Biden Regime Prioritizes Forever War on Humanity at Home and Abroad

Along with pushing things recklessly for confrontation on multiple fronts, Biden regime hardliners invented a new hot spot along the Belarusian/Polish border.

On Sunday, interventionist Blinken spoke to his extremist Polish counterpart Zbigniew Rau. 

According to a State Department readout, he defied reality by falsely accusing Belarusian President Lukashenko of “exploit(ing)” a made-in-the-USA/NATO migrant tempest in a teapot.

He lied accusing Lukashenko — and by inference Moscow — of “threaten(ing) security, sow(ing) division, and aim(ing) to distract from Russia’s activities on the border with Ukraine (sic)” that don’t exist (sic). 

Recklessly threatening Moscow and Minsk, he said hegemon USA is “united” with fantasy democracy Poland, Nazi-infested Ukraine and their imperial partners “in imposing significant costs on (Russia and Belarus) for military aggression and malign activities in the region” that neither country is engaged in against anyone.

On Monday, Lukashenko vowed a tough response to illegally imposed EU sanctions on Belarus, stressing:

Brussels (and Washington) falsely accused his government of creating (an invented) migrant crisis.

A real one ongoing for decades is from preemptive US/NATO wars against one nonthreatening nation after another — notably since the dissolution, rape and destruction of the former Yugoslavia in the 1990s by the Clinton crime family and partnered aggressors.

Separately, Lukashenko stressed that Belarus does not want conflict along its border, adding:

“Our journalists and others make correct conclusion that it is Poland who needs this conflict today.” 

“They have enough internal problems, issues with the European Union and hence they are aggravating tensions, start shooting at the state border.” 

“I would like to reiterate that we do not want any conflict on our state border. We have absolutely nothing to gain from this.”

“We do not need these poor people to wander around Minsk…and especially on the state border where our border guards are working overtime.”

Belarus is protecting migrants, not harming them.

It’s providing food, medical care and other humanitarian aid.

“To say that we are preventing the delivery of humanitarian aid is complete madness,” Lukashenko stressed. 

“If not for the humanitarian aid, half of these people would have died.”

“We are forced to protect (migrants) to make sure weapons do not make their way there.” 

“I have already said this many times, but (the Biden regime and complicit EU partners) continue churning out these reproaches.”

“It is clear that the situation on the state border is being aggravated, and it is clear with what goal.” 

‘We understand this very well.” 

“No wonder they try to drag Russia and Putin into this.” 

“It is clear that the goal is to escalate tensions.”

“Look at what they are (doing) in the Black Sea.” 

Vladimir Putin “and I had a long talk on this issue” Sunday. 

In Black Sea waters near Russia’s territory, Pentagon-led NATO forces “are deliberately fueling up the situation.”

“We are not little boys to succumb to their (belligerent) movements.”

If migrant refugees wish to return home, Belarus will fly them there or to Munich.

Numbering 2 – 3 thousand trapped along the Belarusian/Polish border, helping them is a relatively major issue if efforts by Lukashenko aren’t obstructed by Poland, Brussels and hegemon USA.

In early November, the Russian/Belarusian Union State Secretary, Dmitry Mezentsev said the following:

Defense cooperation under the Military Doctrine of the Union State between Moscow and Minsk threatens no one.

The alliance “does not seek any kind of domination outside its own borders.”

It solely “guarantees that the external borders of the Union State are reliably protected” against foreign threats that are ominously real — by US-dominated NATO.

Vladimir Putin “repeatedly…stressed that Russia cannot remain indifferent to this policy of (US-led) Western pressure.”

“Belarus and Russia are ready to resist together” if necessary.

Separately on Sunday, Polish PM Mateusz Morawiecki menacingly called for invoking NATO Article 4 against Belarus and by inference Russia as well.

It calls for alliance members to “consult together whenever, in the opinion of any of them, the territorial integrity, political independence, or security of any” is threatened.

Article 5 considers an armed attack (real or otherwise) against one or more members, an attack against all — calling for collective self-defense in response.

Morawiecki urged NATO to take “concrete steps” to resolve an invented Biden regime/Brussels/Warsaw migrant crisis along the Belarusian/Polish border that doesn’t exist.

Moscow and Minsk pose no threats to regional or other nations.

Falsely claiming otherwise by Morawiecki — in cahoots with his US master — his aim is all about heightening tensions more than already.

Because of ruthlessly reckless Biden regime aims, things along the border between Belarus and Poland are more likely to worsen than improve.

The goes for US-orchestrated and directed aggression by Ukraine against Donbass, supported by Brussels.

If hegemon USA and NATO partners intend unthinkable global war, central Europe near the borders of Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and Poland could be its launching point.

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