US/NATO Invented Hot Spots

Hostile actions by Biden regime and congressional Dem hardliners, along with their imperial partners, risk potentially devastating war in central Europe.

On Thursday, Sergey Lavrov slammed US-installed Ukrainian puppet Zelensky’s aim “to whip up tension to stage some provocation to prompt Russia’s reaction.”

He and regime hardliners invented the myth of Ukraine as “a victim of (nonexistent) Russian aggression.”

Vladimir Putin explained “our assessments of what is taking place in the Black Sea,” Lavrov explained, adding: 

“We see deliberate provocations, the situation repeatedly portrayed by artists, filmmakers and novelists, in particular, in the film ‘Wag the Dog.’ ”

Actions by Ukraine are “utterly irresponsible.”

Its coup d’etat regime wants the US and NATO drawn into conflict with Russia.

Are provocative US-led military exercises in the Black Sea near Russia’s territorial waters ongoing with the same aim in mind?

On Thursday, Biden regime war secretary Lloyd Austin welcomed his Ukrainian counterpart Oleksii Reznikov to the Pentagon.

Expressing “unwavering support for Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity,” Austin falsely accused Russia of “destabilizing actions in the region (sic),” adding:

The US, NATO and Ukraine  “continue to advance our shared priority to counter Russian aggression (sic) and to deepen our cooperation in such areas as Black Sea security, cyber defense and intelligence sharing (sic).”

“We are monitoring closely recent Russian military movements on your borders (sic).” 

“And we made clear our concerns about Russia’s destabilizing activities and our desire for more transparency (sic).”

“We remain committed to supporting Ukraine’s efforts to implement deepened comprehensive reforms in its defense sector (sic)” — with full-scale war on sovereign Donbass in mind?

Separately on Friday, Senate Foreign Relations Committee chairman Bob Menendez sponsored an amendment to impose more sanctions on Russia if it “engages in escalatory military or other offensive operations against Ukraine” for invented reasons.

The measure calls for “significant (sanctions) if (Moscow) engages in escalatory military or other offensive operations against Ukraine (sic).”

No evidence suggests it — what never before happened against any nations since the Soviet Union dissolved in 1991.

Reportedly, Menendez has in mind illegally sanctioning Vladimir Putin, other senior Russian officials, key Russian banks and other enterprises, the country’s sovereign debt and Nord Stream II to try preventing it from becoming operational or blocking its delivery of gas to Europe if already begun.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov earlier slammed US/Western fake news about alleged Russian plans “to invade Ukraine” that don’t exist, adding:

“(G)roundless” reports are all about “move(s) to raise tensions.”

According to WaPo fake news:

Vladimir Putin is “playing chess” with the US/West (sic).

Quoting Ukraine’s war minister Reznikov, he’s “testing the unity of the European Union (sic).”

He’s “testing the unity of NATO allies (sic).”

He’s “testing our society (sic).” He’s “testing Poland (and) the Baltic countries (sic).”

The above rubbish and lots more like it fools no one but perhaps its proliferators, WaPo adding:

“The White House asked the Pentagon to provide a rundown of (US military) exercises…in recent years in Europe to deter Russia, as well as the justification for each mission…on land and at sea…designed to check Kremlin power and reassure US allies and partners in Europe (sic).”

The goal is to give the Biden regime full visibility into US military exercises and other deterrence activities in Europe, so new missions can be evaluated and scheduled in the context of past actions.”

Provocative Pentagon missions in Europe and Black Sea waters close to Russian territory increased “amid (US-generated) tensions with Moscow.”

On Thursday, Putin criticized US-dominated NATO for provocative military activities and infrastructure close to Russia’s borders, adding:

“(W)e will react to it proportionately, of course.”

“First, they expel diplomats without explaining the reasons.” 

“Then they get angry when their mission in Russia is closed down.” 

“What’s the point of getting angry? It was their initiative.” 

“They did all that with their own hands. And then they start finding faults with others.”

“(I)f they do not want to cooperate, they are free to do so.” 

Separately on Friday, Belarusian Defense Minister Viktor Khrenin explained the high degree of training and preparedness of Russia’s armed forces.

Minsk and Moscow cooperate militarily to defend the security and sovereignty of both countries.

The aim of their alliance prioritizes “peace, first and foremost.”

When joint military exercises are held, they’re transparent and nonthreatening.

US/dominated NATO needs enemies to justify its existence.

Since none exist, they’re invented, notably Russia in Europe, China in the Indo/Pacific and Iran in the Middle East.

If hegemon USA launches WW III, it’ll likely begin in one or more of these parts of the world.

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