Coverup and Denial

Coverup and Denial

by Stephen Lendman

Throughout the US/West, state-approved censorship is the unwritten law of their lands.

On all major domestic and geopolitical issues, it applies to information their ruling regimes want concealed from public view — virtually everything that differs from the fabricated official narrative.

MSM operate as virtual press agents for powerful interests — managed news misinformation and disinformation substituting for truth and full disclosure.

The NYT, WaPo, CNN and other MSM reported about surging flu/covid outbreaks in Europe.

“(T)he continent is once again the epicenter of” new cases, the Times reported.

CNN quoted Germany’s Angela Merkel, saying outbreaks are “hitting our country with full force.”

According to WHO Europe head Hans Kluge, the continent could see half a million more deaths by February (sic)” — from jabs, not the viral illness.

The London Independent warned that if the mindset of refuseniks remains unchanged, Britain will be locked down again this winter.

Rising outbreaks are occurring across Europe.

They’re also increasing in parts of the US, notably in the northeast and metropolitan parts of the midwest.

Many fewer cases are occurring in southern and other states where the percent of populations jabbed is less than where the opposite is occurring.

What’s clear to medical and scientific experts with no ties to ruling regimes or Pharma  consistently goes unreported.

As explained earlier, outbreaks, serious cases, hospitalizations and deaths are most concentrated in heavily jabbed nations or in areas of lesser-jabbed ones where most their residents were inoculated.

They’re overwhelmingly from jabs, multi-jabbed individuals most vulnerable — not from the viral illness that’s curable for the vast majority of people who contract it.

The overwhelming majority of hospitalizations and deaths were among jabbed individuals.

Unjabbed ones, especially Americans with natural immunity, are significantly safer from infection than their jabbed counterparts.

Data from a new Swedish study show that deaths of double-jabbed individuals are 20% or more higher than among lesser-or-unjabbed individuals.

What’s clear is that the risk of serious illnesses or death rise in proportion to numbers of jabs gotten — from toxins injected into bodies.

Kill shots are heavily promoted in the US/West with these diabolical aims in mind.

Along with causing heart damage and potentially lethal blood clots, spike proteins in Pfizer/Moderna kill shots risk destruction of other major bodily organs that are vital to sustain life.

They risk contraction of cancerous tumors in one or more part of the body, along with causing other potentially fatal diseases.

Since mass-jabbing of 5 – 11-year-old US children began, large numbers of adverse events were reported.

In Europe since last June, at least 75 fully-jabbed athletes died — from kill shots, not flu/covid.

In Britain alone since last spring, deaths in jabbed, double-jabbed and booster-jabbed Brits were over 400% higher than for individuals jabbed with all other vaccines combined over the past 11 years.

A US military doctor explained that more service personnel died from jabs than flu/covid.

Thousands of horror stories about harm from kill shots are suppressed by MSM.

One of many heartbreaking examples is a Minnesota woman who lost both legs and hands following a second Pfizer jab.

A father explained that after his son’s school forced him to be jabbed, he suffered heart damage and can barely walk.

Many jabbed pregnant women suffered miscarriages.

The DailyExposeUK reported that Britain’s Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) reported “a 3,016% increase in number of women who’ve lost their unborn child” following one or more kill shots.”

The above horror stories don’t even begin to scratch the surface of unparalleled harm to millions throughout the US/West alone — likely including hundreds of thousands of largely unreported deaths.

The obvious solution needs no elaboration.

Shunning kill shots is crucial.

Taking them virtually assures self-inflicting harm sooner or later.


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