Daily Blitzkrieg of Big Lies Never Quits

On virtually all issues mattering most to most people — domestic and geopolitical — MSM Big Lies and mass deception drown out truth and full disclosure.

The above reality especially applies to all things flu/covid, notably about kill shots designed to destroy health on the phony pretext of protection not gotten.

Virtually everything mandated and urged about flu/covid is with inflicting maximum harm on maximum numbers of people in mind — nothing beneficial.

What’s gone on since early last year is the most diabolical war ever waged on public health, welfare and freedoms with intent to obliterate them — a brave new world unsafe and unfit to live in for most people replacing them.

MSM are a crucial part of pushing the diabolical agenda.

Without them on board, it never could have been launched.

Their complicity with the darkest of US/Western dark forces brainwashed most people to believe what harms them is beneficial.

The same goes for anti-public health monsters Fauci, Walensky and likeminded gangsters masquerading as public servants.

So-called Biden regime surgeon general Vivek Murthy is on board, a corrupted figure who abandoned science in favor of support for unparalleled genocide.

When not showing up on Sunday talk shows, he’s given a platform to lie and deceive viewers on other cabal and broadcast channels.

Tuesday on CNN, he lied calling flu/covid “not harmless to our children (sic).”

If children, adolescents and/ young adults contract the viral illness, full recovery is 99.98% certain.

In stark contrast, jabs are deadly to everyone sooner or later.

Murthy lied saying “(m)any kids died” from the viral illness (sic).

Virtually none died from flu/covid. Ones hospitalized, seriously harmed, including non-survivors, perished from kill shots.

He lied claiming that “hundreds of children —thousands — have been hospitalized” from contracting it (sic).”

Virtually none as explained above.

He lied saying kill shots designed to destroy health of all age groups are “more at 90% effective in protecting our kids from symptomatic infection, and they are remarkably safe as well (sic).”

When taken as directed, they cause irreversible harm to health — nothing beneficial — especially for young children with underdeveloped bodies, as well as to the elderly and infirm with weakened immune systems.

Virtually everything Murthy told US television viewers is with destroying their health in mind.

Like other Biden regime monsters, he sold his soul for whatever benefits were promised.

Complicit in planned mass-murder on an unparalleled scale, he belongs isolated in Supermax imprisonment doing hard time for life.

He praised co-monsters Fauci and Walensky for convincing many 

Americans to roll up their sleeves for self-inflicted harm.

He lied claiming that ordinary people “recognized they were getting protected (sic), and they got the chance to talk to their doctors about the” jabs. 

“All of that is going to start happening now with jabs for children, as well.”

Health professionals pushing them are guilty of malpractice.

Parents who permit their offspring to be jabbed should be held accountable for child abuse.

Separately on Tuesday in remarks to the neocon-infested Atlantic Council involved in waging rhetorical war on invented US enemies, Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla maliciously called truth-tellers on all things flu/covid — especially about kill shots — “criminals because they have literally cost millions of lives (sic).”

No words are strong enough to condemn him and the health-destroying firm he heads for poisoning everyone jabbed with toxins designed to irreversibly harm health in pursuit of mass-extermination of unwanted people worldwide.

Rest assured, neither he or family members got jabbed with what he wants all targeted Americans and others abroad jabbed with — stuff that should have been banned.

He and other Pfizer officials should be charged and prosecuted for conspiracy to commit mass-murder.

The same goes for other Pharma profiteers involved in the most diabolical plot against humanity ever conceived.

Instead they’re given platforms on US propaganda television to push drugs that when taken destroy health.

They want all unwanted people jabbed to eliminate them through syringes.

They want what’s crucial to rebel against and halt while there’s time.

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