MSM’s Mandate Is Brainwashing and Suppressing What’s Vital to Know

All the news that the NYT calls fit to print is banned in its daily editions — state-approved fake news featured instead on major issues.

None matter more than the most crucial issue of all-time with humanity’s fate up for grabs.

Promotion of kill shots and related flu/covid policies that harm and don’t protect are featured daily by the Times and other MSM.

What’s crucial for everyone to known is suppressed in MSM print editions and on-air broadcasts.

What Times and other MSM fake news call “safe and effective” jabs are responsible for millions of officially reported casualties, including widespread deaths, that represent a tiny tip of an infinitely greater number that nearly entirely go unreported so everyone knows.

On Saturday, the Times once again denied indisputable science, falsely claiming that “(f)or most (jabbed) people and children (apparently not considered people), the risks are extremely low (sic).”

Extremely low risks apply to the unjabbed, not others with toxins injected into their bodies one or more times.

Individuals with natural immunity are safest of all, another scantly or unreported fact.

Another Times Big Lie claim is that “a disproportionate share of severe illness occurs among people with specific medical vulnerabilities (sic).”

With rare exceptions, illnesses, serious cases or deaths following jabs are from toxins designed to destroy health jabbed into their bodies.

Promoting masks with more Big Lies suppresses that when worn longterm, they risk serious respiratory harm while providing no protection.

The Times continues to falsely claim that unjabbed individuals account for the vast majority of flu/covid outbreaks when it’s the other way around.

Continuing to demonize Aaron Rodgers for doing the right things, the Times keeps gratuitously slandering him — to its disgrace.

Falsely saying “he’s suffering from a God complex (by) spew(ing) medical quackery and virus all over us mere mortals (sic)” combines profound ignorance, arrogance and Big Lies with libel if Rodgers chooses to press charges. 

What the Times called a “crisis (with people ill and) dying in large numbers ignored that this reality applies to the jabbed, not the jab-free.

Saying Rodgers and others unjabbed were “duped” again turned reality on its head.

The same goes for WaPo last week, falsely claiming that unjabbed Texans are “40 times as likely to die of (flu/covid) as those fully (jabbed) in 2021.”

Whenever rubbish like the above is published or reported on air, it has Pharma fingerprints all over it, as well as others belonging to US/Western dark forces.

On Friday, America’s Frontline Doctors (AFLDS) cited German data that show over a 50% increase in hospital admissions with cardiovascular health issues most weeks, including affected children and youths.

Similar evidence was observed in Britain. Most likely the same thing is going on throughout the US/West and elsewhere.

Chances are overwhelming that kill shots are responsible.

Increased outbreaks of illnesses and hospitalizations occurred after mass-jabbing began.

AFLDS stressed the following:

“(T)the correlation between the dramatic emergency room admissions, ambulance responses, adverse events relating to heart problems, and the (flu/covid mass-jabbing) campaign can’t be ignored and needs further investigation.”

A Final Comment

Last week, AP News reported that the Biden regime may enlist a “corps of informers” to check on who’s naughty or nice — snitchers to rat on noncompliant fellow workers.

Based on actions it implemented so far, nothing its draconian hardliners pursue ahead will surprise.

Expect virtually every dirty trick in the book ahead with more of the same to follow.

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