Hostile Drills by US-Dominated NATO

Wherever and wherever they’re held on land, sea and/or air, US-led military exercises are rehearsals for aggression.

They have nothing to do with defending national security at a time when hegemon USA and its subservient partners have no enemies, invented ones alone.

On Saturday, Vladimir Putin sharply criticized increased US-led military drills in Black Sea waters near Russia’s territory, saying the following:

The Biden regime and NATO partners “are conducting unscheduled, I want to underline it, unscheduled drills in the waters of the Black Sea.” 

“And not only a powerful ship group has been formed, but also aviation, strategic aviation, are being used in the drills.”

“I should say that our Defence Ministry also proposed to hold its own unplanned exercises in the same area.” 

“But I believe that this is not appropriate, and there is no need to further escalate the situation there.”

Putin and other senior Russian officials called provocative US-led NATO drills “destabilizing (and) dangerous,” conducted to contain Moscow.

Sergey Lavrov slammed what he called Washington’s aim to push Black Sea coastal countries into confrontation with Russia.

Putin and Lavrov both debunked fake news Biden regime accusations of a Russian threat to invade Ukraine.

Putin also slammed use of attack drones by Kiev against Donbass that are banned by Minsk I and II agreements.

Commenting on the migrant situation along the Polish/Belarusian border, Putin said the following:

“Everyone is trying to impose responsibility on us for various reasons — and for no reasons at all.”

“All the time we have heard that humanitarian issues should be put in first place.”

“Now, at the Poland-Belarus border, Polish border guards are beating migrants, firing live rounds above their heads, turning on sirens.”

It’s happening “day or night near places where children (are present) and women are in the last months of pregnancy are settled.” 

“This does not fit with the humane ideas that supposedly underlie the entire policy of our Western neighbors.”

On Thursday, Putin denounced Kiev’s forever war on Donbass, including use of banned assault drones.

Separately on Friday, Russia’s Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu commented on the provocative buildup of US-NATO forces near Russia’s borders.

Deputy Defense Minister Alexander Fomin said Shoigu stressed that “the military and political situation in Europe (is) worsening” because of what’s going on.

US-dominated NATO provocations risk unthinkable confrontation with Russia.

Russia’s upper house Federation Council Deputy Speaker Konstantin Kosachev warned of the following:

“Given a sharp reduction in communication channels between Russia and NATO, instigators such as Ukraine and Georgia can really flare up tensions and give rise to dangerous incidents,” adding: 

US warships near Russia’s territorial waters sends dangerous signals “to some regional powers whose sanity is subject to reasonable doubt.”

On fake news about Russian forces mobilized near Ukraine’s border with possible hostile intentions in mind, Kosachev slammed Kiev, saying:

“Ukrainian authorities have been nurturing (hostile) plans for quite a while because saber-rattling could actually save them from domestic issues.” 

“However, the Russia factor keeps cooling (its) hotheads as they realize — though they don’t say it out loud — that they haven’t yet faced any foreign aggression.” 

“However, the US Navy’s presence can cause a Saakashvili syndrome, triggering an attempt to stage a military provocation similar to Georgia’s attack on Tskhinval in 2008, based on the well-known mantra that ‘the West will help us.’ ”

“(P)rovocative behavior of the US and its allies within and outside NATO has long become (its) signature style not only along our southern borders” but elsewhere worldwide.

Russia seeks cooperative relations with other nations, confrontation with none.

Hegemon USA’s aims — together with its subservient partners — are all about waging forever hot and cold wars against invented enemies like Russia and other nations free from their control.

The ominous risk of things spinning out of control is real

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