Russian Foreign Ministry on Afghanistan, Ukraine and Nicaragua

Russia’s Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova (MZ below) explained that Afghanistan’s ruling Taliban authorities are committed to combatting (US-created and controlled) ISIS jihadists in the country.

Commenting on a dubious statement by the Biden regime’s representative for Afghanistan, Thomas West, about working to stabilize conditions in the country failed to debunk the Big Lie.

Attacks by ISIS jihadists since the Taliban regained control of Afghanistan in August were orchestrated by the Pentagon and CIA.

What’s highly likely to continue is all about maintaining a state of continued war and instability in the country.

Peace and stability in and around US-targeted nations defeat its diabolical hegemonic aims.

Forever wars and instability serve them.

In late October, a report by the  Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and World Food Program (WFP) explained that nearly 23 million of Afghanistan’s 39 million people face “acute hunger” conditions.

The combination of endless war, mass displacement, dire economic conditions and drought created unlivable conditions in the country.

According to FAO director QU Dongyu:

“It is urgent that we act efficiently and effectively to speed up and scale up (humanitarian aid to) Afghanistan before winter cuts off a large part of the country, with millions of people – including farmers, women, young children and the elderly going hungry in the freezing winter.” 

“It is a matter of life or death.”

Acute hunger in the country is the most widespread and serious “ever recorded by the UN.

The Biden regime made desperate conditions worse by freezing nearly $10 billion of Afghanistan’s asset and cutting off the country from IMF/World Bank aid.

Its diabolical aims are unambiguous — wanting no end to a perpetual state of war, the economy to scream and millions of unwanted Afghans starved to death.

Commenting on US-colonized Ukraine, MZ stressed Russia’s concern about escalated (Biden regime orchestrated) aggression against Donbass, saying:

For over a month, Kiev committed around “12,000 ceasefire violations.”

“This is more than just a number. It means destroyed houses and killed and injured people.” 

“(O)bservers noted dozens of armored vehicles and artillery guns outside disengagement areas and designated storage sites, as well as at railway stations near the contact line.” 

“This is direct evidence of Kiev’s preparations to use military force to (rape and destroy) Donbass.”

Minsk I and II conflict resolution agreements were abandoned by Kiev, as ordered by its US master.

Ukraine’s deputy prime minister Irina Vereshchuk said the Zelensky regime said they’re not “a bridgehead for peace.”

If invasion of Donbass is planned, central Europe will explode in far greater mass slaughter and destruction than already — along Russia’s border.

Diabolical US-dominated NATO are orchestrating and directing what’s going on.

They’re stepped up Black Sea military drills close to Russia’s territorial waters have nothing to do with protecting national security.

They’re dress rehearsals for possible aggression near Russia’s border that could explode to something much more serious if launched and spin out of control.

Instead of denouncing years of Ukraine’s aggression and plans for stepped up escalation by possible invasion of Donbass, US-colonized Britain, France and Germany encourage it.

Commenting on Nicaragua’s November elections, MZ noted President Daniel Ortega’s overwhelming reelection for a fourth term.

Along with his 75% majority triumph, ruling Sandinistas won a large majority of parliamentary seats.

Foreign observers, including from Russia, praised Nicaragua’s open, free and fair process.

The vast majority of Nicaraguans want no one but Sandinistas leading them for good reason.

Along with democratic governance as it should be — in stark contrast to US/Western fantasy versions — all Nicaraguans have free education, healthcare and other social benefits.

They know and deplore years of US-installed despotic rule — wanting no return to the nation’s ugly past.

US war on the country by other means rages by “open and cynical interference in its internal affairs, pressure and illegitimate sanctions” by hegemon USA, MZ explained, adding:

Who needs this? Nicaragua does not need this.”

“Its people don’t need this, and neighboring countries don’t need this.” 

“Does the international community need this? Of course, not.” 

“But it fits” the diabolical aims of the Biden regime and its predecessors.

Russia condemned refusal by Washington and its imperial partners to recognize the clear legitimacy of an electoral process that didn’t go as they wanted.

MZ stressed that Moscow “will continue to provide total support to the Nicaraguans as they uphold their right to a sovereign and independent development.” 

“We will build up and reinforce the Russian-Nicaraguan strategic partnership and work to implement socially oriented cooperation projects designed to improve the quality of life and prosperity of the citizens of the friendly nation of Nicaragua.”

“Free Nicaragua, we stand with you!”

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