Fake News About Russia

On all things Russia and other nations free from hegemonic control, MSM press agents for wealth, power, and privilege feature fake news about invented US enemies over journalism as it should be.

Explaining Russia’s anti-satellite missile strike that destroyed a long out of service Soviet-era Kosmos-1408 satellite, Roscosmos CEO Dmitry Rogozin stressed that it posed no threat to the international space station (ISS) and crew.

On Tuesday, Interfax reported that fragments from the destroyed “Soviet-era Tselina-D satellite…do not and will not endanger space stations and activities.” 

Russia’s Defense Ministry stressed that the US “knows for a fact that the fragments did not pose a threat due to the timing of the test and the orbit parameters and will be no threat to space stations, satellites, or space activities in the future.”

Monitoring will continue until the fragments are gone.

“Similar trials have been conducted in outer space by the US, China, and India.”

The above reality is in stark contrast to hyperbolic/over-the-top claims otherwise by interventionist Blinken, his mimicking spokesman, and MSM press agents.

As expected, the Russophobic NYT repeated Blinken’s Big Lies and distortions — notably by falsely claiming that the ISS and crew are endangered.

Separately, hyperventilating MSM allegations about mobilized Russian forces along Ukraine’s border, perhaps with invasion in mind, invented a false reality.

WaPo quoted Biden regime war secretary Austin’s Big Lie claim about a nonexistent Russian “buildup of forces around on the border of Ukraine (sic),” adding:

“We’re not sure exactly what Mr. Putin is up to (sic).”

Separately, Austin invented a nonexistent threat to the ISS and crew following Russia’s destruction of an inoperable satellite.

For its part, WaPo repeated the long ago debunked Big Lie claim about “Moscow’s (nonexistent) 2014 annexation of” Crimea (sic) and separate Big Lie claim about a Donbass “insurgency (sic).”

Ignored was the Obama/Biden regime’s February 2014 coup that transformed democratic Ukraine into a US-colonized, Nazi-infested, fascist police state, an imperial instrument for permanent war along Russia’s border.

CNN fake news was much the same as the above.

Falsely claiming that “(a)larm bells are ringing (sic) in the US-dominated West, it lied about what it called “90,000 Russian troops” along Ukraine’s border (sic) — that aren’t there, adding:

“(Q)uestions that require answers (sic) are: 1) How immediately dangerous is the situation (sic); 2) What can the Western alliance do, if anything, to dissuade Russia from further provocation (sic); and 3) What does the Russian President Vladimir Putin actually want (sic)?”

Ignored like always before is Russia’s commitment to world peace, stability, cooperative relations with other countries and compliance with the rule of law.

Its responsible standards are polar opposite how hegemon USA and its partners wage war on humanity at home and abroad.

The WSJ reported similar rubbish to the above, falsely saying the following:

Russia’s “unsettling (sic)” destruction of an inoperable satellite “coincide(d) with (its)  massive military buildup…of more than 100,000 soldiers, tanks and heavy weaponry…along the Ukrainian border (sic)…spurred… Pentagon concerns about a possible…invasion of Ukraine (sic).”

The above fake news is bad fiction, not anything remotely resembling reality.

No Russian “Space Armageddon” strategy exists, no belligerence planned against any nations on land, at sea or from outer space.

Compounding the above Big Lies, the Journal falsely claimed that “Putin is prepared to fight a war against the West to prevent” Ukraine from joining NATO (sic).

What he did say and stress is that permitting Ukraine and/or Georgia to join NATO would force Russia to respond defensively by positioning air defense and other weapons along its border with both countries to protect against possible aggression — its UN Charter right.

Part of NBC fake news, CNBC, quoted pro-Western/pro-war German Marshall Fund’s Michal Baranowski’s mass deception claim that “(w)e all should be very worried (sic)” about a nonexistent buildup of Russian forces along Ukraine’s border.

Where are they? No one saw them. Where are they supposedly deployed?

Why haven’t they been spotted?

Inventing his own fabricated reality, Russophobe Baranowski falsely claimed that a Russian “threshold of war” exists against Ukraine (sic), adding:

“This assessment is shared by many here in Warsaw and in Washington (sic).”

“We are seeing very significant buildup in threats on the border with Ukraine” that don’t exist. 

“So it’s really a key moment for the West to step up pressure against Putin (sic).”

MSM rubbish like the above is featured throughout much of the West.

At the same time, not a shred of credible evidence accompanies phony claims because none exists.

There’s plenty about most all countries to criticize.

On all things related to war v. peace, stability v. the opposite, and compliance with international law v. flagrantly breaching it repeatedly, Russia is on the side of the angels.

In stark contrast, the US-dominated West, apartheid Israel and partners in high crimes of war and against humanity are on the side of what the vast majority of people everywhere oppose, revile and condemn.

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