dems and dismal state of the nation.

He gratuitously bashed Trump, a presidential aspirant at the time, in support of/or ignorant about the profound menace she represented.

He further disgraced himself by denigrating Fidel Castro.

A heroic figure at home and worldwide, he was the world’s preeminent anti-imperial, anti-war, anti-nuclear weapons, social justice champion.

To his shame and disgrace, Abdul-Jabbar compared him to Hitler.

At the same time, he ignored Hillary’s rap sheet as co-Clinton crime family president, her destructive tenure as secretary of state, along with using the Clinton Foundation as a money-laundering, self-enrichment racket that masqueraded as a charitable NGO.

A towering figure from feats as a professional athlete, Abdul-Jabbar eclipsed most all others who ever played professional basketball.

In stark contrast, his pro-Hillary op-ed revealed him to be an ideological pygmy.

On Monday, he burnished that dubious image further in a shameful Aaron Rodgers-bashing piece.

Falsely accusing him of lying about his jab-free status, he gratuitously called him an “egregious abuser (who) damage(d) all professional athletes (sic).”

He lied claiming that the known safe and effective protocol Rodgers follows “put everyone else’s health at risk (sic).”

He slammed him for going maskless during press conferences — showing more profound ignorance about masks that don’t protect and risk respiratory harm.

Worn longterm, users risk infections from bacteria, fungi and viral droplets able to accumulate inside.

Critical care physician/public health expert Pascal Sacre called masks “a perfect culture medium (for inhaling) infectious agents” in concentrated form, adding:

When used for protection against contracting flu/covid not provided, they’re a “scientific and medical aberration.”

They’re contrary to what protecting health should be all about — by providing none and risking potentially serious harm.

Gratuitous Abdel-Jabbar bashing continued.

Saying Rodgers should have relied on immunologists for advice, not podcast host Joe Rogan, ignored his sound judgment.

Rodgers follows the known safe and effective protocol Rogan used to obliterate flu/covid he contracted in a few days — with no toxic jabs or hospitalization.

Instead of endorsing what works according to science, Abdul-Jabbar falsely claimed that what Rodgers follows “failed (sic)” — based on a phony PCR test result.

When positive, results are nearly always false because it’s administered to produce maximum numbers false-positives.

The diabolical scheme is all about artificially inflating outbreaks to mass deceive and scare maximum numbers of people to self-inflict harm from toxic jabs — what Abdul-Jabbar doesn’t understand.

Nor apparently anything else about the mother of all state-sponsored scams to destroy public health through syringes — along with eliminating what remains of free and open societies worldwide.

He cited a Pharma-connected microbiologist who defied science by falsely claiming that flu/covid jabs alone can achieve “natural immunity” — ignoring that they’re designed to destroy health, not protect it.

Rodgers was also falsely accused of damaging professional sports, a bald-faced Big Lie.

Ignored was that if everyone follows the protocol used by Rodgers, they’d be greatly protected against contracting the viral illness.

Others falling ill from infection would be effectively and safely treated and cured, their health restored in a few days by doing the right thing.

At the same time, the diabolical US/Western health-destroying scam would be foiled.

The same fate would follow for Pharma profiteers.

With protecting and preserving his health in mind, Rodgers wisely remains jab-free.

The same is true for millions of others unwilling to sacrifice their health by complying with mandates that mind-manipulate maximum numbers of people to destroy what’s too precious to lose.

Abdul-Jabbar’s anti-Rodgers rant showed profound arrogance and ignorance.

Citing the Pharma-controlled CDC, he falsely claimed that “around 97% of those…hospitalized or who died in the past several months are un(jabbed) (sic)” — when it’s largely the other way around, based on science.

He’s also profound ignorant about international and constitutional law that requires voluntary consent for all things health-related.

And he knows nothing about millions of officially reported casualties, including deaths, from toxic jabs — as reported by the CDC, European Medicines Agency and Public Health England.

He’s clueless about harm inflicted on virtually everyone jabbed with health-destroying toxins designed for this purpose.

He’s blind to the most diabolical scheme ever planned before in world history — with unparalleled mass-extermination of millions and billions of unwanted people in mind.

Rodgers and other refuseniks are on the right side of history.

Toxic mass-jabbing proponents like Abdul-Jabbar, dark forces pushing the scam and MSM co-conspirators are hazardous to the health, well-being, and fundamental rights of ordinary people everywhere.

Challenging and beating their dirty game is the only viable option.

The alternative is losing virtually everything most people hold dear — including health, freedom and staying alive.

Likely fully-jabbed with toxins designed to destroy health, sooner or later Abdul-Jabbar will learn the hard way how wrong he got things — when it’ll be too late to matter for him and likely others he holds most dear.

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