US-Installed Puppet NATO Head

Since NATO was established as a US-controlled killing machine for war-making on invented enemies, puppets were installed as nominal heads to serve its hegemonic aims.

Current incumbent Jens Stoltenberg — since October 2014 — is a model of what subservience to a higher power with diabolical aims in mind is all about — why he’s remained in office for over 7 years.

If still at his post in early January, his tenure as secretary general will be second longest since the alliance was established in April 1949.

He’ll need years more in office to match the near-13-year tenure of Joseph Luns as nominal NATO head from 1971 – 1984.

Supporting US wars by hot and/or other means against nonbelligerent nations threatening no one since installed by the Obama/Biden regime, Stoltenberg supports its war on humanity, including by brute force in defiance of peace, stability and compliance with the rule of law.

In late 2014, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov’s called for “a 100% guarantee that no-one would think about Ukraine joining NATO.”

In response, Stoltenberg rejected the demand, falsely claiming that acceptance would “violat(e) the idea of respecting the sovereignty of Ukraine, which is a fundamental (sic).”

Longstanding US plans call for accession of all former Soviet republics and Warsaw Pact countries into NATO.

For Russia, admitting Ukraine and/or Georgia is a red line never to be crossed.

Vladimir Putin earlier said that “(t)he appearance on our borders of a powerful military bloc…will be considered by Russia as a direct threat to our country’s security,” adding: 

Russian missiles will target Ukraine if it joins NATO or allows Washington’s (solely for offense) missile defense shield to be installed in the country.

Then-Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Mikhail Kamynin said “the course of Ukrainian authorities toward integration into NATO” is unacceptable for Moscow.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said the “seeds for (crisis conditions in Ukraine) were sown in 2008 in April during the NATO summit in Bucharest, when (alliance) leaders stated in a declaration that Georgia and Ukraine would be in NATO,” adding:

“(A)ttempts to draw Ukraine into NATO would be negative for the entire system of European security and we would be categorically against it.”

“The real aim of the US is not to let Europeans go on their own…keep(ing) Europe on a short leash,” using NATO as a weapon against Russia and other countries.

Since the late 1990s, the US-dominated alliance has been incrementally absorbing Ukraine and Georgia.

In response to what’s unacceptable to Russia, Putin earlier stressed that the Kremlin will “react to what’s going on around us,” adding:

Granting NATO membership to Ukraine and Georgia will have “extremely negative consequences.”

“For us…it’s a direct and immediate threat for our national security.” 

“(M)oving this NATO infrastructure towards our borders would be a threat, and the reaction would be extremely negative.”

“It is a concern for us since the NATO is expanding its infrastructure and facilities.” 

“The number of servicemen is on the rise in the regions where they shouldn’t be.”

“This (violates) treaties between Russia and NATO.” 

“And this is a destabilizing factor, which we have to factor in” and react to accordingly.

Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu warned that Russia “will act” if Ukraine and/or Georgia join NATO – calling their accession if happens the “militarization of the European continent” against Russia, adding:

“We are following (NATO’s policy) with alarm…We see efforts being made to involve more and more NATO member countries, I mean the Balkans first of all.”

Russian Foreign Ministry’s European cooperation department director Andrei Kelin said “(w)e will have to create a defense belt near Sochi.” 

“We will have to spend colossal resources on preventing likely actions by a hypothetical enemy, this is inevitable,” adding:

“The length of our common boarder (with Ukraine) is enormous.” 

“It is utterly unequipped, so we will have to build defense lines there and to shift the emphasis of our defense structures towards the south.”

If US-dominated NATO “proceed(s) along the road of building up confrontation…we will have to make fundamental preparations.”

On Tuesday, Stoltenberg — together with EU war ministers — said the following:

They met to discuss “issues like the situation on the border between Poland and Belarus,” as well as Ukraine’s war on Donbass along Russia’s border.

The above is what US-dominated NATO is responsible for from forever wars, coups and other international law breaches, what Stoltenberg left unexplained.

Instead, he falsely blamed Belarus — and by inference Russia — for what they had nothing to do with.

He lied claiming that Minsk “is using vulnerable migrants as a hybrid tactic against other countries (sic).”

Expressing support for US-dominated NATO’s war on humanity, he once again falsely accused Russia of mobilizing a “military buildup” along Ukraine’s border that does not exist.

He fully backs the US-installed, Nazi-infested, coup d’etat regime in Kiev, its preemptive war on Donbass, as well as aggression by hegemon USA against invented enemies.

Continuing his reinvention of reality, he falsely accused Moscow of “try(ing) to exploit” Western weaknesses (sic), along with “us(ing) military force against Ukraine (sic).”

There’s no ambiguity about where he stands.

Subservient to his master in Washington, he supports the worst of its high crimes of war and against humanity.

An unindicted war criminal, he remains unaccountable for complicity with his US master’s war on humanity.

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