Biden Regime Intends Multi-Billion Dollar Handouts to Pharma

Throughout most of US history, big government handed big business trillion of dollars of free money, courtesy of stealing it from taxpayers. 

Years earlier, historian Howard Zinn explained how Washington supplies handouts and bailouts to corporate favorites, saying:

“Let’s face a historical truth.”

“We have never had a ‘free market.’ ” 

“We have always had government intervention in the economy, and indeed that intervention has been welcomed by the captains of finance and industry.” 

“These titans of wealth hypocritically warned against ‘big government’ but only when (it) threatened to regulate their activities, or when it contemplated passing some of the nation’s wealth on to the neediest people.”

“They had no quarrel with ‘big government’ when it served their needs, (and it) started way back” in 1787 when the Constitution was drafted. 

The year before, farmers from Western Massachusetts and elsewhere rebelled to protect their properties from being seized for nonpayment of taxes. 

The Founders took note and “created ‘big government’ powerful enough” to deter them henceforth. 

Big government returned runaway slaves to their owners.

It massacred Native Americans to advance development from sea to shinning sea.

Tariffs benefit business. In the 19th century, big government handed railroad and other robber barons around 100 million free acres of land — along with large-scale monetary handouts to subsidize their operations.

Historian Charles Beard also documented the history of government handouts to business.

So-called “rugged individualism” benefitted from large-scale government handouts of taxpayer money to business, he explained.

“The business of America is business,” Calvin Coolidge once said.

Left unsaid was how often it benefits from large-scale government handouts.

The 1913 Federal Reserve Act handed Wall Street control of the nation’s money, including printing and controlling its supply.

The Federal income tax was established in the same year to service federal debt owed to Wall Street bankers.

Taking care of business by friendly legislation, lax regulations and handouts reflects the longstanding American way — at the expense of ordinary people at home and abroad.

Reportedly, the Biden regime intends handing Pfizer and Moderna billions of dollars of free money for increased kill shot production capacity of at least an extra billion annual doses — with mass-exterminating billions of unwanted people worldwide in mind.

According to regime head of distributing kill shot doses, David Kessler:

“The goal is to guarantee capacity to produce approximately 100 million mRNA (doses) a month against” flu/covid and other invented viral scares US dark forces may invent ahead — for use at home and abroad. 

“We are looking to enter into a historic partnership with one or more (Pharma profiteer) partners.”

“This partnership will be used for (flu/covid) and any future (invented) pandemic.”

Funds for the handout are part of the great $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan giveaway to business established last March.

The Biden regime also reportedly will hand Pfizer over $5 billion for about 10 million doses of its hazardous to health paxlovid antiviral drug.

Handing Pfizer and Moderna billions of dollars has nothing to do with protecting public health at home and abroad.

It has everything to do with accelerating mass-extermination of unwanted people.

Details of the large-scale handout are still being discussed.

The scheme is part of US/Western war on health and freedom with destroying them in mind at home and worldwide.

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  1. Hahahaha


    I was rather angry yesterday
    That I couldn’t post up on
    My Story.

    I checked my email and I see Santa left me a shipload of Xmas presents..

    Perhaps, my letter to Zuckerberg was unfounded.


    When I address my complaints to him..

    FB actually resolves my problems quickly.

    Like I say, ASTONISHING!

    BTW..95% of all my beefs are centered around posting anti Zionist material.

    That your articles are so erudite and you’re a Harvard alum like MZ.. has built a causeway thru some bad road.

    We are allowed to do things
    Where perhaps, others fail.

    More recently
    your articles on the Scam ..

    Are going thru uninterrupted is the spillover effect

    IMPORTANTLY..people in high places are reading them.

    I need not spill the beans on who exactly…but I can assure you ..your Poppin heads baby.

    Big time.

    What you say …
    What you write is so fuxing Important.

    I thank you..from the bottom of my heart.

    Lastly, as Jimminy the Cricket used to say,

    ” I’m no fool, no sirree..”

    I am aware we have differences on some key issues.. what?
    In my whole life, I hardly remember even once

    When I agreed 100% with anyone..

    Never bothered me at all.


    In the meantime


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