Pushing Kill Shots for Mass-Extermination

If capital punishment applied to harm caused by MSM propaganda, the NYT be first up for prosecution to hold it accountable for pushing kill shots and all else harmful to health and freedom from draconian flu/covid policies.

Jabs are all about destroying health, not protecting it, as falsely claimed by US/Western dark forces and MSM press agents.

Young children with undeveloped bodies and elderly, infirm and/or disabled individuals with weakened immune systems are most vulnerable to harm from jabs that are crucial for everyone to shun.

NYT fake news claimed otherwise.

Targeting seniors on Sunday, it published a mind-manipulating propaganda piece by an 87-year-old woman contributor.

Claiming that triple-jabbing enabled her to “liv(e) (her) life (freely) again” turned reality on its head.

No one of any age — especially not seniors — should go anywhere near jabs designed to cause irreversible harm.

The writer showed profound ignorance about what’s going on.

Remarks like saying whenever “ventur(ing) out, there’s a drumbeat in mind, a constant accompaniment: “Is this too risky for me” is evidence of how brainwashing works.

Nothing prevented her from pursuing most activities before.

Except during lockdown early last year, she was free to do most everything she’s pursuing now — unjabbed.

Like most others, I succumbed to mind-manipulation early last year.

Because of what I do daily — researching and writing on major domestic and geopolitical issues — the state-sponsored/MSM proliferated fog lifted for me early last spring.

The more I learned from alternative sources, including from respected medical and scientific experts with no political or Pharma connections, the more profound my awakening to reality became.

I learned about and reacted to the mother of all diabolical state-sponsored/MSM supported scams — with destroying public health and freedom in mind worldwide.

The Times contributor, a psychotherapist, needs professional help to dispel her illusions about all things flu/covid, especially about health-destroying kill shots.

Saying she wants to spend her remaining time “traveling, going to parties with friends and seeing (her) far-flung grandchildren” was hampered, not helped by jabs that harmed her health and shortened her lifespan.

When her end-time approaches, she won’t know that staying jab-free would have likely given her more time in better health than what she’ll likely experience ahead.

She’s no doubt ignorant about millions already harmed in the US/West alone, many seriously, likely hundreds of thousands killed by jabs designed for this purpose.

She’s likely unaware that US/Western hospitals are filled with countless numbers of mind-manipulated people like her — less fortunate than she’s been so far.

Not from covid, from toxic jabs — either ill from the virus or from one more serious diseases it caused.

Does their fate await her at a time to be known after the fact alone?

At age-87 — as am I — we’re extremely vulnerable to potentially serious harm from toxic jabs that are crucial to shun.

Saying “(t)hose of us in our 80s and older are used to having death for a neighbor” is no reason to hasten its arrival by doing the wrong things over what’s right.

I’m well aware that life at my age can pass at any time.

The expression here today, gone tomorrow applies.

While still around, I focus on living a healthy lifestyle that includes proper nutrition, no junk food, exercise most days, enough rest, and doing what I love best — pro bono writing that for me is therapeutic and what I hope is providing a public service.

Many others like the Times  psychotherapist contributor were mind-manipulated to believe that what irreparably harms health is beneficial.

Saying she’s “confident that (triple-jabbing) protect(s)” her shows that the power of endlessly repeated propaganda can get most people to believe almost anything — no matter how untrue.

There’s nothing remotely safe and effective about experimental, inadequately developed, rushed to market jabs with destroying health in mind.

Everyone jabbed was harmed, especially more than one time.

Toxins taken can destroy health and life straightaway or take a little longer.

As the saying goes: You can pay now or later, but pay you will.

A brief personal note:

On Saturday, I entered an elevator in my residence with a young mother and children heading down.

I said hello and she responded, saying she was heading to be booster-jabbed.

I cringed, yet held back explaining what I know during brief moments before we both got off to go our separate ways.

Especially with young children needing their mother in good health, I wish her well, knowing of what can take its toll at any time.

In his “Tale of Two Cities, Dickens said “(i)t was the best of times, it was the worst of times.”

Referring to the French Revolution that promised “Liberte, egalite and fraternite, privileged interests alone benefitted at the expense of most others.

What goes around, comes around.

Time and again, betrayal follows promises made.

In 18th century France, a reign of terror followed revolution.

Throughout the West and elsewhere, a modern-day version of much the same caused profoundly more harm to countless millions than long ago in France.

More of the same remains ongoing as long as health-destroying kill shots continue to be administered to the unwary.

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  1. Just a Fabulous
    Beautiful piece.

    No one writes likes you..
    Every sentence drips with Humanity..

    You sir, are an Avatar..

    Serving Mankind passionately,

    As they say down South,
    “Doing the Lord’s work, son.

    You’re the indispensable man.


    Moreover besides the laurels and platitudes…

    Your song, Solomon

    So critically important

    Such as this masterpiece
    Very few wordsmiths could match.

    Lastly, you’re gonna go another Decade, pal.

    I read your regimen with great scutiny..!

    10,000 CC of Powdered Vit C

    Good to go
    As they say in Boston

    Walk don’t run
    Never run on Concrete and
    Be sure to stretch.


    Without knowing your family history..
    Life spans.

    You’re made of strong stuff, sir

    I think maybe till a 100!

    If the Gangsters don’t blow up the World first

    Or kill us in the Scam

    Operation Gladio

    The Final Solution.



    Need to


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