Iran’s Nonnegotiable Rights

With resumption of JCPOA talks approaching in days, Iran seeks and deserves what’s nonnegotiable — its international law-affirmed sovereign rights that apply to all nations.

Key for Iran is what Biden regime hardliners reject — removal of all illegally imposed sanctions, an agreement with teeth against reimposing them, and full US/Western compliance with what’s mandated by SC Res. 2231, its provisions binding under international law. 

Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister/chief negotiator Ali Baqeri-Kani stressed the above days earlier.

Last Friday, he tweeted the following:

“(E)effective removal of unlawful sanctions & importance of assurances on non-repetition was emphasized” in talks during visits he made to France, Germany, Britain and Spain ahead of resumed JCPOA negotiations to begin on Nov. 29.

He also stressed that “oppressive (and flagrantly illegal) US sanctions against Iran are the price of (the nation’s) fight against (the scourge of its) unilateralism.”

Separately days earlier, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov stressed what he knows will not be forthcoming from hegemon USA in dealings with nations free from its control, saying:

“The utmost must be done so that the negotiations ensure the restoration of what’s known as the ‘factory settings’ of the JCPOA,” adding: 

“Political will is now required.” 

“From the US side, it is important to prove and demonstrate in practice that the sanctions policy, which has been carried out over the recent years is being reviewed and the Iranian side is given the opportunity to reap those economic advantages that are included in the package of agreements that lies at the heart of the JCPOA.”

In early November, Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Saeed Khatibzadeh said “(t)he path for a US return to the JCPOA is quite clear.”

“(T)he (US) culprit responsible for the status quo needs to come back from the path it has taken.”

So far, the Biden regime showed that it’s no different from its predecessor on all things Iran while pretending otherwise — fooling no one.

On Tuesday, Iran’s UN envoy Majid Takht Ravanchi addressed a Security Council session on “peace and security through preventive diplomacy: a common objective to all principal (UN) organs” — notions hegemon USA and its imperial partners reject.

Citing core UN Charter provisions for peace and stability according to the rule of law, Ravanchi stressed the following:

“(S)anctions (may only be imposed) as a measure of last resort…after all means of peaceful settlement of disputes have been exhausted” — and only by SC member states.

“(T)he Council and all other principal organs of the UN must adopt ‘prevention’ as their main approach and, in full compliance with their respective mandates and the principles enshrined in the Charter, strive for the full and effective realization of the purposes of the Organization and the common interest of our nations,” Ravanchi added.

Hegemon USA and its subservient partners operate by their own rules exclusively — in flagrant violation of the UN Charter and other core international law.

Ignore US rhetoric. Follow its actions alone.

On all things Iran and other independent nations, a virtual state of US forever war by hot and/or other means rages with no prospect of changing its wicked ways.

The Trump and Biden regimes drove a stake through the heart of the landmark JCPOA nuclear deal to kill it beyond resuscitation as mandated by SC Res. 2231.

That’s where things stand ahead of resumed Vienna talks going nowhere no matter how much longer they continue.

Biden regime hardliners will only agree to what’s unacceptable by any standards.

Whenever talks end ahead, they’ll falsely blame Iran for their planned-in-advance intention to sabotage restoration of the agreement as mandated by SC Res. 2231 — killing it one more time.

A Final Comment

In cahoots with apartheid Israel days earlier, interventionist Blinken refused to rule out preemptive US war on Iran if the JCPOA it killed beyond resuscitation isn’t revived.

While following through on this threat against a nation able to hit back hard against aggressors is highly unlikely, it’s possible because of US rage to control planet earth, its resources and populations by whatever it takes to achieve its diabolical aims.

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