Manufacturing Consent to Jab Children and Forever-Jabbing Ahead

In cahoots with US/Western regimes and Pharma, the WHO is involved in manufacturing consent to jab children and adolescents aged-6 -17 without parental or legal guardian consent.

Last week, InfoWars discussed a WHO document behind the plot on air and posted information about it.

It’s part of the made-in-the-USA scheme to mass-exterminate millions and billions of unwanted people — including the unborn, infants, and all others, especially the elderly, infirm, disabled and young children.

Targeting the latter age group is likely to eliminate millions to prevent them from becoming adults.

According to the Convention on the Rights of the Child:

Childhood applies to everyone “below the age of 18 years.”

They’re “entitled to special protection measures.”

“(P)arents or other persons legally responsible for the child need to fulfill with care their right and responsibility to provide direction and guidance…”

“They have an obligation to take into account the adolescents’ views, in accordance with their age and maturity, and to provide a safe and supportive environment in which the adolescent can develop.”  

“(A)dolescence is defined as the stage between childhood and adulthood, though there is no exact age range.” 

“Adolescence is connected to the beginning of puberty; for girls, this is usually by age 12 and for boys, age 14.”  

“(T)hough they may look more like adults than children, adolescents lack the problem-solving and decision-making skills found in adults.”

“Adolescents may exhibit a high level of impulsivity, or acting without thinking.” 

“Instead of thinking through the consequences of actions, adolescent decision-making is generally based on emotion, without regard to what could happen.”

No one should circumvent parental or legal guardian authority to decide what’s best for their offspring through at least age-17.

When reach young adulthood at age-18, they’re more able to decide things for themselves, yet still need the wisdom of parents to help them make sound choices.

According to the WHO document, while parental or legal guardian consent is “normally” required, “the age of consent for medical interventions is set below the age of majority” in a number of countries, implying consent for adolescents and children on their own.

By no means should this practice be accepted as proper and in the best interest of an age group where adult supervision is important to the health, safety and development of individuals this young.

A disturbing part of the WHO document covers a situation where “the physical presence of the child or adolescent, with or without an accompanying parent at (a jabbing) session, is considered to imply consent.”

This claim contravenes what’s embodied in the Convention on the Rights of the Child that’s binding international law for its signatories.

No doubt endorsed by diabolical US/Western dark forces, the document applies the notion of implied consent to children and adolescents aged-6 – 17.

It states that “(w)here parental consent is required, health workers should allow older children and adolescents to provide assent to” be jabbed.

No responsible parent or legal guardian should permit this.

The WHO reinvented what the notion of implied consent should be all about.

For all things related to the health and safety of children and adolescents, no authority should circumvent parental or legal guardian involvement.

Separately, Pfizer seeks Pharma-controlled FDA approval to booster-jab everyone aged-18 and older with its DNA-altering kill shots.

What Pfizer and other Pharma profiteers want they get from regulatory agencies they control.

Boosters for individuals aged-18 and older is no doubt prelude for OK’ing mass-jabbing of all age groups, including infants.

It’s likely ahead of approving forever-jabbing once or twice annually for everyone.

Perhaps it’s ahead of criminalizing refuseniks — minimally isolating them from society, denying them education, employment, healthcare and other rights.

Maximally, perhaps they’ll be considered criminals, arrested, prosecuted and imprisoned.

If the above becomes reality or anything close to it, the worst of Nazi Germany and other despotic regimes will look mild by comparison.

Post-9/11 and especially since last year, the US/West sank to levels never before imagined with the worst of diabolical aims in mind getting steadily more monstrous.

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  1. Following the 911 attacks, knowing the connections of the Bush family to fascist elements within the US corporate state, I pretty much assumed we would go down that path, It’s taking longer than I thought, but the trend is clear.


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