Biden Regime War on Humanity with Mass Destruction in Mind

If only what’s ongoing would end on awakening from a bad dream.

Horrors unleashed by Biden regime and complicit dark forces are horrifyingly real.

There’s no end of them in prospect without a second US revolution to accomplish what the first one failed to address when everything changed but stayed the same under new management.

If genocidist Bill Gates had dictatorial powers he likely craves, refuseniks unwilling to self-inflict harm through kill shots — and oppose masks that don’t protect and risk respiratory harm — would be criminalized.

Calling for punishing them, he wants truth and full disclosure about all things flu/covid banned by digital censorship, along with medical surveillance, simulated bioterrorism attacks he likely wants rehearsed ahead of launching the real things for greater mass-extermination than already.

Separately, the American Medical Association (AMA) promoter of medical tyranny in support of mandatory kill shots filed an amicus brief on Thursday with the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals in support of the draconian Biden regime mandate from hell.

The brief falsely called seasonal flu — deceptively called covid — a major public health threat, a bald-faced Big Lie.

It backs mandatory kill shots for everyone.

It lied claiming they’ll contain infections and transmission of the viral illness.

It lied saying kill shots will protect the jabbed and unjabbed alike.

It lied claiming they’re essential to protect US workers.

It lied saying they’re safe and effective.

It lied claiming that the vast majority of individuals with flu/covid are unjabbed.

The amicus brief was infested with beginning to end bald-faced Big Lies by an agency hostile to its stated mission of protecting health.

Along with US/Western dark forces, their anti-public health handmaidens, Pharma profiteer-pushers of toxic kill shots and MSM co-conspirators, the AMA is a mortal enemy of protecting and preserving what’s too precious to lose.

It supports policies intended to destroy health with unparalleled genocide in mind.

Flu/covid is easily treated and cured.

Yet the AMA opposes known safe and effective protocols for protection against contraction of flu/covid, along with obliterating outbreaks when occur in a few days.

When taken as directed, jabs irreversibly harm health.

The AMA supports kill shots with that objective in mind.

The pandemic it cited doesn’t exist — except for jabbed individuals.

It wants the health of young kids destroyed by mandatory kill shots.

It also wants US public health wrecked by mandating them for all doctors, nurses and other healthcare staff.

Numerous young/highly conditioned professional athletes in the US/West and elsewhere either collapsed and died from kill shots or became seriously ill and disabled.

Despite numbers continuing to rise, US/Western MSM suppressed what should be headline news.

Most athletes who perished or became seriously ill were diagnosed with heart-related issues.

What’s been unheard of in athletes and other young people pre-2020 is now at epidemic levels worldwide.

Numbers of young kids likely to die or fall seriously ill when mass-jabbing is fully underway should chill parents and others to denounce the practice.

Kill shots are designed to cause maximum destruction of public health.

Shunning them is crucial to protecting it.

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