MSM Crucifixion of Aaron Rodgers for Doing the Right Thing

It’s crucial for everyone wanting their health protected and preserved to shun toxic flu/covid jabs.

There’s nothing remotely safe about what was designed to destroy health — not the other way around.

Virtually everything claimed about them by US/Western dark forces, their anti-public handmaidens and MSM press agents are bald-faced Big Lies.

As the saying goes, the proof of the pudding is in the eating.

Officially reported US, UK and EU data revealed millions of adverse events, many serious ones and deaths following jabs.

Famed Packers QB Aaron Rodgers, NBA Nets star Kyrie Irving and other professional athletes declined to be jabbed for good reason.

So did countless millions of others in the US/West and elsewhere.

It’s the fundament right of everyone under international and US constitutional law.

We alone have sovereignty over our bodies. All things health related require voluntary consent.

No authority can override this fundamental right for any reasons.

Refuseniks acted with protecting and preserving what’s too precious to lose.

They acted rationally and legally.

Everyone going the other way unwittingly self-inflicted harm.

Toxins gotten through syringes can take their toll straightaway, in the near-or-longer-term.

Make no mistake. What jabs are designed to do will have final say.

Eminent retired physician Vernon Coleman MD — I’ve cited and quoted many times before — explained his 10th law of medicine, discussed in one of his 100+ books, as follows:

A holistic approach to healthcare as it should be is the most effective way to stay well and treat illness by focusing on what works and avoiding what harms.

“(L)isten to your body,” Coleman stressed. “(A)ct on what it tells you.”

“Your body knows best.”

Many doctors “are ignorant (of) the body’s own healing powers” — because so-called Western medicine doesn’t teach it.

Time and again, “the human body is capable of healing itself without any intervention.”

Key is not self-inflicting harm, especially by shunning jabs designed for this purpose.

Mincing no words, Coleman called them “(bio)weapons of mass destruction (that) could wipe out the human race,” adding:

Taking them won’t “stop people (from) getting (flu/covid),” and they do not stop them (from) spreading it.”

“(Y)et politicians and government-hired hacks and the media suggest” otherwise.

“(T)hey are all lying” — with diabolical aims in mind.

“I don’t care who they are. They’re lying.”

They’re either lying because they’re “damnably ignorant (or) they’ve been bought to lie.”

Jabs are as dangerous as “jumping out of an aeroplane without a parachute.”

It doesn’t get any clearer than that.

Countless other medical and scientific experts worldwide — not linked to government dark forces and/or Pharma — agree with Coleman’s assessment of reality.

Shunning toxic jabs is crucial to prevent health from being destroyed.

Going the other way assures it.

Covid is seasonal flu/influenza by another name.

Pre-2020, what shows up annually was unaccompanied by fear-mongering mass deception that’s all about wanting maximum numbers of people to self-inflict harm by brainwashing them to believe what harms health is beneficial.

Most all governments lie and deceive, why they can never be trusted.

Nothing US/Western and likeminded ones say can be believed — because they suppress what’s crucial to know in favor of bald-faced Big Lies in pursuit of their diabolical aims.

In cahoots with dark forces and Pharma, MSM are all over Rodgers for daring to follow a health-preserving protocol that prevents flu/covid or safely and effectively cures it in a few days if fall ill from the virus — without toxic drugs or hospitalization.

The lying machine NYT falsely accused him of spreading “misinformation (sic).”

It lied calling toxic jabs “extremely strong protection against the worst outcomes of infection, including hospitalization and death (sic).”

Indisputable reality is the other way around.

What the Times and other MSM should highlight, they consistently suppress in favor of wanting maximum numbers of people harmed from toxic jabs designed for this purpose.

All Times reports about flu/covid — especially about toxic jabs — are devoid of truth-telling and infested with fake news with supporting mass-extermination in mind.

Shamefully mocking Rodgers, WaPo asked “(w)hen did (he) acquire a PhD in epidemiology (sic).”

Everyone able to read and understand scientific facts knows that flu/covid jabs are experimental, poorly tested, rushed to market, and hazardous to health.

They know that shunning them is crucial for self-protection.

Due diligence done by Rodgers explained vitally important facts about toxic jabs — why he wisely shuns them.

The NJ Star-Ledger embarrassed itself by Big Lies about him.

Defying reality, it falsely accused him of “putting the health of others at risk” — a bald-faced Big Lie.

The broadsheet shamefully  called for stiff punishment to hold him and the Packers accountable.

Disgracefully calling him “a teammate…no longer worthy of trust (sic),” maybe they want him banned from league play.

The broadsheet lied about known safe and effective ivermectin like most or perhaps all other MSM lying machines in cahoots with dark forces.

Along with unjustifiably criticizing him, the WSJ — to its credit — said the following:

“Medical authorities might challenge elements of Rodgers’s explanation, but not getting (jabbed) is… his choice.”

Like other MSM, the Journal failed to explain that his chosen protocol is safe, effective, and supported by international and constitutional law.

The Journal did explain that he’s “far from the only athlete or NFL player or even quarterback to” shun jabs.

Since early last year, officially reported flu/covid outbreaks, hospitalizations, deaths and numbers jabbed were artificially inflated to multiple times reality.

The above highly likely applies to what’s claimed about numbers of professional US/Western athletes jabbed, notably the best at what they do like Rodgers, other NFL QBs and Kyrie Irving who’ve remained jab-free to protect their health.

Team owners invested millions of dollars in their players, notably their stars.

League officials have much to lose if numbers of them are harmed from toxic jabs.

Professional leagues and teams are entertainment businesses.

Like other enterprises, they’re operated to produce maximum profits.

Whatever risks compromising them is avoided.

If machines break down in production facilities, they can’t operate efficiently.

If large numbers of professional athletes are harmed by toxic jabs, the same reality applies. 

Most likely, significant numbers in all sports are unjabbed with protecting their health in mind.

At the same time as discussed in a previous article, many world community athletes are dropping like flies with heart and other problems following jabs.

It’s further evidence why shunning them is crucial for everyone in all age groups.

A report by the German broadsheet Berliner Zeitung sought answers to why an “unusually large number of professional and amateur soccer players collapsed recently” during games from heart-related issues — despite being in top physical shape.

Some died. Others likely have irreversible problems. Their playing days are likely over.

How many more like them will be affected the same or in similar ways?

Toxic jabs are the issue.

Everyone taking them is playing Russian roulette with their health — a foolish risk they’ll regret sooner or later.

Following the protocol Rodgers adopted protects health instead of harming it.

Crucifying him for doing the right thing is further evidence of the debauched state of US/Western societies — and their MSM press agents.

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  1. Sir Stephen….,,once again, every single marvelous, truthful, “give ’em hell” article have once again been a simply stunning comment on the current “hot topics”…I particularly admire your blast of that “NyRag” well your “comments” about the most worthless TV station on the air…CNN, PURE CRAP. NYT, CNN, both venues strictly 2 stay away from, cannot even remember (Years) I’ve read or seen either. As always,your articles are simply stunning, hard hitting, just delightful & VERY MEANINGFUL.ONCE AGAIN, THANK U SO VERY MUCH 4 ALL THAT YOU DO, SO VERY “GET 2 THE POINT REPORTING”..JUST DELIGHTFUL, MOST ENJOYABLE…”BREATH OF FRESH AIR”…SO GRATEFUL, “LONG MAY YOU WAVE”….EXPAT TOM


  2. Tom Surguine,,here again 2 litterly praise u 2 the heavens, as per usual, Sir Stephen “rocks ’em” by more hard hitting, completely intelligent, superbly “thought out”, “delivered masterfully” as only he can, a total, truthful, delightful event, each wonderful, delicious article, so well researched, an absolute pleasure 2 read, & more importantly, 2 absorb the TRUTH, like in no other blog….many many “hats off” 2 one of my very most important blog writers ” long may he wave”…..Expat, Tom Surguine.


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