Pushing Kill Shots

There’s no ambiguity about monster Fauci’s diabolical agenda.

It’s all about wanting everyone targeted for elimination forever-jabbed enough times to declare mission accomplished.

It’s also about self-enrichment and other benefits derived from selling his soul to US dark forces by aiding their megalomaniacal pursuit of mass-extermination and transformation of global nations into ruler/serf societies.

Days earlier on national television, Fauci repeated the Big Lie he pushed time and again before.

With mass-extermination in mind worldwide, he diabolically called kill shot the only way to end a “pandemic” that only exists for the jabbed, no one else, adding:

If more people are jabbed at home and abroad, outbreaks will drop to “such a low level, that even though (not) completely eliminated, (they’ll not) have a major impact on public health or on the way we run our lives (sic).”

The above claim gives rubbish a bad name.

Ignored by Fauci is that jabs accelerate outbreaks, numbers of serious cases, hospitalizations and deaths — what he, other anti-public health monsters and US/Western dark forces intend if things go as planned.

Following their advice is suicidal sooner or later.

Protecting and preserving health requires shunning everything they support and urge.

According to Public Health Scotland on Wednesday:

Nearly fully-jabbed individuals accounted for nearly 90% of flu/covid deaths, over 75% of hospitalizations and two-thirds of reported cases — over the October 9 – November 5 period.

Much the same is true at all times wherever Pharma-produced kill shots are used.

The unjabbed are significantly safer, ones contracting the viral illness highly likely to fully recover.

If jabbed — especially multiple times — it’s the other way around.

According to official UK data suppressed by MSM, double-jabbed individuals are dropping like flies.

They’re dying from a range of fatal diseases at a rate six times higher than for the unjabbed.

As part of its diabolical mass deception campaign, the Pharma-controlled CDC published fake data to falsely claim that — toxic jabs designed to destroy health — are fivefold more protective than natural immunity, a bald-faced Big Lie.

The latter obliterates outbreaks, hospitalizations and deaths.

The former spreads them like wildfire.

Legislation introduced in Victoria, Australia most likely to be adopted, perhaps nationwide as well, calls for stiff fines on individuals and businesses that violate draconian flu/covid mandates that no one should tolerate.

Violators also risk of up to two years in prison for protecting their health over mandates intended to destroy it if followed.

Is what’s going on in Australia prelude to much of the same in the US/West and elsewhere?

Will self-destroying health be required for access to public places, including for employment, education, healthcare, and virtually everything else?

Will unjabbed individuals be isolated from their jabbed counterparts?

Will they be criminalized, imprisoned and/or otherwise be punished?

Is widespread medical tyranny the new abnormal in the US/West and elsewhere?

Will dystopia spread throughout the US/West and in growing numbers of other countries?

Toxic jabs destroy health and kill. 

What they’re designed to do makes them crucial to shun no matter what mandates call for.

Resisting tyranny is a universal right by whatever it takes to obliterate it.

Now more than ever is the time to exercise what’s vital to resist and vanquish the most diabolical scourge ever before conceived.


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