More Americans Awakening to the Biden Regime’s War on Health and Freedom?

There’s no ambiguity about what’s gone on since seasonal flu underwent a name change early last year with the worst of diabolical aims in mind.

Yet most Americans are brainwashed by MSM managed news misinformation and disinformation rubbish on most issues mattering most.

They’re distracted by the power of bread and circuses, mainly on television from sports and other entertainment that shifts their attention away from what’s crucial to know.

They’re easy marks to be repeatedly duped no matter how often they were betrayed and harmed before by duplicitous politicians, bureaucrats and complicit MSM.

According to a new WaPo/ABC News poll, around half of respondents disapprove of the Biden regime’s handling of all things flu/covid.

More than half disapprove of its agenda overall.

The above reflects the regime’s shrinking approval in other polls, some showing it at a 37% low, likely heading south.

If things continue on their present course or worsen as expected, Republicans stand to make major gains in next November’s midterm elections, hopefully shifting the  balance of power toward sanity over recklessness where it stands now.

Another positive sign is widespread numbers of refuseniks holding firm against kill shots.

With a November 22 federal deadline approaching next Monday, thousands of government workers, others at contractors, countless numbers of healthcare staff nationwide, state and local workers, as well as others employed by private firms, refuse to sacrifice health as a condition of employment.

Many are pursuing legal action against international/constitutional law breaches of their right to voluntary consent on all things health related — and/or other legal exemptions.

Federal Employees for Freedom (FEFF) is pursuing litigation on behalf of thousands of federal workers against mandated kill shots.

Separately, Feds for Medical Freedom (F4MF) filed a lawsuit in federal court on behalf of departments of war, commerce, justice and DHS staff.

It seeks kill shot exemptions for individuals with natural immunity, for religious, and/or medical reasons.

If granted for one or more of the above, unjabbed federal workers will still have to undergo regular testing that proves nothing, be masked as required that doesn’t protect and risks respiratory harm, along with observing social distancing that destroys normal interactions.

At this time, the Biden regime and Pentagon oppose exemptions, especially for up to 100 million Americans with natural immunity.

Last month, a class action lawsuit was filed against the Biden regime, war secretary Austin, and DHS secretary Mayorkas on behalf of federal workers, contractors and US military personnel.

Other lawsuits were filed or are pending, including by around half of US states.

Texas AG Ken Paxton likely spoke for many others, tweeting:

“The fight is not over and I will never stop resisting (the Biden regime’s) unconstitutional overreach.”

Separately, attorney Michael Yoder minced no words, saying:

“The Biden (regime) has shown an unprecedented cavalier attitude toward the rule of law and an utter ineptitude at basic constitutional contours.”

Driving a stake through its heart of darkness is crucial to kill it beyond resuscitation once and for all.

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