Never on Sunday: Part II

Journalism as it should be is persona non grata on what passes for MSM cable and broadcast television — a wasteland of rubbish to shun, not watch, especially its fake news.

On November 14, Biden regime model of what’s polar opposite of medicine as it should Vivek Murthy showed up again to lie and mass deceive viewers — his mandate whenever making public remarks.

America’s 21st surgeon general is a national disgrace, an unindicted gangster.

Allying with monsters Fauci and Walensky et al, they and co-conspirators push all things flu/covid designed to harm, not protect health — especially toxic kill shots with mass-extermination in mind.

On Fox News Sunday, Murthy showed up again to do his destruction-of-public health-pushing thing.

He lied claiming that if jabbed, “your chances of both getting sick and transmitting the virus to someone else are much, much lower (sic).”

Fact check:

Kill shots designed to destroy health don’t protect.

They greatly increase the chance of contracting flu/covid and any one or more serious, potentially deadly, diseases.

Like countless times before, Murthy and other Biden regime gangsters lied by falsely claiming otherwise. 

He falsely claimed that it’s “all the more important as winter approaches to get” fully-jabbed (sic), adding:

If “eligible (for) a booster shot, it’s especially helpful if you can go ahead and do that now as winter approaches again, and as people get prepared for the holidays (sic).”

Fact check:

The more kill shots gotten, the greater the harm to health.

What Murthy, Fauci, and Walensky et al suppress is most crucial for everyone to know.

Following a health-protecting protocol that’s polar opposite their diabolical agenda is crucial to stay well.

Going the other way, assures harm to show up sooner or later. 

Murthy defied science by falsely claiming that jabs “give you a high degree of protection (sic), especially against the worst outcomes of (flu/covid) like hospitalization and death (sic).”

Fact check:

Jabbed and fully-jabbed individuals account for the vast majority of outbreaks, serious cases, hospitalizations and deaths.

What should be stressed is suppressed with the worst of diabolical aims in mind.

Saying the (Pharma-controlled FDA) “is considering broadening eligibility” for boosters, OK’ing them for all segments of society, all age groups, is baked in the cake ahead. 

Calling them “safe and effective” is a bald-faced Big Lie, the same true for all brands of kill shots.

Like other Biden regime co-conspirators, Murthy turned science and the rule of law on its head by falsely claiming that “protection” from kill shots — not gotten — start(s) to wane (so) boosters (are) needed (sic),” adding:

“(T)he bottom line is (that kill shots designed to destroy health provide) strong protection (sic).”

How long did Murthy perhaps stand in front of a mirror, rehearsing his Big Lies with a straight face?

Commenting on the US 5th Circuit Court of Appeals stay of execution from the illegal Biden regime mandate for firms with 100 or more employers to require them to be jabbed, Murthy again denied indisputable science, falsely saying:

The Court’s stay is “a setback for public health (sic).”

“What we know very clearly (sic) is that when people get (kill shots), the quicker we’re able to bring this (nonexistent) pandemic to an end (sic), the more lives we can ultimately save (sic).”

“What’s really at the heart of this for a (kill shot) requirement strategy is to create safer workplaces for workers (sic), for customers (sic), and to increase (jabbing) rates overall” — with destroying public health in mind Murthy and co-conspirators consistently suppress. 

In response to host Chris Wallace explaining that tens of thousands of healthcare professionals, police, fire fighters, border patrol agents, Pentagon and National Guard forces, as well as other public and privately employed workers “are walking off their jobs…refusing the mandate to get” jabbed, Murthy ducked the issue, saying:

Most Americans “are in line with and will be in compliance with the general requirements (sic).”

Fact check:

Numbers of Americans jabbed, double and booster-jabbed is unknown publicly.

Officially reported numbers claimed to have been jabbed one or more times — along with outbreaks, hospitalizations and deaths attributed to flu/covid — have been artificially inflated as part of state-sponsored mass deception to brainwash maximum numbers of people to self-inflict harm.

Falsely claiming that the “biggest threat” Americans face is flu/covid again turned science on its head.

What Murthy and co-conspirators know, or should know, is that when children, adolescents and young adults contract flu/covid, full recovery is nearly 100% certain.

Even for adults over age-70, the recovery rate is 95%.

For the vast majority of people everywhere, flu/covid is a relatively minor health issue compared to major ones like heart disease, cancer, stroke, diabetes and many others.

What Murthy should have explained, he suppressed.

He also ducked international and constitutional law that mandates voluntary consent on all things health related.

He failed to explain that when health-related mandates are imposed, they’re constitutionally illegal.

He and co-conspirators demean known safe and effective protocols for treating and easily curing flu/covid in favor of health-destroying kill shots.

Along with monsters Fauci, Walensky and other Biden regime dark forces, Murthy is a foot soldier for their monstrous war on humanity at home and abroad with mass-extermination and destruction of remaining freedoms in mind.

Fight the bastards.

Resisting their agenda from hell is the only viable option.

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