Flashpoint Planet Earth

The illegitimate Biden regime operates unrestrained on the world stage with the worst of diabolical aims in mind.

Its dominant hardliners match or exceed Star Trek —going way beyond where their predecessors went before in waging war on humanity at home and abroad.

Domestically and worldwide, they’re going all-out to obliterate public health and freedom — unparalleled genocide and full-blown tyranny their dual aims.

On multiple fronts abroad, the Biden regime is waging cold war that risks turning hot by accident or design — along with proxy war against Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq and other targeted nations. 

Russia’s border with Ukraine and Belarus tops the world’s hot spots at this time.

What’s going on is orchestrated and directed by Biden regime hardliners — using Brussels, Ukraine and Poland in pursuit of their hegemonic aims.

Commenting on the made-in-the-USA/NATO refugee situation in central Europe, Belarusian Foreign Minister Anatoly Glaz said the following:

As directed by its US master, Poland “is directly provoking border incidents.” 

“Defenseless people are being choked with gas and deafened with stun grenades.” 

“(W)e have information that Polish law enforcement personnel have already started throwing stones at people. Some have been hurt.” 

“What’s next? A humanitarian artillery bombardment of miserable women and children at the border?”

“(I)t is difficult to imagine how one can justify the use of special gear and ammunition in the territory of another sovereign country.” 

“This is why the relevant official reaction will surely follow from our side,” according to the rule of law. 

“We are initiating an investigation of (what’s going on) with assistance of international organizations since all the facts are obvious.” 

“But we will not be driven by these provocations.”

While Polish forces attack refugees with water cannons, tear gas, stun grenades and beatings, “Belarus provides humanitarian aid every day” — including food and healthcare.

Poland is belligerently operating as a Biden regime proxy — part of its Cold War on Russia and Belarus that could turn hot by pushing things too far.

Refugees along the Belarusian/Polish border “are covered by a thick smoke cloud.”

“People are choking. Children are crying. Tear gas and toxic “yellow liquid” fired from water cannons affect their eyes. Some start vomiting.”

Belarus — and by inference Russia — are falsely blamed for made-in-the-USA/Warsaw-implemented assaults against displaced refugees from US/NATO war theaters.

That’s the reality about what’s going on along the border between Belarus and Poland.

Ukraine’s border with Russia and its (US-orchestrated and directed) forever war on Donbass is the other central Europe hot spot.

On Monday, the US-installed coup d’etat regime’s foreign minister Dmitry Kuleba falsely accused Russia of mobilizing forces along its border with Ukraine — a bald-faced Big Lie debunked whenever the phony accusation surfaces.

Pushing for escalated war in central Europe over stepping back from the brink of what could be catastrophic if occurs, Kuleba urged his French and German counterparts to prepare for (preemptive) war on Russia.

In sharp contrast to his pushing for what’s unthinkable, Ukrainian 24 TV reported no “movement of equipment or military of our neighboring country near the border.”

Debunking the phony notion of Russian war on Ukraine, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said the following:

“We have repeatedly said that the movement of our armed forces on our own territory should be of no concern to anyone.” 

Moscow threatens no one.

Commenting last week on Kiev’s aggression on Donbass since April 2014 with no signs of halting what’s going on — just the opposite — Sergey Lavrov said the following:

“I consider France’s warning of its plans to raise the Ukraine issue as proof that our French colleagues realize that tomorrow – and in general – they cannot avoid responsibility for what their proteges in Kiev are doing, I mean Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky’s regime. 

“We will have a very serious conversation on the matter,” adding that France and Germany allowed Kiev “to undermine and openly and consistently ignore all advice” and t Minsk (conflict resolution) Agreements.

“When (France) said that Russia refused to participate in a November 11 Normandy Four meeting at the level of foreign ministers (in pursuit of ending Ukraine’s aggression on Donbass), we explained everything to them in detail in written form,” debunking the Big Lie.

Russia’s US envoy Anatoly Antonov accused the Biden regime — like its predecessors — of supplying heavy weapons to Kiev for continued forever war on Donbass, stressing:

“(O)nly full implementation of” Minsk I and II agreements can “calm things in the southeast of Ukraine and help revitalize regional and global security.”

Clearly, Biden regime hardliners reject restoration of peace and stability to central Europe in pursuit of their diabolical aims.

Last week, the US-based conservative NationalInterest.org warned that Western arms sales to Ukraine could “spark…war with Russia,” adding:

This “reckless strategy (generated) warnings from Kremlin officials.”

The US “treat(s) (Ukraine) as a NATO member in all but name.”

Taking advantage of what’s “needlessly destabilizing,” US-installed Ukrainian puppet Zelensky and regime officials keep “making jingoistic statements about regaining Crimea” and other reckless remarks.

While Kiev is no match against Russia’s superior military strength, NationalInterest.org warned that “a belief in US or NATO military support may cause Ukrainian leaders to abandon prudence and mount an ill-starred confrontation.”

Moscow earlier stressed that it regards US-colonized Ukraine as a major security concern.

It will invoke its UN Charter right of self-defense if Kiev — as directed by its US master — crosses an unacceptable red line.

Instead of easing tensions in central Europe, Biden regime hardliners redklessly heightened them.

While war with Russia is highly unlikely, the risk is ominously real as empowered US hardliners keep pushing things toward a possible point of no return.

What true about central Europe applies to the Taiwan Strait, South China Sea and Middle East against nonbelligerent, nonthreatening Iran.

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