State-Sponsored Censorship to Conceal War on Public Health and Freedom with Intent to Destroy Both

US/Western-waged WW III greatly differs from two earlier global conflicts — notably because what’s going on poses an unparalleled threat to humanity.

Planet earth is the battleground, toxic drugs the bioweapon of choice.

Delivered through syringes, their destructive power far exceeds the most powerful conventional battlefield super-weapons.

Indisputable evidence documented the toll to date, growing exponentially as greater numbers of people are jabbed.

Protecting and preserving health requires shunning jabs designed to destroy it.

When taken as directed, irreversible harm follows.

The same goes for toxic “antiviral” pills developed by Merck and Pfizer profiteers.

Not meant to substitute for toxic jabs, taking them assures greater harm to health than through jabs alone.

Like jabs, they were inadequately tested, rushed to market, their known hazards concealed with maximum profits in mind — the human toll ignored.

Resistance against war on public health is growing.

Begun in downtown Chicago’s Daley Plaza on November 3, worldwide walkouts against what no one should tolerate continue in US cities through November 11 — more of the same sure to follow nationwide and elsewhere.

According to human rights attorney Leigh Dundas:

Veterans Day, November 11, in San Francisco will “be an epic and unprecedented moment in time,” adding:

“It will mark…a four-day nationwide walkout by rank and file workers everywhere…”

Their ranks include “blue-collar to white-collar, black, white, yellow, red, every faith, every creed, who are uniquely united…on one common truth.” 

Unlawfully mandated jabs “have no place” in societies for people yearning to breathe free from oppressive rule.

“Every group (to include anti-mass-jabbing activists), BLM, gay, straight, Jewish, Muslim, Native American, Asian, Latino, Christian, atheist—all groups—are coming together for this one historic moment in time…”

Their message to US/Western dark forces, complicit ones elsewhere, and ordinary people worldwide is that (jabbing) mandates will no longer be tolerated.”

In the US, “WE are the government” in a nation the vast majority of its people want ruled of, by and for everyone equitably, according to the rule of law. 

“We are the leaders (we’ve) been waiting for.” 

Now “marks the (time) that we” abolish jabbing mandates that no one should tolerate anywhere.

If otherwise, open, free and fair societies will no longer exist — full-blown tyranny replacing them.

It’s crucial for everyone wanting their health protected and preserved to say NO to toxic jabs designed to destroy what’s too precious to lose.

Attorney Christopher Burns slammed the Biden regime, saying:

For the first time in US history, the White House, undemocratic Dems, MSM co-conspirators, their anti-public health handmaidens, and complicit medical/scientific community members unconstitutionally “dictate(d) to private employers (on) how to treat” their workers and other staff.

Last month in a NYC address, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. said the following:

“It is ordinary people who can rescue us from tyranny.”

“We can say No to compliance with jabs for work.” 

“No to sending children to school with forced testing and masking.”

“No to censored social media platforms.” 

“No to buying products from the companies bankrupting and seeking to control us.” 

Nothing worth putting our bodies and spirit on the line for to protect is easy.

“Living with the consequences of inaction” is a price too great to pay.

At a time of state-sponsored war on public health and what remains of greatly eroded freedoms, “moral courage” to resist what no one should tolerate is essential “to stop this march towards a global police state.”

Co-sponsor of NYC’s October Freedom Rally, Kevin Peters, called on “all New Yorkers and Americans to unite” against draconian mandates with destroying public health in mind. 

“Our right to work, eat, get an education and determine our own medical care is being trampled on. This has to stop immediately,” he stressed.

Children’s Health Defense President Mary Holland called “medical coercion unacceptable (and unconstitutional) — especially when it involves experimental,” high-risk drugs that already harmed countless millions in the US/West and elsewhere.

Ruling regimes have no legal right to mandate anything health-related.

We alone have exclusive right to decide everything related to our bodies —  as required by international and constitutional law.

No authority may legally contravene this right for any reasons.

A Final Comment

On November 8, reported the following:

Dozens of young athletes are dropping life flies.

Following toxic jabs, they became seriously ill, disabled or died.

What should be headline news in the US/West and elsewhere is unreported by deeply corrupted MSM.

Many young football, hockey, cricket, rugby players, dancers, and other healthy individuals in top physical condition were seriously harmed by jabs or perished.

Former Pfizer chief scientist for allergy and infectious diseases Dr. Michael Yeadon minced no words, saying the following:

Adversely affected “sports people are being injured and killed by” toxic flu/covid jabs. 

“Young people are (virtually risk-free from harm by) this virus and also are poor at passing it on.” 

“There is (absolutely) NO REASON why these people” should be jabbed.

It’s (because of) pressure from their clubs and leagues that made them comply.”

Some affected athletes collapsed and died on the field of play during contests from cardiac arrest and other causes.

Not On the — stuff the UK-owned and controlled BBC suppressed — said there’s been a “worldwide surge of (fit and healthy) sports people suffering from sudden health issues and death.”

As long as toxic mass-jabbing continues unchecked, countless millions more will be harmed, many dying — including elite professional and other athletes in top physical shape.

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