Pushing Genocide and Tyranny on Sunday Talk Shows

On Sundays — and other days — one or more Biden regime gangsters show up like clockwork on television to promote what popular revolution is needed to counter and crush.

Complicit cable and broadcast channels provide platforms for pushing the worst of all possible worlds — over governance as it should be and the rule of law.

Topping the list of Biden regime monsters is charlatan, fraudster, profiteer Fauci, a figure GOP Rep. Madison Cawthorn called a “demon doctor” — a modern-day Josef Mengele Paul Craig Roberts called “a corrupt piece of excrement.”

In his new must-read book, titled “The Real Anthony Fauci” — the truth about a gangster of the worst kind — Robert F. Kennedy Jr. explained that as NIAID head since since 1984, he used the agency as an incubator for drug-peddling, selling the USA to Pharma for benefits he derives.

He, co-genocidist Bill Gates, and co-conspirators plotted mass-extermination of unwanted millions and billions of people by kill shots.

Throughout his odious tenure at NIAID, he pushed toxic drugs that harm health over safe and effective protocols.

Stripping the mask off the monster, Kennedy explained that he “created (a) template…to develop toxic drug after toxic drug.” 

“He killed early treatment, and killed any protocol that competed with his” demonic agenda for profits no matter the human toll.

On all things flu/covid, he sank to new low by schlocking what destroys health on an unparalleled scale over what’s beneficial to protect and preserve what’s too precious to lose.

Gangster banditry barely scratches the surface in describing his loathsome dark side.

If anyone ever deserved to face long overdue justice for high crimes too grievous to ignore, it’s monster Fauci.

Once again on Sunday he showed up on television with evil intentions in mind, CBS Sunday giving him a platform to lie and mass-deceive viewers.

Pushing the nonexistent pandemic — except for the jabbed, especially destroying the health and exterminating individuals getting two or more kill shots — he lied calling normal seasonal flu outbreaks last year and this one “something as serious as it” gets…“a real problem (sic).”

The “problem” is US/Western dark forces, their mass-extermination/social control tyranny agenda, MSM press agents, monster Fauci and anti-public health co-conspirators.

On Sunday, he lied claiming that indisputable reality about the demonic mirror of the man is falsely “spreading preposterous accusations” against him (sic).

He lied claiming that garden variety flu with a scary new name is responsible for “over 1,000 deaths…a day (sic).”

He lied self-praising himself, falsely saying that he heads an agency that “played a major role in the development of (jabs) that saved now millions of lives from” flu/covid (sic).

Indisputable reality is the other way around — countless millions irreparably harmed, hundreds of thousands exterminated worldwide, the death toll virtually certain to keep rising exponentially because that’s what kill shots are designed to do.

Monster of the worst kind, serial liar Fauci perhaps can no longer separate facts from fiction.

He turned truth on its head by falsely calling indisputable reality about his demonic agenda “crazy fabrications because of political motivations (sic).”

Wanting public health destroyed, days earlier he defied reality by calling booster jabs “absolutely essential” — to accelerate mass-extermination he left unexplained.

Everything he schlocks is with maximum harm on maximum numbers of people in mind, nothing beneficial.

If Hollywood produces another “creature” or “monster from hell” film, it should portray reality with monster Fauci in mind, not science fiction like earlier versions.

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