Apartheid Israel’s Diabolical Agenda

From inception by slow-motion genocidal war on Palestinians, Israel became a regional menace, along with the presence of US-occupying forces.

Today, ruling regimes of both countries, and their partners in high crimes against humanity, are an unparalleled global menace at home and abroad.

In September at the UN General Assembly, Israeli PM Naftali Bennett waged rhetorical war on Iran — Big Lies and mass deception his weapons.

Ignoring Israel’s illegal stockpiles of nuclear, chemical, biological and other banned weapons, he falsely accused nonbelligerent, nonthreatening Iran of crossing “all red lines (sic).”

He lied accusing its leadership of seeking to dominate the Middle East through use of a “nuclear umbrella (sic).”

Defying what’s clear to the world community of nations, he falsely claimed that “Iran’s (legitimate) nuclear program is at a critical point (sic),” that it “made a major leap forward (sic),” that it’s “violating IAEA safeguard agreements (sic),” that it’s “sabotag(ing)’ inspections (sic).”

Bennett even lies poorly, the more Big Lies told, the greater he disgraces himself, his regime, and apartheid Israel.

When accusations are made about Iran or other invented enemies, no credible evidence is presented because none exists.

Hollow accusations by him and his predecessors fell flat long ago.

Undeterred, he was at it again days earlier.

Inventing his own fantasy reality that’s worlds apart from the real thing, he falsely claimed the apartheid Israel is “fighting a very visible enemy, radical militant Islam (sic).” 

He lied saying that (nonexistent) terror…in Tehran seeks to destroy Israel (sic), dominate the world (sic), and drive it into a dark abyss (sic).”

He falsely called Israel the only regional country that “protects Christians (sic).”

He lied calling apartheid viciousness “united with Christians.”

He invented a fantasy “new dawn for Israel’s standing in the region.”

Israeli president Herzog cited the so-called Abraham Accords Agreement.

Unrelated to regional peace and stability, it’s a path that Israel aims to use for co-opting other regional states with balkanizing and controlling them in mind.

Established by Trump at a White House signing ceremony, it was reminiscent of the sham 1993 Oslo Accords.

The agreement was unilateral surrender to Israel and the US-dominated West, a Palestinian Versailles.

Everything promised them was abandoned straightaway.

Daily misery is their lot instead. The US/Western/Israeli axis is an unparalleled menace to everyone seeking to breathe free from ruthless oppression.

Last month, Israeli foreign minister Yair Lapid defiantly said the Jewish state “reserves the right to act at any given moment and in any way” for any invented reasons against invented adversaries.

Israel displays its ugly face in countless ways daily.

B’Tselem highlighted the menace it represents.

Saying “(w)ords fail us, (it cited) horrors in (illegally blockaded) Gaza,” along with war on its people “going on for so many years.” 

“We have reported on the blockade, the poverty, the wars,” the crimes of war and against humanity against its long-suffering people. 

They’re worsened by the world community largely turning a blind eye to unforgivable criminality for invented reasons.

B’Tselem reported about “life without water, without electricity, without hope.”

It explained and documented “what international law requires and what conscience dictates” to no avail. 

It recalled “11 days of incessant (terror-bombing) airstrikes on or near civilian homes” last May.

“With nowhere to run and no safe places to hide,” mass slaughter of civilians followed.

Thousands of others were injured.  Thousands more lost their homes and possessions.  

What happened wasn’t “a mistake.” It was ruthlessly planned and executed like earlier aggression on the Strip and its people. 

Official Israeli policy prioritizes mass civilian casualties, including, infants, young children, the elderly and infirm.

B’Tselem spoke to survivors of Israel’s terror-bombing who lost loved ones and possessions.

One of many accounts explained the following:

Mu’az Subuh said about 50 meters from his mother’s house, he “heard a very loud explosion.” 

“There were clouds of smoke and dust, and (he) heard people shouting.” 

“The building (his) mother and brothers lived in had been bombed.”

He “tried to get into the building, but people there stopped (him) because they were afraid of another strike.” 

“They suggested (he) wait for the ambulance and the civil defense crew.” 

“They tried to reassure (him) and told (him) they’d seen (his) brother ‘Ali at the mosque and had prayed with him.” 

He “felt on the verge of a nervous breakdown.” 

He “was sure my family was dead. (He) saw the sixth and seventh floors had been completely demolished.” 

“They looked like one floor. (He) lost all hope that anyone in (his) family would make it out alive.”

“Some neighbors went up to the apartment and came back down and told (him that his) brothers Baraa and ‘Ali and ‘Ali’s wife Nasmah were alive.”

They couldn’t find his mother brother.

They said she was injured, “on the way to hospital” so he went there. 

When arrived, he “discovered she’d been killed.”

He “hugged her, kissed her body, and screamed and shouted, “I told you to come to our house! Why didn’t you listen to me?!” 

“Then they put his mother in the morgue.”

Missiles fired at Gazans harvesting peaches killed four farmers. The following testimony explained what happened:

‘Imad Jneid said he “heard a loud explosion and felt a sharp pain in my left hand and stomach.” 

He “called out for someone to help” when saw others lying on the ground motionless.

He “tried to get up and go to them, but only managed to walk a few meters before (he) fell.” 

“(A)nother missile landed. (He) tried to get up but fell again, so (he) crawled on.” 

“Then a third missile landed next to (him). (He)kept crawling until I got to the building, looked down and saw (he) was bleeding. 

He was taken to a hospital and “had surgery on (his) stomach” to remove shrapnel.

Hospitalized for nine days, he was then discharged. 

“They bombed us even though we’re civilians and farmers who work for our living, in broad daylight,” he said.

“I’m very sad about my friends who died. They were killed while working to support their families.”

B’Tselem took other testimonies from survivors of Israeli terror.

Recounting similar horror stories, they reflect how Israeli ruthlessness operates — with impunity because the world community does nothing to hold responsible individuals accountable for their high crimes.

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